Supergirl, episode seventeen

Plywood is trying to make Kara breakfast in bed. They banter about food and then she talks about how she can spend more time with him on account of being unemployed. She asks about his parents and then they see an alien on the news. Kara heads out to help.

She fights a laser-eyed alien on the streets but she handles it. J’onn has video conference with the president. She asks about the Daxam ship and tells him not to engage. Her office will look for more information.

Alex and Maggie went to yoga together. It was as bad as Alex expected. They run into Emily (Hayley Sales), one of Maggie’s exes. There is an awkward exchange and then part ways with a vague let’s catch up sometime parting. Alex suggests that night. Maggie is hesitant but Alex pushes. They talk to Emily and plan to meet up later.

At the DEO, J’onn talks to Kara about the alien she fought that morning. He was an intergalactic bounty hunter. He was going after Supergirl. Someone wants her dead. And the bounty is huge so tons of aliens are going to come after her. She figures she can fight them. Alex and J’onn tell her to hide so that they can protect the public. Mon-El chimes in. Winn is going to search databases. Alex has other plans. J’onn tells Mon-El to keep an eye on Kara.

Mon-El meets with his parents at the alien bar. He thinks that they put the bounty on Kara to get him to go back with them. They deny it. They are sticking around to try and convince him themselves. They want him to trust that they just want him with them.

Maggie and Alex are waiting for Emily. She’s a no show. Apparently she and Maggie were together for five years and she told Maggie she didn’t deserve to be happy. Alex feels guilty for trying to force the situation and angry because Emily had no right to say those things.

Winn, James and Kara are playing board games. She is getting stir crazy because she wants to go out and Supergirl. They tell her no. Mon-El shows up and tells them that he thinks it was his parents. He goes to explain but suddenly there is trouble. An alien on the street takes control of his movements and he tackles Kara. They fly out the window.

They land on a parking garage nearby and they fight. She tells him to control it but he can’t. Guardian intervenes and WINN GETS THE ALIEN! They take him to the DEO and he says that he won’t talk and that humans are too moral to do what’s necessary. Alex is all “get me a wrench” but J’onn intervenes. The alien admits it was the Daxamites. They can’t attack though. They can only protext Supergirl.

Alex goes to Emily’s hotel. She confronts her about missing dinner and about what she said all those years ago. Emily says that it brought up too many bad memories and Alex is all “what about Maggie’s memories” because Emily abandoned Maggie but that’s not the whole story. After five years, Maggie cheated and that’s why Emily did what she did. Alex apologizes and takes off.

Kara and Mon-El are cleaning up. She wants to confront his parents. He wants to run away. He thinks they are like Romeo and Juliet. He thinks that they are like that and should go be happy. Kara is all umm no I have to protect either.

They summon the queen to the Fortress of Solitude and ask her to call off the bounty because he is happy. She tells him that she is the mother and he doesn’t dictate things. Kara says that they need to work together to make peace through kindness and the queen slashes her with a kryptonite weapon.

They fight and Mon-El jumps in the way. He gives his word he will do whatever his mother wants to keep her from attacking Kara. She grabs him and takes him to their ship. They are going to Daxam. She calls off the bounty.

Alex is at her apartment. Maggie gets there and Alex tells her about what happened with Emily. Maggie gets upset that Alex didn’t trust her but that’s not the case. Alex sits Maggie down and says that she thinks that Maggie doesn’t talk about herself to protect herself and that she doesn’t have to do that with Alex. She can be vulnerable. They hug but before more can be said, Alex’s phone rings. It’s Kara. She needs Alex.

At the DEO, Alex gets there just as Kara does. J’onn says they can’t engage because of the president’s orders. Kara doesn’t care. She has to do this to save Mon-El.

Mon-El is on the ship. His father is telling him that he will get over it. He says that it is for the people. Mon-El wants to be a better king. He wants to give voice to the people. His father tells him that won’t work. His mother hears him and smacks him. The journey to Daxam will take four years and she is sending him to a cell for that trip.

Winn starts talking about the transporter they made. He can get Kara on the ship with a one way gate. They are starting the engines though so she has to step it up. Kara zaps on and fights the queen. Winn zaps in to save Mon-El. The queen stabs Supergirl with Kryptonite but it’s not Kara! It’s shapeshifting J’onn. Kara and Alex are watching from earth. Kara jumps through the portal to help J’onn. The battle rages on.

Finally, the king puts a stop to it. He sees that Mon-El has made his choice. This is the last time they will see each other. They portal back to earth.

Alex is waiting near the car while Maggie talks to Emily. Alex made them talk and now they have closure and Alex is awesome and they all know that.

J’onn has another chat with the president. He gets in trouble and will await the consequences. The president confirms that the ship left. The video ends and she turns into an alien.

Kara is at home eating popcorn and being crap telling Mon-El that he was right. Mon-El says that his dad changed. Then he talks about her sacrifice and that doing the right thing is hard.

The king and queen are flying away, talking about Mon-El being gone but really happy. She is pissed that he didn’t have her back. He says they will move on. She says they won’t and stabs him.

So there was a ton of Mon-El and I have no use for it. They had the right idea breaking him and Kara up. Now this is just going to drag on and on. Kara can do better. He has no respect for her. Winn was great in this one. I love him so much and Maggie got more of a backstory and Alex is there for her and they are magic and I love every second of it.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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