Chicago Fire, episode sixteen

It’s time for breakfast at the house. Mouch is giving Herrmann crap about healthy eating, while he eats a donut. Dawson comes over and tells Herrmann that he’s fine. Alarm sounds. It’s a gunshot call for ambo in a turf war neighborhood.

Severide is a happy camper since Anna is back in town. Kidd teases him about it before going to help Casey. They are talking about the truck when they hear gunshots outside. They start to close the doors and radio main but it’s too late. Five armed guys, one that has been shot get inside and start threatening Casey.

The rest of the house meets them on the floor and the guys with guns start bossing everyone around. Kidd is going to help the guy that was shot and the others are going to keep an eye on everyone from 51. They don’t want trouble. They just want to lay low for a bit. They start to sweep the house for stragglers.

Of course there is one. Severide. He’s coming out of the shower when Kidd and one of the gunmen come into the locker room. He hides and Kidd basically explains what’s what by talking to the gunman. He’s jumpy though and almost catches Severide peeking around the corner.

Ambo gets to Med. Busy day for the gangs in the city. While at Med they hear a call about shots near 51. Gabby steps away to call Matt. His cell phone was confiscated though and everyone is just waiting at 51. Severide is trying to find a way to get word to the outside that they are being held hostage.

Boden talks to the gang leader about stepping up. Only that’s the problem. The guy isn’t looking to lead. He’s just trying to survive. Kidd needs help treating the wounded and the gunman in the room with her assists. Severide is about to get to squad and radio about the situation. He won’t leave anyone behind though.

The gang receives an all clear. As they get ready to roll out, the bay door opens. Ambo is back. Matt panics and runs out to close the door. The gunmen chase him. The radio tells 61 not to go back and they watch as Matt is shot closing the door. Sylvie yells and Gabby drives away.

Severide tackles the shooter and they scuffle. He’s winning but another guy steps in. The first guy roughs him up a bit and then they haul Severide and Casey inside. The police arrive and surround the house. Boden tells them to let Casey go in good faith and he is sent to the bunk room for Kidd to treat his shoulder wound.

In the bunk room, Kidd and the young gunman, JB, are helping the injured guy. He’s not doing well. He needs a trauma surgeon. Another gang member leads in Casey and gives JB trouble for letting his guard down. Outside, Sylvie talks to the police while Gabby tries to get inside.

The police call the house. The leader doesn’t answer. Herrmann is having chest pains. Severide is nervous cause the guy that shot Casey is in the back with Kidd. She’s trying to treat the injured but the shooter is acting crazy. He takes her to the locker room and asks which is hers. She opens it and he takes a picture out and threatens her friends. She punches him and he slams her head into the lockers, knocking her out.

The shooter comes back out alone and Casey yells at him. He can’t save this guy alone so the crazy guy sends JB to get help. The phone rings again. SWAT rolls up. JB tells the leader what happened in the back and Boden gets pissed they hurt Kidd. The leader asks for someone to help Casey and Boden says there are paramedics outside that can walk someone through it.

Sylvie sees some bystanders that might know something. She and Dawson go over and talk to the woman. It’s JB’s mother. His sister was just killed by a stray bullet and the cliques have been going back and forth ever since. JB wanted street justice. Gabby is called away by police. Someone inside called for her.

It’s Otis. He’s helping Casey with the gunshot victim. He gives her some info and then she starts talking him through the procedure. Severide escapes back into the house. They are successful. Casey starts trying to yell helpful information but the hostage taker hangs up the phone and hits Casey. Sylvie brings JB’s mom to the SWAT coordinator.

The gang leader is told about the victim’s condition. He asks if squad and take a bullet and make it through the police line. Herrmann starts yelling at him. He’s not afraid of some punk kids. He keeps yelling, until he has a heart attack.

Cruz tells them that he will help them Mad Max out if they let Herrmann go. They agree. Word spreads throughout the gang of the plan. The crazy one is on board but Otis tells him the injured guy won’t survive. The crazy one starts waving his gun again.

JB brings Herrmann out. His mother yells for him but he goes back inside. Once he’s behind the police lines, Herrmann reveals he was faking it. He tells the police what is happening inside.

Otis gets the injured guy ready for transport. The crazy one goes to check on Kidd in the locker room. She’s not there. Cruz is nervous about helping them but a deal is a deal and he tells the gang leader that it’s crazy. JB’s mom starts talking on the megaphone. He’s listening but the leader tells him it’s a ploy. Boden tells him to run. He doesn’t. They are going to load the truck.

SWAT starts moving outside. The crazy guy is checking the bathroom for Kidd. She’s hiding in a stall and right before he gets to her, Severide tackles him. They fight big time and the crazy guy has the upper hand but Kidd saves the day. They head for the side door. SWAT rolls in and the leader grabs Boden. JB puts down his gun.

The leader takes Boden into the truck and JB too. He wants to push through and tells SWAT to clear a path. JB pounces on him and Boden grabs the gun as the leader fires. JB gets a ricochet to the neck. Everyone moves in and Dawson and Brett start to help JB. It’s on the artery and he probably won’t make it to the hospital.

Dawson needs to pull the bullet out. She gets it out and they prepare him for transport. Boden talks to his mother and Matt and Gabby hug before she heads out. Police take the gang and the members of 51 head back into the house. They are still on shift.

I thought Herrmann was brilliant. That was so smart of him. Otherwise, this was just okay. I mean, you know they aren’t actually going to kill anyone. It’s still an intense show but it doesn’t really have a whole lot of suspense because you know they aren’t really in danger.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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