The Americans, episode three

Philip and Elizabeth and their Vietnamese son go bowling with the defector family. The kids get along and The defectors argue about Russia. The wife doesn’t know much about what happened.

On the ride home, they talk about the defector being a traitor and the Vietnamese kid thinks he should be shot. Philip wants to tell Paige about the American plan to cause a famine. It’ll take her mind off Matthew. They do. They talk about trying to prevent the attack and she asks a lot of questions.

She has trouble wrapping her head around the idea of them having secret identities. She wants to know if it’s hard pretending to be other people. Philip says that it is.

Flashback to small child Philip in Russia the family is making do but doesn’t have enough.

Oleg walks to a food store. Most of the shelves are bare. He asks for the head of the department and then wants to know how the process works. She says that she is good at getting the best stuff and he starts implying that she is bribing people. He mentions the starving families. She looks away. On his way out, Oleg passes a shopper. IT’S MARTHA! She’s alive and shopping in the USSR! She made it!

The Vietnamese kid is giving Philip an update about the defectors. They bond over starved childhoods.

Stan is actually doing FBI work but it scares the mark away with no answers.

At Gabriel’s house, they talk about midges, the little bugs that might be infecting the grain. The don’t know what the Americans play is though so its still research. They tell Gabriel about telling Paige. He thinks they did well.

Paige is out with Matthew talking about impacting the world. He starts asking if she is okay. She does the rubbing her fingers trick and then lies about homework. She goes home and talks to Elizabeth about lying to Matthew. She felt gross but it was easy. Elizabeth tells her that holding things back is part of being in a relationship.

In Yugoslavia, Philip’s other son goes looking for someone. He runs into a couple. One is willing to help, the other not so much.

Elizabeth and Philip take a road trip to Oklahoma City to learn about grain.

The guy the kid is looking for was arrested. Another guy is willing to help get to Austria, for a fee.

Philip doesn’t understand why the Soviet Union can’t grow enough grain themselves.He’s in a mood and she tries to break it, making jokes and dancing with him.

Stan and his partner are still following the mark around. This time its in a bathroom. The mark doesn’t talk.

The CIA approaches Oleg again, saying he missed the meeting. He tells the agent to stay away from him. He hurries home and listens to the tape they gave him. It’s about Nina.

Cowboy Philip and Elizabeth are on a stakeout. They get the signal and move in to scope out a lab. It’s full of bug and they are trying to find the ones that will be sent to Russia. Someone comes in and they hide. The guy claims to be a lab tech but he has an ID that says deputy director. Philip asks who he works for and about the bugs.

They are sending eggs, lots of them, and the guy doesn’t know why or to who. He should’ve asked. They kill him and load him into the trunk. They won’t tell Paige about this part of the mission.

I love this show and MARTHA! That was great. I was so surprised. I think my favorite part of this show though is the music. It just fits so well. Henry doesn’t exist and Stan is finally being an agent again which was good. Oleg will probably end up dead and Paige is going to rebel when she finds out they lied but on the whole this was a good episode.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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