Shots Fired, episode one

So of course I need another show to watch, so here we go.

Ashe (Sanaa Latham) is playing a game with Kai (Laila Lockhart) when Paula (Alicia Sanz) walks in and says it’s bedtime. The two adults argue but Ashe relents. She follows Paula out of the room and throws a vase at her head. They exchange words and Javier (Angel Bonnani) intervenes. He kicks Ashe out and they go back in forth about Paula. Apparently, Kai is Ashe’s daughter and the new wife is playing house.

The next morning Ashe meets Preston Terry (Stephan James) at the airport. He’s her new boss. Interim. She’s an investigator and her other boss is tying up some loose ends. Sarah Ellis (Conor Leslie) meets them and brings them to see the Governor Patricia Eamons (Helen Hunt).

She tells them that they will have complete cooperation and that she hopes things run smoothly. She doesn’t like surprises. Ellis tells them that Eamons is busy so she will be available to them and gives them her card.

Terry and Ashe head to the police station where they meet Sheriff Daniel Platt (Will Patton). Terry is the attorney and Ashe is the invesigator and they are in town to talk to Officer Beck (Mack Wilds). He isn’t talking though. Ashe relates to him about police work and then Beck tells his side of the story. Routine stop in a sketch neighborhood. The guy is belligerent and reaches for Beck’s gun. It was self defense. He shot him four times. Terry asks about the reason for the stop and Beck clams up.

Outside, Ashe tells Terry to let her handle the interviews. He plays the boss card. She mocks and then threatens his job. They head to the place where the shooting happened. They ask a few people what’s what but no one will talk. They won’t talk to police. Ashe tells them that they are investigating police but it doesn’t change anything. A few patrol cars roll up.

Ashe and Terry talk to the victim’s mother, Alicia Carr (Jill Hennessy). They ask about drugs and why he was in that neighborhood. She’s just angry. Her son isn’t lost. He was murdered.

Beck talks to the Pastor Janae James (Aisha Hinds) about being a good cop. She wants him to talk at church to make a statement and spin perception. He is not interested and she leaves.

Eamons holds a press conference and tells the media that there is an independent investigation. The pastor speaks out and then Terry takes the mic. Reporters start asking questions but he isn’t saying anything. The pastor brings up race but Terry knocks it down. He wants transparency. He is sickened by recent (real world) events but won’t let that sway things.

Afterward, the pastor talks to Terry about stopping by the church. Ashe tries to call Kai. No answer. She heads to the bar and Terry is there. They talk about women and family. She asks if he believes half of what he said in his speech and he says half.

Terry heads back to the scene and talks to one of the kids riding around over there. He tries to bribe him with a football signed by his NFL player brother and gets at least a lead out of it. He gets brought to a different neighborhood where he is promptly jumped.

The next morning, Ashe finds Terry banged up. He tells her what happened and she says that she will follow the lead. They talk to a woman named Campbell (DeWanda Wise) but she denies knowing anything. She thought they were there to find out about her son that was killed. She was intimidated by police and kept her mouth shut. Word is the police were involved.

Ashe says its a sign the department is corrupt and she wants to look into it. Terry gets that but its not why they are there. He tells her to be patient. She goes to the station and picks up a few officers. They head to a bar and have some drinks. When one, Breeland (Stephen Moyer) tries to leave, Ashe asks him for a statement.

He sits back down and asks about her own police history. He wants to know why she’s investigating police. She says that she investigates bad guys. Then some man comes in looking for her. He serves her papers.

Javier doesn’t trust her. She’s dangerous. She calls him and he tells her that she needs help and from now on she will have to talk to his lawyer. He hangs up and she cries.

Terry and Ashe are hanging out with Maceo Terry (Shamier Anderson), the football brother. He and Ashe have a bit of a back and forth. She mentions his prep school background but he says that wasn’t him. Just his brother. They have words about what side they are on. Terry is ready to head out but Ashe doesn’t want to.

He goes to see Sarah Ellis. He brings her wine. She lets him in her room. Maceo and Ashe are in a limo. They banter about him liking her and then she kisses him and then starts undoing his pants.

In the hotel room, Terry is in bed and Ellis is on the phone. A video just broke. It’s Beck on the day he graduated from the academy. He uses some hate speech about his “license to shoot.” Things are not looking up.

Platt visits Beck at home. He understands what’s what but Beck will be on administrative duty until the investigation is over.

Ashe is waiting for Terry when he gets back to his room. They need to find who leaked the video. She asks him a lawyer question “about another case” regarding a parent petitioning for sole custody. They’d have to prove the other parent was unfit. He then comments on her rendezvous with his brother.

The pastor is giving a sermon. It’s about people being lost and forgotten and neglected and she brings up Mrs. Campbell and Mrs. Carr. They need to be united. The children deserve justice. Ashe walks in and sees them hugging. There is a lot of press on hand. Ashe makes her way to Terry and tells him that her boss is sitting out. He’s no longer interim.

There is a kid at the batting cages. Beck is his room looking at a mass card. Ashe is setting up a board to work the case.

The kid that gave Terry the lead is on his bike. He’s being chased by a car. He cuts through lawns and eventually ditches the bike to hop a few fences but the pursuit continues. He gets cover under a house. It seems to be enough.

I liked this show. I have a feeling that the whole Kai storyline is just to make Ashe seem more sympathetic but maybe I’m wrong. I’m not that interest in that. I really like Ashe and Terry though and I feel so bad for the two moms. I don’t trust the cops at all.

Shots Fired is new Wednesdays at 8 p.m.


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