Designated Survivor, episode thirteen

ABC has some breaking news. A deadly shooting at Arlington. Emily, Seth and Aaron get calls.

Kirkman is livid. He’s in a meeting with Mike, Hannah and Forstell. He doesn’t understand how this could happen in front of all sort of federal agents. Forstell points out that the public is going to craft their own ideas about what happened.

Seth, Emily and Aaron get the White House. Kirkman tells them what happened and what they know. Domestic dispute. He will make the press announcement. Hookstraten should be alerted. It’s going to be a long day.

Alex and Kirkman are talking about happened. She can’t believe it. She feels back to their kids. Speaking of kids, their daughter comes in. She and Kirkman have a moment.

It’s time to make a statement. Seth opens and then Kirkman addresses the media. He tells them that MacLeish was visiting a gravesite and that they don’t know more details.

Atwood is at the funeral of his son. It’s small and somber. Hannah offers her condolensces.

Emily is waiting for Kirkman to go over his schedule for the day. The world is still spinning after all. She tells him that he can’t get anyone to fill his cabinet and that the former Secretary of State has a meeting with Aaron about coming back. She asks if she should take the meeting instead and he says no.

Seth tells the press about the MacLeish kids before taking questions. The shoot to kill order is mentioned. Seth refers to the FBI but says he will look into it. He goes to the Oval and finds out it is actually true. Kirkman tells Seth and Aaron to find the leak by nightfall. He then tells Seth that he wants to address the nation. Seth talks him into waiting a few days.

Aaron confronts Hookstraten about the leak. She admits she told the reporter but points out that technically he is the leak. Alex and Mike watch as new security, snipers and missiles, are installed on the grounds.

In the Oval, Aaron tells Kirkman that he is the leak. It was a lapse in judgement. Kirkman tells him to take a week and get some rest. Aaron is not happy but does as he’s told. Kirkman tells Emily and promotes her to acting chief of staff.

Seth talks to his staff about when there will be an update and how to handle the journalist asking about the shoot to kill order. They are going to spin it. Emily gets briefed by Aaron for the new job. He wished her luck.

The soldier that MacLeish was meeting with is still in custody. Hannah goes to talk to him. She talks about what happened during their deployment and says that MacLeish is going to go down as a war criminal. The soldier says MacLeish saved them.

Alex wants to move the kids away from Kirkman. He’s a target and they aren’t safe. She mentions Camp David and he’s opposed. They wouldn’t have a normal life there. She says they don’t have a normal life as it is.

Seth heads out to shower but plans to head right back. On his walk home, some old friends surprise him and talk him into going out for a drink.

Hannah updates Kirkman on what happened with MacLeish’s unit overseas. It was an ambush that turned into a blood bath. No one was safe.

At the bar, Seth’s friends ask why he’s tying himself to a floundering presidency and he says that he isn’t going to jump ship but appreciates their concern. He leaves.

Kirkman and Hannah talk about MacLeish being radicalized. The mission that made him a hero, turned him into a traitor.

The next morning, Kirkman goes for a ride to see his daughter get dropped off at school. He sees the place swarming with secret service. It’s not a normal life.

Emily meets with the former secretary of state. He came in to withdraw his name from the running. The former president is willing to make recommendations though.

Kirkman tells Alex to take the kids away.

Hannah is still researching. She updates Forstell. Then she goes to visit Atwood. He’s in a bad way. She asks about the lady that had his son and he sees that she is working a case. He’s not interested and asks her to leave.

Emily and Kirkman talk about the meeting with the former president. He thinks it would be good for the country so they set it up.

Seth is walking through the White House when the journalist asking about the shoot to kill order starts talking to him. He asks about the spin stories. He then talks about what he believes. He knows he is right about the shoot to kill.

Kirkman tells Seth to confirm the shoot to kill. He also wants to take a look at Kirkman’s upcoming speech.

Hookstraten is out when the journalist stops by her table. He knows he touched a nerve because of the effort they are going through to smear him. He knows there is a link between MacLeish and the would-be assassin. He’s going to find it.

The family leaves for Camp David and Kirkman walks them out. They are taking the chopper and he waves as they take off. He goes back in and makes a statement about transparency. He tells the nation about the shoot to kill order. Then he quotes Lincoln about being united.

Aaron makes contact with Charles Langdon. And Hannah knows.

I think Alex is a mole for the bad guy team. I feel bad that Kirkman is all alone now. Emily seems to be in way over her head but I don’t exactly trust Aaron either. Seth is the best part of this show. By a lot.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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