Chicago PD, episode seventeen

Erin gets to the unit early and finds Jay already there. He left early to go to the gym. He had to clear his head. Platt brings a visitor in. Will. He stopped by to talk to about a girl named Abby that’s been calling. Jay says that she called him too but is surprised to find out that she is in town. They have a history. They also have a case so he’s gotta go, but he does mention Erin not knowing about Abby.
The case is a girl lost in the woods. A man saw her the day before but isn’t in great shape himself. Halstead thinks it’s a halluncination but they start searching anyway. They find a cabin. It’s empty but there is a trailer in the yard and a girl locked inside. She can’t leave or she will be killed. Erin brings her out.

They take her to Med. She refuses a rape kit, saying that he didn’t touch her. Reese is treating her. She tells them that she found an ad on Craigslist for someone that needed a caretaker for a cabin. She was taken then. She escaped once but has to be back by noon because that’s when the kidnapper comes and if she’s not there he will go after her little sister.

Reese tells them that she has been lucid but shouldn’t be pushed. Erin doesn’t trust her. They are going to run a pregnancy test and go from there. She could be covering for someone.

Olinsky comes back to work. Voight tells him there’s no rush but Olinsky says he has nothing else. The unit goes over the case but so far it’s a lot of nothing. The girl is from Indiana and was reported missing there. Her folks are rich but there was never a ransom note. Voight tells them to step it up.

On his way inside, Halstead sees Abby. He tells Erin he will catch up with her and goes to talk to Abby. He brings her inside to talk. Turns out she’s his ex-wife only not so ex because the papers were never filed. She’s in town to get new papers signed and wants to meet up for a drink.

Burgess is going through the cabin records. They find the last owners and Olinsky and Ruzek head out to see them. It was a husband and wife though the husband has since passed away. The wife doesn’t know any particulars but tells them that they can look through her late husband’s files.

At the cabin, Atwater is rushed over to see something. Skeletons. Plural. The whole area is a crime scene now. There are a lot of bodies and apparently the girl told Reese that her captor, Austin, had bragged about doing this before. Halstead and Atwater head out first chance they can.

Ruzek gives Olinsky a hug. They are going over paperwork and find the buyer. A man named Austin owns the cabin. Atwater goes to see the ME. The bodies all starved to death. That doesn’t match up with the hostage, who was taken care of. There’s a BOLO out for Austin but no word yet. The media department sends them a video. It’s a “hostage recovery specialist” looking for the hostage’s best friend who is apparently still missing.
Voight and Olinsky go to pay the man a visit. He doesn’t know much and they put him in his place. The hostage still isn’t talking and Erin starts yelling at her. Her friend will die if she doesn’t talk to them. She relents and tells them some things. They head out.

They go to find Austin and he gets away out the back. The chase is on and Erin drives crazy to keep up. They corner him after he gets hit by a truck. As they move in he pulls a gun and shoots himself in the head. It’s the hostage’s car and Austin is dead.

Back at the district, his brother doesn’t know what Austin was up to. He calls him “touched” and said he had no one else. They look into the Craigslist history and find one person that stands out. They reach out and he says that Austin and Co. were ruining his life. He calls the partner the mastermind and the devil. He’d recognize the partner and is willing to help.

Ruzek and Atwater report back to Voight about that as Erin tries to figure out how the shipping container comes into play. It was reported missing by shipping company and the person driving it was the former cabin owner. Erin, and Atwater, think that he could be involved but Voight is reluctant. He wants someone to talk to the widow again.

Atwater and Ruzek head over and she doesn’t answer. They hear yelling inside and run in. They find the other missing girl trapped in the basement and end up locked inside themselves as well, with no phone signal.

Erin is getting coffee when Jay walks in. They talk about the sketch and then Erin asks about Abby. She’s been blowing up his phone and Erin is tired of waiting for him to tell her. Jay tells her the story. It was a 24 hour marriage that meant nothing. They knew each other from the service and hooked up in Vegas while there for a funeral. Erin is more concerned with the fact that he didn’t, and wasn’t going to tell her.

Burgess interrupts. She has the sketch. It’s the former cabin owner. Maybe there was a third conspirator. Jay asks about Ruzek. No word from him. They rush to the widow’s house. She’s there now and has no idea what’s happening. Jay finds the secret door behind the fridge but it needs a code which the widow claims to not know. Voight takes her to a tool shed out back and pulls a knife. She tells him he has no proof.

Jay and Erin are having no luck. They hear a scream and then Voight radios them the code. They open the door and get Ruzek, Atwater and the other hostage girl.

The widow is in interrogation. She’s playing like she doesn’t know anything but they trap her and she starts to explain the whole thing. She blames Austin. Voight tells her Austin killed himself and she doesn’t believe it’s real, even with the photos.

Erin reunites the hostage friends and then admits that she was wrong.

Jay and Abby are out having a drink. She lied. She isn’t actually engaged and she doesn’t have divorce papers. She loves him. He tells her she deserves good but he’s not the guy that’s going to give it to her.

Erin gets home and finds Jay packing. He’s going to stay at Will’s for a bit. He loves her but he has things he has to go figure out. He is sorry though.

So they’ve been together for a while so it’s time to break Erin and Jay up? That’s what I got out of that. I feel bad for Olinsky. I’m glad Ruzek is back with the unit. There should’ve been more Platt. I didn’t trust the hostage girl either so I can’t fault Erin on that one. Also, I didn’t understand why Voight was so against the idea of the former cabin owner being involved historically. There were all those cold cases too.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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