Chicago Justice, episode five

A group of young guys are at a bar before night on the town. One of their father’s is the bartender. They goof around a bit before toasting and taking a shot. The next morning they are going hunting. The father is driving and is picking up his son. He knocks a few times. No answer. Goes inside and find’s his son bloody and dead.

Antonio and Nagel are at the scene talking to the two other young guys. Turns out they are in town for their buddy’s bachelor party. They tell Antonio that the father found him. Inside, PD gives them a rundown of what they’ve found.

Peter talks to the parents. The victim was a Navy man with an honorable discharge. Antonio and Nagel talk to the fiance. There were panties found in the victim’s house that did not belong to the fiance. They talk to his buddies too who give a rundown of what they did the night before.

The investigation leads to a bikini bar. They talk to a waitress who spent some time with him the night before. She says that he wanted to go to a fight club so she went with him and he kicked some dude’s ass. Then they took an Uber back to his place but he got cold feet so she never got out of the car. Driver confirms the story.

Autopsy shows that a knife would killed him. Things are obviously more interesting than that though. He has a computer thumb drive in his stomach. The team takes it to tech. It’s a video but it’s encrypted like whoa.

They head to his house and look into his life. His financials don’t match up so they head to the fiance’s place. They ask her about the money and at first she isn’t saying much but they do get her to talk. The quarter million in his bank account was an advance on the memoir he was writing about Navy life.

Mark goes to the victim’s service. He was a military man as well. Nagel checks with the publisher. Turns out the book is worth $400K and now Antonio is thinking about writing one. The phone rings. The video is decrypted.

Anna, Antonio, Nagel and Peter watch a SEAL team in action. The only thing is, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. The mission was one to save a member of Doctors Without Borders. The doctor and two SEALs were killed by rebels is the official story. The video shows an American killing them.

Peter and Anna meet with the victim’s father about it. He doesn’t know anything but does say that his son paid the doctor’s family a condolence visit. The family comes in to talk. They talk about the visit. The victim was so emotional he had to go wait in the car. They also randomly received a $100K check in the mail recently. They didn’t cash it.

Antonio and Nagel head to the AirBnB that the buddies stayed in. The landlord there is chatty. They were big fans of the fireplace. Turns out they were burning their clothes. They are now headed to Midway but Antonio and Nagel catch them at the L station before they can get away.

Peter takes the case to a judge, seeking no bail. The judge puts bail at a million each. Afterward, he talks to Anna about the case but they are interrupted by a Department of Justice National Security agent. He’s being brought to court because he has classified information. They are coming for the video.

Mark is mad the government knows but he’s more upset at the way Peter is playing it. In court, Peter argues for transparency. The judge tells them he will decide the next day. At the office, Nagel tells Peter that fiance left one of the suspects for the victim. There is a backup plan.

The judge rules in Peter’s favor. Mark tells him he can’t use it though. He feels that military secrets should be kept secret. Peter says that he will lose the case and Mark doesn’t care. It’s ultimatium time. Ditch the video or find a new job.

Peter talks to the victim’s father. He’s a military man himself and is willing to let the secret rest. His son served because other things were more important than his own life. He figures out a way to play the suspects. One will testify against the other for a plea deal. The suspect explains what happened and why they did it. The defense attorney tries to make it about jealousy in regard to the marriage. Peter goes back for the cross though.

That’s where trouble happens. The suspect brought up the mission so Peter gets him to explain it. The victim killed the doctor. They were pissed that he was going to get rich and break the code. Verdict comes back guilty.

Mark is still upset with Peter but he doesn’t need to resign. He leaves his office and goes to the victim’s father’s bar. They toast to better days and talk about the atrocities of war.

I’m glad that Peter went against Mark on this. I like the episodes better when there isn’t a lot of Mark. Anna and Antonio are the best parts of this show. Nagel still doesn’t have much of a personality. The case itself was pretty interesting. Once it came up that the friend dated the fiance, I thought it was going to go that way so I was glad it didn’t.
Chicago Justice airs Sundays at 9 p.m.


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