Big Little Lies, episode six

Jane is being pulled over. Ed and Madeline are playing with the kids. She gets a ticket and then goes to pick Ziggy up. She tells Madeline what happened and Madeline tells her to let dead dogs lie.

Perry tells Celeste that he has to go out of town for a few days. He will miss opening night of the play. He doesn’t want her to go without him. He wants her to come away with him. She puts her foot down. Then one of the twins calls her.

Bonnie and Nathan talk about him being friends with Madeline. He can’t be friends with her. Abigail comes out and they talk about passion projects and college applications. She thanks them for having dinner with Abigail.

Madeline and Celeste talk about Jane. Celeste offers to talk to her but Madeline thinks that she will not be able to relate.

Jane gets called in to talk to the teacher. There is a petition for Ziggy to be suspended. Jane storms out and confronts Renata. She curses and gets physical. Renata threatens to sue. Jane tells Madeline who has her back.

Celeste goes to therapy and talks about Perry being loving and affectionate. She has the power, for now. When he stops feeling guilty, he will get the power back and start to hurt her again. The therapist wants to know where she will draw the line. When he hits the kids? She tells Celeste to get an apartment ready and start documenting the abuse.

She asks if Celeste has told anyone else about the abuse. The answer is no. She’s a lawyer. She knows how important having a witness is. The therapist tells her to step it up.

It’s apology time. Jane goes to talk to Renata. She has an eyepatch and they talk about the kids. Jane tells her about the child psychologist and that there is no way that Ziggy is the bully. They part on possibly amicable terms.

One of the twins lost a tooth and is stoked about the tooth fairy. The other calls him stupid and says that the tooth fairy is fake. Perry comes in. He came back for opening night. Ed and Madeline are also getting ready to go. Jane is ready and Ziggy wants to see the play. Then they have a sex talk. Perry wants to have sex but Celeste tells him to get ready. He grabs her hair and she hits him with a tennis racket.

Madeline is watching the play. Jane asks about Celeste, who isn’t there. No word. She probably lost her sitter. Afterward she makes small talk with Nathan and Bonnie. Jane tells her that she will reach out to Celeste. Joe’s wife confronts her about possibly being his mistress.

On the ride home, Ed asks why she is so quiet. She mentions the dinner with Nathan and Bonnie. She finds out that Perry was injured and her and Ed goof about it. Then Ed gets indignant about their sex life and gets nasty about their marriage. He storms off.
Parents talk to the police about trivia night. Lots of people were going to fight.

Nathan is practicing for trivia night when Bonnie interrupts. They have bigger issues. Abigail’s passion project is that she is selling her virginity online. For charity. Nathan flips.

Ed and Madeline talk. He calls her his dream girl.

Perry and Celeste get home. Things are awkward.

The next morning, Nathan tries to talk to Abigail but it’s no use. He blames Bonnie.
Ziggy and Chloe play at the house. Jane talks to Renata about a play date. Renata wants to schedule one with every kid in the class so that she can eliminate suspects so to speak. Renata’s crony Harper tries to get involved but gets shut down.
Celeste is looking at apartments.

Madeline and Ed are headed to dinner with Nathan and Bonnie. They get there and make small talk for a bit before the secret project comes up. Nathan explains it and seems to be a fan. Bonnie talks about how to parent and Madeline vomits. They exchange words and then Madeline leaves the table.

Perry is watching tv with the twins. Celeste comes downstairs and says goodbye. She says that she is going to dinner with Jane and doesn’t hesitate. She just walks out.

Madeline confronts Abigail. They argue about being perfect and good causes and Madeline admits that she cheated on Ed.

The twins are playing video games. Perry is walking around the house and Celeste is at the rental place alone.

Jane is home with Ziggy, who is goofing around dancing.

I’m glad Celeste is making moves but I want her to tell Madeline. I also kind of want to punch Bonnie. What universe does she live in? I mean really. I really don’t understand how Ed and Madeline fit together. And Jane just sort of also existed here. But I’m glad she went after Renata.

Big Little Lies airs at 9 p.m. on Sundays.


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