Designated Survivor, episode eighteen

Atwood and Hannah are spying at the base. They get cause and make a run for it.
Abe Leonard is waiting for his source. He’s been waiting three hours. The source calls and gives him another tip. Jason Atwood.

Speaking of, he and Hannah fleeing by car. He’s been shot.

It’s a big day at the White House. Kirkman is signing the gun legislation. He thanks Hookstraten for her help.

Leonard got a plate when he was waiting for his source. He pays a guy to run it and finds out it is from the White House pool. That could be any one of hundreds of people. It’s of little use.

Aaron, Seth and Emily talk about the legislation and Hookstraten possibly as VP. Seth is on board.

Kirkman and Hookstraten talk about what a good job they’ve done and how to keep the momentum going. He wants someone that can do that as VP and she does too. That’s why he wants her to vet the list of candidates for him.

Hannah meets with Forstell and Mike. She updates them on Lazano and what happened in the Dakotas. If he’s still alive, who did the FBI kill after Kirkman was shot? Hannah goes to see the body in that case.

Politico calls Aaron. They want a comment for a Hookstraten story.

An aide runs in to tell Seth to look at Politico. They have the Hookstraten story up. It’s about her ties to Turkey.

Emily and Seth update Kirkman. It’s bad optics but legal. Mike also lets him know about Lazano.

Bowman runs into Aaron. They argue about the Politico story. Bowman denies leaking it and tells Aaron to mind his place.

The body in the morgue matches Lazano’s prints. Someone hacked the database. It’s time to consider that the person in charge of the whole thing is still operating.

Leonard meets with someone from the FBI about Atwood. It doesn’t go well.

Hookstraten comes to Kirkman’s office. They talk about Turkey and the new Congress. Emily comes in. The Ethics Committee is going to investigate the Speaker.

Someone is showing Hannah the footage of the day of the Lazano shooting. She notices enough that she will be able to get a lead.

Aaron talks to the Politico reporter about people being out to get Hookstraten.

Kirkman wants her as VP. He thinks announcing it now is the way to go. Emily disagrees. He doesn’t care.

Bowman is about to head to a fancy dinner.

Seth and Emily talk about Kirkman’s latest brief.

Leonard tracks down Atwood at a diner and asks all sorts of questions. Atwood has no use for it. Leonard brings up his son. Atwood gets rough with him before driving off.

Hookstraten is getting called in to the ethics hearing first thing in the morning. Aaron tells her that Bowman isn’t to blame.

Hannah and Atwood talk about moving forward. She tells him that she needs him to heal.

The op-ed that Seth ghost-wrote to help the Hookstraten situation doesn’t have anyone interested in putting their name on it. Seth will keep trying.

They know who leaked the story. A former aide by the name of Liam is the one running Hookstraten into the ground. She fired him years earlier for taking payments when he shouldn’t have. And now she’s passed that evidence along to Bowman.

Forstell and Hannah go over the video of Lazano’s last day. She figured out when the switch was. Lazano never left the building. He was hiding out for more than a day. The decoy was willing to sacrifice his life for Lazano to escape.

They have a hit on the dead guy’s prints. He was involved with the same contractors as the other service members. They even co-signed on a loan for him.

Emily and Seth stop in to update Kirkman. The op-ed will run but it won’t be in a big name paper. They have to save this.

Hannah meets with a source to track down the head of the contractor company, Browning-Reed. The dude dissolved the company because he felt like the government betrayed him. Now he’s big with the alt-right and has the money and IQ to make a real play at the government.

She and Forstell head out to the guy, Patrick Lloyd’s, farm and talk to him about the silo property. He legally bought all the munitions on the property and plays it off like he doesn’t remember the fall guy from the Lazano case. He blows them off and tells them to talk to his attorney.

It doesn’t sit well with Hannah. She puts the pieces together. Lloyd wrote the manifesto. They have eyes on him now but he’ll know and this isn’t going to be easy. Knowing and proving are different things. They won’t be able to just flush him out. Forstell tells her to get some rest and that they will try again in the morning.

Kirkman calls is family and talks to his daughter. She thinks it would be cool to have a female vice president.

She eventually heads back to her room but notices something is off. It’s too late though. She is promptly drugged and kidnapped.

Leonard meets with his source in a parking garage. He gets another tip. Check the White House visitor log. The source leaves and makes a call to…. Lazano. Leonard is playing right into their hand!

It sucks that Leonard breaking the story is going to take down Kirkman. Emily is getting a little power hungry it seems. Hookstraten and Bowman are going to have to work together to take down Lloyd. Seth is still the best part of this show.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


Shots Fired, episode five

Alicia Carr and Shameeka Campbell leave their houses and get into limos. they are taken to a tv studio for an interview with Pastor Janae.

Beck is running. He collides with someone. It’s Preston. They talk about coincidences and Breeland and watching their backs. Beck mentions the case for Joey and Preston asks if he knows anything about it. He doesn’t.

The interviewer doesn’t pull any punches with the moms. The try to deflect but Janae embraces the chance to talk politics.

Preston reports back to Ashe about Beck’s reaction. She found something in one of the reports but there isn’t much they can do with it. Cory also helped with a sketch of Joey’s shooter.

At the station, Beck asks confronts Breeland about the drugs. He doesn’t come right out and say it but he tells him the drugs helped make the shot clean. Beck shoves him and they scuffle.

Shameeka and Alicia are waiting outside of the station after the interview. They talk about how much they hate being puppets and how music gets them through the days. Janae comes out and talks about the coverage and Alicia tells her that they speak for their sons, not her and not her church. A car pulls up and Alicia drives off.

Ashe is in court ordered therapy. She talks about how important

Preston found something else in the files. A former partner of Breeland’s, Derkin (Wes McGee) was around on all his busts until suddenly he was gone. They ask where he is and he was transferred two days after Joey was killed.

Afterward he heads to Sarah’s room and finds her stressing about the town hall backlash. She also makes a comment about the Carr case being a priority. She steps away and he looks at the open file on her computer. It’s a donor list. One name stands out to him. She comes back and he leaves.

Then he goes to a golf course and talks to the doctor he met at Cox’s party. He asks him about his involvement with the police department. He then moves on to questions about the Campbell case. The doctor denies everything.

Preston heads from the golf course to the governor’s mansion. She asks why he talked to the doctor and wants him to focus. He stands up for himself.

Ashe and Preston meet with Cory at the safe house. He presents Cory with a picture of the doctor because he looks similiar to the sketch. Cory is adamant that he is not the guy though. As they leave, Ashe gets a call. She has a lead on Derkin.

Breeland gives Platt some food because he heard there was a bit of domestic trouble. Platt admits that his wife moved out. They talk about being dedicated to the force and how they wouldn’t change a thing. Breeland also remarks that it is getting harder to breath in the small town.

Five hours outside of town, Ashe tracks down Derkin and he does help her a bit. He acknowledges he was at the scene even though he’s not in the report. He also tells her that AD isn’t a person. It means auxiliary deputy.

Penn Moder is holding a rally. He’s making things racist and pushing the Carr case. Janae interrupts. She says that you can’t be pro-life and not be interested in the Campbell case too. It makes the news.

Alicia sees the broadcast about the rally, and how Jesse’s picture is in the crowd. She goes to the garage and gets in his car and starts in. She sits and cries before getting out.

Shameeka gets home and talks to Shawn about his new school.

Janae goes to talk to Eamons about Cox funding the school programs. He’s also building private prisons. They disagree on how this will play out and Janae doesn’t want her name involved. They go their separate ways.

Preston and Ashe have another lead. An old man AD. Also Ashe has to head back to DC for a few days for a personal matter. Before they can start their questioning, Platt intercepts them. He tells them they are messing with his community and should back up. They ask about the deputies and what legal rights they have to be at these crimes. She puts the pieces together.

Platt is taking the governor’s rich white friends on tours of the black neighborhoods like it’s a safari.

They talk about the case. They have to turn Derkin. Ashe also tells Preston that she thinks people are born bad and taught to be good. She talks about her daughter and the custody hearing and he tells her that he sees the good in her. They take jabs at each other for who they’ve slept with recently. He leaves and tells her that he will see her at Cory’s.

On the way there, Ashe gets pulled over. She presents her credentials and the officer fights her. Throws her around a bit before patting her down. Breeland shows up and takes over. He brings up Kai and is just a creep.

At the Campbell household, Shawn is going over his homework with his mother. He reads the story he wrote about the injustices in the world.

Ashe gets to Cory’s and covers the marks from the handcuffs.

Derkin drives his truck into a lake.

Beck watches the Penn Moder rally on the news.

There is a “What about Joey” rally and things are tense. There are protestors and there are a lot of other people milling about too.

Cory looks at a ton of photos of old white dudes. He stares at a group shot and finally sees the man that killed Joey. Arlen Cox.

Janae leaves her church and goes out to a waiting car. Cox is sitting in the backseat.

I feel so bad for the Campbells. I thought Alicia was going to kill herself. I also don’t think that Derkin is dead. That would be too easy. Breeland is such a creep. Someone should punch him. And Platt. I feel like Preston is learning a little bit. That’s a good thing. He’s evolving.

Dear White People, episodes one to three

Class is in session at Winchester and the narrator sets the scene well. Sam (Logan Browning) is hosting her radio show about the everyday racism on campus. She and her friend Joelle (Ashley Blaine Featherson) talk about meeting up at the black caucus later on.

Sam is sleeping with a guy named Gabe (John Patrick Amedori). He’s white. She leaves to go to the caucus. He offers to come with but she says that it’s members only. He then tells her that he doesn’t want to just be a hook up. He wants more.

She heads to the meeting and is the black woman in charge. She handles the intros and gets catty with Coco (Antoinette Robertson). They don’t know what to do in response to the blackface party held on campus. They discuss it but the conversation is interrupted when Sam gets tagged in an Instagram post, by Gabe.

She tries to bring him around to her friends and the dude everyone expects her to get with Reggie (Marque Richardson) is a jerk to him. Gabe gets made that she didn’t stand up for him and bounces.

She’s back on the air and she admits that she sent the invites to the blackface party to see what would happen. It should be a campus wakeup call. People there is a racism problem.

Winchester is still reeling from the party and student journalist Lionel (DeRon Horton) is now popular because of his story on it.

He’s trying to come to terms with his sexuality and is taking guidance from the paper’s editor. He goes to a theater kid party and meets a guy that’s sort of repressed that hides behind his female roommate. He calls the other guy on his shit when they go back to his room. Then he heads back to the paper to help his editor in a crisis.

They discover that Sam sent the party invite. Lionel gives her a heads up that they are running the story so she can own it before they expose her.

Lionel asks his roommate Troy Fairbanks (Brandon P. Bell), that he has a crush on and jerks off to, to cut his hair.

Winchester is about to hold student elections and the frontrunner is Troy. He’s struggled to escape his father’s shadow because his president of the university. He took matters into his own hands and made sure his father called the police on the blackface party at Pastiche.

His father has run the show on everything in his life, including his relationship with Sam. He spends the day campaigning but he doesn’t seem very happy. He meets a new professor, Nika Hobbs (Nia Long) and suggests Lionel interview Thane Lockwood (Brant Daugherty).

Troy ducks out of the party as soon as he can and goes to a student party. He argues with Kurt Fletcher (Wyatt Nash) about Pastiche. As he leaves that he gets a text to meet up. It’s from Hobbs. They’ve been having an illicit affair for quite some time. He have sex and then fall asleep.

They find out the next morning, after spending the night in the boathouse, that Troy won the election and that Thane is dead. He tried to fly, and couldn’t. Troy goes back to his room to shower. He gets a message on his phone. It’s a video of him sleeping with Hobbs.

Okay so is Sam with Gabe then? And all told this has been over the course of like 36 hours right? I’m interested in the Sam and Troy relationship and would like to know more about Joelle. I’m assuming everyone gets an episode. Overall, I like the show. I feel bad for Lionel though.

Quantico, episode nineteen

Shelby, Clay and Caleb talk to Maxine about throwing an engagement party as a way to lure out the collaborators. They plan the party to set up the bad guys at every turn. Caleb takes a few jabs at Shelby along the way.

The team is in the bunker going over the collaborators and how they will catch them. Clay warns them to be careful though.

They head to the party and start to keep an eye out for their marks. Some hit some hiccups early. Clay needs to stall with the speaker but he fails so Caleb starts a rambling toast. It is bad but does the job.

Everyone is doing what they can to handle the collaborators but Raina gets made and Ryan goes rogue. He knows the mission is a failure. He just wants to keep the team safe.

Owen and Alex talk about the mission. Claire meets with the Speaker about a compromise that would put him in the Oval.

Alex talks to her mark. He jams the frequency and then tries to recruit her.

Ryan gives her the blueprints of the bunker to earn her trust. She confesses to murdering the reporter and Leon. He’s got her now and she has to tell him everything.

Caleb interrupts Claire’s meeting with the Speaker. He hands her a note. She tells the Speaker that she is taking him down and he is quick to save himself.

Felix and Clay argue about what side they are on and who will get hurt before all of this is over.

Clay rides home with Maxine. He wants to run off and get married. She says that he is only doing it out of fear. His secret job is pulling him away and he wants to block that.

The team meets in the bunker. Ryan is going to meet with his mark and two others about testifying. They win. Alex doesn’t trust any of it but the rest of the team thinks this is the right play. They set up a meeting for the next day so Ryan can tell them what he knows.

Shelby and Clay talk. He now sees why his father and brother fell for her. He wants her to promise not to be kind to him. He doesn’t want to fall any more than he already has. He wants to marry Maxine. He wants to go back to hating her.

Alex is drinking at Owen’s house. She wants to know why he didn’t back her up. He says its because he didn’t have another play to suggest. He does now though. It’s a risky one. He wants to turn someone on the team.

Ryan heads to his meeting. The mark isn’t there though. A reporter looking into the CIA operating on American soil is though. Ryan gets a text from his mark. It’s a checkmate gif.

Clay is up and working when Caleb comes in to get a drink. A scantily clad Shelby follows shortly. Felix called. Emergency meeting at the bunker. Caleb goes to get dressed and Shelby tells Clay that she’s sorry he found out like this. She thought she had feelings for him but released that it was Caleb all along. Clay leaves.

Caleb comes back and tells Shelby she did the right thing. He’s going to head back to school so that they don’t have to keep up this charade. They awkwardly hug and go their separate ways.

At the bunker, they’ve been hacked. Clay accuses Ryan. They argue and Shelby comes running in. She tells them to put on the news. There are reports about Ryan and Shelby and calls for impeachment.

Owen and Ryan are setting up for their mission. They both admit to being scared but he tells her that she can handle it. She’s taking the job offer from her mark. She’s undercover as a collaborator.

The Shelby stuff was so obvious and I still think she is going to end up with Clay. Ryan was such an idiot. Why did any of them think that was a good plan? And the way he reacted? That was awful. I’m interested to see how they will cover this up. At least Felix didn’t rat on Raina.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.

Chicago PD, episode twenty

Team is in the field with a gunshot victim. Son of a hotshot attorney. Close range shot to the head.

The team is in the the district looking into the victim. Ballistics calls. They want a face to face with Voight. The gun recovered at the scene that morning is the murder weapon. It is also the match for a murder 17 years early that Voight worked. He sent the wrong man to prison on that first case.

Lindsay is running point going over the case. They need to go over the victim’s phone records to try and establish a timeline. Olinsky and Halstead head over to talk to the parents. The mother is upset but the father, the attorney, is more aggressive. He wants answers and when they ask for consent on the phone records he says he will get back to them.

Voight meets with his old commanding officer. He brings up the old case but his boss gets defensive and tells him to stop searching for something that isn’t there. He heads to records to look up the file but that one, along with several others that his old boss worked, went missing a few years earlier.

Atwater goes to the morgue. He wants help with his detective school homework. He talks to the ME while Ruzek snags the victims phone from his belongings. Turns out the victim might have been posting pictures of a girl on a revenge porn website.

The unit talks about the case and Lindsay tells them about the earlier murder and Voight’s link to it and the murder weapon. They have to solve both cases now.

Meanwhile, Voight goes to see the daughter of the man currently in prison for the first case. She says her piece and mentions the old boss. Voight knows something is wrong with the conviction.

They have identified the girl that the victim was posting about. Also, the father put out a reward for to find the killer.

Ruzek and Atwater go to see the girl. Her father won’t let them though. He tells them that she had to drop out of school and considered suicide when the victim started posting those photos. He says that the victim was a bully that got what was coming to him and then tells them to get a warrant.

Platt and Voight meet in a parking lot. She has all the files that his boss ever worked. It’s wonky.

The chief comes into the unit as they go over the case. The father wants another department to handle it and he has enough clout to make it happen. Olinsky tells him that there is money being tossed around for this to be handled on the streets. Chief gives them until end of shift.

Voight visits the man in jail for the first murder and asks about beef with his boss. The man gives him a story and Voight asks for a witness. The man flips. He thinks Voight is setting him up.

Atwater and Ruzek find the girl from the pictures and bring her in to talk. She explains her relationship with the victim and says that though he hurt her she was still upset when she heard about the murder.

At the unit, Voight tells them to hurry up connecting the cases. His boss is in his office basically warning him off the case or he’s going to take Voight down.

Housekeeper IDs the girl’s father as trying to get into the victim’s house the day before the murder. That’s enough for a warrant.

Voight talks to the widow of the victim from the first case. She thought she saw something that night. It was a white guy so she was a bit confused when they arrested a black guy.

They bring the father in for questioning. He says that he wanted to have some words with the kid about what he did to his daughter but that he didn’t kill him. He has carpal tunnel and wouldn’t be able to pull the trigger. The daughter is waiting downstairs. Lindsay talks to her and the details don’t match. She brings her into interrogation.

Lindsay says that she knows someone is lying and wants them to cut the crap. The father confesses but the daughter stops him. She says that she didn’t do it but knows who did. It was her best friend.

They go over the case and Voight hears the name. The kid’s father was his boss’ CI on the first case. He was the killer and held onto the gun. His son used it in the second murder. They bring the CI in and Voight takes him into interrogation. Ruzek pulls him out though. The chief and his boss are there to take him to the review board for insubordination. Chief tells the rest of the unit to turn over the case.

As they are clearing things up they get a lead on the kid and give chase. They bring him in and he confesses. They offer a deal to the kid if the father clears up what happened 17 years ago. He tells them what happened and how the lieutenant covered it up.

At the review board, the lieutenant is going after Voight. There’s a knock on the door. It’s Lindsay with the confession from the CI. The chief takes a look. The board deems him unfit and suspends him pending review.

The man arrested is set free. Voight visits with the widow. Then he goes to see the man. He’s not willing to see Voight though.

You had to know that the boss was going to be a bad guy. He was too defensive. What I don’t understand is why Voight passed the review? If he was so bad that they could call a hearing, why does it matter who called it? I liked Lindsay being in charge. She should run the unit if Voight runs into trouble in the future.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.

Chicago Fire, episode nineteen

Brett and Dawson go to retraining. Dawson wants to sit in the back but Brett suggests the front just as an attractive mail instructor enters the room. They sit. Then he leaves and a grouchy woman comes in reading the riot act.

Connie comes back from vacation to find that the temp is staying on longer. Boden breaks the news and Otis giggles in the background.

Severide is trying to get through to Anna. She’s not answering. He mentions it to Kidd. The alarm goes off.

There is car accident in front of Med. The squad truck breaks down as they pull in. The walk to the car and as they talk to the driver, it lights on fire. They have to cut some cables and save the guy. As they wait for help with the truck, Severide heads into the hospital.

Otis wants to help the temp. There is a new truck brought in and one of the guys on it grew up with Casey.

Dawson is doodling and Brett is listening attentively. The instructor calls Dawson out. It doesn’t go well.

They try to warn the temp. She doesn’t think it’s necessary.

Truck gets a call. A man has been evicted but won’t leave. They go inside and find him sitting in wet cement in the bathtub. Thanks to some first aid skills by Kidd, they get him out and ready for transport.

Back at the house, they start to settle in and chat with the other squad when Severide and company roll back in. He tells Kidd about what happened. She thinks there must be more to it.

Brett and Dawson are in retraining taking a test. Dawson breezes through it while Brett doesn’t finish before time runs out.

Casey and his neighborhood buddy meet at Molly’s for drinks. They talk about how far they’ve come.

Severide goes to Anna’s parent’s house to talk to her. Her cancer is back and its in her bones. He wants her to fight. She just wants him to go. Back at the house, Anna’s father tracks Severide down. He tells him that Anna is strong but that doesn’t mean she’s right. He doesn’t want Severide to give up on her.

Dawson and Brett get back to the house and Brett is still worrying about the test. She’s asking Dawson about her answers but Dawson admits she just winged it. They get their results. Brett, who studied hard got a 98. She’s happy. Dawson is hesitant to tell Brett but she got a 100 even though she hardly tried.

At breakfast, tensions rise between the temp and Connie. Casey gets truck out of the house for vehicle maintenance. They take bets on how long the temp will last before hearing a call right near where they are. They report to assist another squad. The call turns into a mayday when there is a gas explosion underground. Casey heads in after calling it in.

Topside they are scurrying to get things ready for a rescue but the explosive levels are still climbing. Casey comes across one of the squad guys pulling another toward the exit. He takes the victim while the other guy runs. Casey sends that guy up and then heads back in. They rescue another victim before going up to ventilate.

The two victims are receiving treatment, one CPR while Dawson intubates the other. Herrmann sets up to ventilate the tunnel. When all is said and done, three are dead, one is critical and only one firefighter walked away. They all head to the hospital and get an update. Herrmann says they will hold a fundraiser at Molly’s for the families.

Severide heads into the wing Anna was working in. He asks one of the nurses for a favor.
Casey goes into the hospital chapel and finds the surviving firefighter. He says that it is his fault his squad died. He hasn’t been watching the gas readings and deliberately broke protocol.

Boden and Casey go back to the scene. They walk through what happened, using the report as a guideline. It doesn’t add up.

The favor was a chance to talk to one of the patient’s Anna worked with. Severide brings a picture the little girl drew to Anna. He tells her they love her. She tells him she is scared.

At the fundraiser at Molly’s, the guys talk about the shifts they are picking up to help the other house. The injured firefighter made it through surgery. Connie and the temp have made peace.

Back at Med, Severide helps Anna inside. She tells him the odds aren’t good and he tells her that he isn’t thinking about odds. They are both there now and that’s what matters.

Casey goes to see the surviving firefighter. He tells him that he thinks the other firefighters knew the levels were up but went in anyway. Now he is protecting their memory. The guy says no but Casey pushes until the guy snaps at him and tells him to stop. He wants Casey to leave well enough alone, even if it means he’s never on another rig again.

The whole Anna and Severide thing seems forced. I don’t mind them together but it’s just drama for the sake of it and you know he is going to end up with Kidd anyway. I liked Brett and Dawson at school but Gabby is a pro so obviously she was going to ace the test. I liked Connie with the new girl too.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.

The Americans, episode eight

Philip gets home from his visit with Gabriel. He talks to Elizabeth about what they talked about and specifically about what he said about Paige. She doesn’t seem to believe him.

Henry has friends over. They are playing video games. Elizabeth, Philip and Stan are in the kitchen. They talk about Paige and Matthew.

Oleg is asking questions about food. Some government types want to take a look around his house.

Elizabeth is at the defector’s house. She asks about the kid and the husband. Then she moves on to the job and asks about teaching Russian and the progress of her class.

The government guys come take a walk through Oleg’s family’s house. They don’t find anything.

Guess who’s back! Granny. She’s the new handler. They debrief and are ready to roll out. She wants to talk to them but they don’t have any use for her or her mind games. They basically say that and then leave.

At the travel agency, Philip and Elizabeth talk about what to do about Kansas. She wants to keep with her mark so he tells her that he will cancel on his. She tells him that he doesn’t have to. He says that he knows.

Stan and his partner make contact with their new informant. They tell her about the money side of things and teach her how to create a cover story. She needs help with a dentist and Stan says that he will handle it. She’s pleases.

Elizabeth calls her mark to cancel. He seems upset. Philip cancels on his and she breaks up with him.

Paige and Elizabeth practice hand to hand fighting in the garage. Paige just wants to be able to defend herself. Elizabeth understands how hard it is. She tells her that she was scared for a long time. Elizabeth tells her that she was raped and that’s what she used as motivation when training. It worked.

Oleg is trying to sort things out in the USSR.

Elizabeth is doing tai chi when Philip tells her he got dumped. She tells him that he needs to do better next time and dedicate himself to the cause. She updates him on Paige.

They follow the defector to the homes of her Russian students. She goes to one home that is not a student. Stan tracks his new informant’s usual patterns.

Granny and Elizabeth talk about missions and family. Philip calls his mark and tells her he’s married. She’s a lot more interested now.

Philip and Elizabeth meet with their Vietnamese son. He updates on the defector family. He can make the kid’s life rough. Elizabeth thinks that would help. Philip is indifferent.

Paige is hanging out on the couch. Elizabeth asks her to go on a walk. They talk about the rape and her dedication to the mission. Paige asks what she would want to be if she wasn’t a spy and Elizabeth doesn’t know. She thinks about it. Maybe a doctor, in the third world so bedside manner is less important.

If Elizabeth honestly told Paige about the rape just as a way to prove she can overcome things, I’d be on board but it seems more self serving than that and that’s annoying. Henry has friends. That’s always good to see. I just feel so bad for Philip though. He’s not going to handle Granny being back well.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.