The Flash/Supergirl musical crossover

Young Barry and his mom are watching “Singin’ in the Rain.” Fast forward to present day. He’s watching it again and Cisco is teasing him. He just wants to cheer him up. Cisco gets a call from Wells. Someone is teleporting in. They find Mon-El, Kara and J’onn.

The earth-38 travelers talk about what happened to Kara and Cisco starts tracking the person that did it. He did turn up. Barry goes after him. Kid Flash does too. Some fighting ensues and then the Music Meister knocks out Barry the same way he did Kara.

Barry is in a club in the 20s and Kara is performing. She’s onstage singing “Moon River.” She sees Barry and after the song they talk backstage. They try and figure out where they are and Kara says that Mon-El is nothing to her. They go out into the club and start encountering some familiar faces.

Malcolm Merlin is Cutter and Winn is Grady and Cisco is Pablo and Barry and Kara don’t know what is going on. Music Meister turns up and tells them that they are inside their heads which means the musical setting is fortunate. Could’ve been a war movie.

They just have to follow the script and if they die in here they die out there. Then everyone starts singing “Put a Little Love in Your Heart” and there is choreography. When the song ends they are alone and decide the best course of action will be to figure out the movie. They know they are singers and they work for a gangster.

Other gangsters turn up to kidnap them. Barry gets knocked out. When he comes to they talk about their love lives. He thinks Mon-El really cares about her and she wants something like he has with Iris. Obviously they need to catch up more often.

Joe and Stein, well their alter egos, are running the show. His daughters missing and she frequesnts the club they work at. He wants them to find her. They go looking and Kara reminds Barry that it’s not really Iris. They hear a noise and decide to kick down the door, together. Inside they find two lovebirds. Iris and Mon-El. Well, their alter egos.

Caitlin figures out that their cells are being drained. The Meister is stealing their powers. Cisco and Wally and J’onn head out to stop the Meister.

Kara and Barry are able to convince Iris and Mon-El to go tell their families about their love. Barry goes with Iris and is all lightbulb you should fight for love moment and her dads (!) see that she had courage to tell them. Kara goes with Mon-El and shocker sees that sometimes things are hard to tell people you care about. Then the three dads sing a song and hug it out with their kids. When the kids leave though, it’s time for war.

Mon-El and Iris confront Meister and he’s all it has to play out but if they really love them, they can save them. In the coma, they need to practice and ask Winn to play an original and sing about being “Superfriends.” The dads argue and a shootout ensues. Barry and Kara are both hit. They crash in the real world and Cisco has to vibe Mon-El and Iris in to save the day.

They go to coma world and profess their love and kiss the sleeping beauties and wake up in the real world. Meister is free from his cell and tells them that sometimes you have to let love save you. He saw some broken hearts that he wanted to fix and now he is off to teach another lesson.

Alex is waiting back on their earth so after some singing jokes, Mon-El, Kara and J’onn head out. They are back together. Things are less definite for Barry and Iris. They talk and then he sings to her. And he proposes again and she says yes.

I mean I like The Flash and watch it most of the time. So as far as Barry and Iris and that show this was a good episode. And I liked the singing. I have no use for Darren Criss and I hate that Kara and Mon-El are back together. So it was a good Flash but a terrible Supergirl.
Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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