Quantico, episode fifteen

A town is Virginia is evacuated because of groundwater contamination. It could be terrorism. Owen and Clay are talking about the team. Alex is reckless and emotional. Her and Ryan have a deep connection. He’s by the book unless Alex is involved. Dayana never really shed her child soldier upbringing when she moved to this country. Clay says that Nimah is more of a mascot. Owen brings up Shelby. She worries way too much about what other people think. Owen says that he is smart and can cover his weak points. He says Clay lacks experience.

Clay tells them about what happened in Virginia. Nimah is supposed to track social media. The rest need to get the information without media bias. They reach out to government officials but nothing comes of it. Owen says that it’s a fake. They cleared the town for a reason though. There must be something there they want.

They start searching for whomever set it up and Shelby finds a lead. She also lies about a boyfriend, Leon. They find a troll farm and MI6 has a report on it. Written by Doyle. Alex brings him in. Clay agrees to Doyle’s terms and hands out assignments. Nimah doesn’t have one.

Ryan is at the bar when the reporter from last week’s fancy party shows up. She calls him on his lies, and on being a CIA operative. He denies it and she dares him to call her bluff.

Alex and Doyle go undercover with the Russian troll cell. They are offering a job but first they want to know that they are investing in the right place. They start asking questions and the troll gets a little jumpy. He pulls a gun but they play it cool. It pays off and they get the info. They know the who, a private contractor. Now they need the what.

They head to the town and split up. Doyle and Dayana try and find out where is being searched. Alex, Ryan and Shelby are boots on the ground. Shelby gets waylaid by local law enforcement but Ryan and Alex might have found a contractor they can follow.

Nimah busts in on the command center to talk to Clay and Owen. She yells at Clay and tells Owen that they aren’t looking for something. They are looking for someone. Alex and Ryan search a house and find a woman hiding in the basement with a gun.

She talks to Alex about the contractors wanting to kill her. Alex convinces the woman to trust her. Nimah saves Shelby from the sheriff while the woman talks to Alex. She worked for a senator and created fake news that got people killed. Now they are looking to clean house.
They start to leave but the contractors are upstairs. Doyle and Dayana create a diversion while they escape. A shootout ensues but everyone gets away. On the way out of town, Ryan is riding shotgun and he makes eye contact with the reporter through the window.

Back at the bunker they are debriefing. Some are pleased that there is another face on the board without terrorism. Nimah talks about the senator and Clay is dismissive. She storms out. Ryan makes a point though. The girl is fake news and she should be held accountable. Clay looks uncomfortable and Owen dismisses the team.

The next morning, Shelby talks to Nimah about earning a spot on the team. Nimah feels stuck and out of place. Shelby tells her it should be about what she did and what she does.

Clay confronts Owen about letting him do his job. He wants to know how to tell the team that there will be no justice and Owen tells him that they have to learn to play the long game.

Doyle digs out a bottle of alcohol. He’s still out in the cold with MI6 and doesn’t get anything from this. He still has no job. Alex tells him to stick around but she can’t offer that. She tells him that he needs to embrace what is still here for him. She will not leave him. He walks away.
Ryan heads to the bar and finds the reporter. He wants her to drop the story and she says she needs something to take its place. He gives her something.

Owen and Clay meet with the woman. They give her a few things and tell her to run. The contractors won’t stop. She says that Owen used her to get what he wanted.

Clay updates the team on what happened. The new face on the board is the Speaker of the House. They count it as a win, with Doyle’s help. They head to the bar. Alex and Ryan have a chat and nothing is accomplished. Clay stops by and talks to Shelby, calls her out on making up the boyfriend. He welcomes Nimah to the team. Owen and Doyle join them. He’s on the team. The reporter calls Ryan. He makes plans with her. Shelby calls Leon. No answer. Because he just got murdered.

I just want a buddy cop show with Alex and Doyle bantering and catching bad guys. I really don’t care about the rest of this show all that much. I like Shelby sometimes and Nimah is interesting but on the whole Alex and Doyle are the best part by a lot. Poor Leon though. I guess they will be investigating that next. And if Shelby sleeps with Clay that will squick me on all the levels.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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