Chicago Fire, episode seventeen

Herrmann comes into the common room. He’s got an idea. There’s a pub crawl with an open spot. Otis shoots it down. Molly’s does not belong on the pub crawl scene. It’s a bunch of idiots puking in the back booths. They hear a commotion.

A Mr. Schlotman (Lew Temple) is looking for Casey, in an alderman capacity. Casey shakes his hand and gives him a brushoff, telling him to write a letter. He leaves and the alarm goes off. It’s for ambo and squad.

It’s a car that’s off the road. A driver with a kid in the back both banged up. One of the witnesses was trying to get the driver out. Dawson calls for a second ambo and they see that a big piece of concrete came through the windshield and probably hit the driver in the head. Severide talks to her son in the backseat. He wants to know where his baby sister went. Only then does Severide notice the empty car seat. He exchanges a look with Dawson.

Dawson gets bystanders involved in the search. The witness that was helping the driver is the same one to help earlier. The baby is alive and seems okay. Cruz points out that the concrete could have fallen off a nearby bridge.

Severide rides in the second ambo with the little boy to Med. As the kid gets to the hospital, Anna is there to help. Severide introduces the boy to his friend before heading out. He also watches Anna for a moment.

Back at the house, the truck folks are surprised by the fact that the baby has perfectly fine. Dawson asks Cruz what the cops said caused the accident. Cruz doesn’t know. She brings up the concrete. He still doesn’t know.

Casey apologizes to Boden for the issue earlier with his constituent. Boden tells him to keep the guy away from his firehouse. Kidd and Herrmann are working on bar crawl stuff. They are getting Molly’s involved despite what Otis said. Otis asks Dawson but she blows him off. She gets Sylvie and they go back the scene of the accident.

Dawson is doing her own investigation into the cause and she has a theory.

Unfortunately, she seems to be right. Someone was throwing things off the bridge. That’s what hit the car. They go back to the house and Dawson starts throwing chunks of concrete off the roof to prove it to Sylvie.

The cop investigator comes in and is reluctant to agree with Dawson’s idea. He seems flustered and mixes up cases when Severide asks a question. Dawson pushes him to make this a priority. The house is discussing the case when the alarm sounds. Ambo has another call.
Casey is in his office when Tamara (Holly Robinson Peete) comes by. Schlotman has been bugging her at the community center. She gets Casey to agree to hear him out.

The bar crawl organizer turns up with the papers to get Molly’s on the list. It’s $500 buy in plus another $2,200 for marketing. Kidd and Herrmann eat it up but Otis is still not into it. He knuckles under.

Brett and Dawson drop their call off at Med. He’s a frequent flier and knows the nurses by name. Dawson steps aside to fill out paperwork and makes small talk with another paramedic. He tells her they had a bad accident but a Good Samaritan managed to stop it from being a fatal. She looks up. It’s the same guy that helped at her accident earlier. She calls out to him and he takes off running.

The cop comes to Med to talk to Dawson and the other paramedic. They don’t want to believe that a guy that helped would have caused the accidents. Dr. Charles is there though and he references hero syndrome. They cause the accidents to save the day. The cop just nods along to Dawson and leaves. Before heading back to the house, Dawson has a realization. The man hid the baby in the sewer so that he could find her with witnesses.

Casey goes to see Schlotman. There is construction in his neighborhood that has been a menace. It is within the boundaries of the law though so Casey doesn’t have much to go on. He goes to the site and tries to talk to the foreman but just gets rudely dismissed.

Dawson goes to the hospital. She sees the driver from her accident still in a coma, with her family surrounding her.

Molly’s is empty. Otis is doing everything he can not to say told you so. Two guys come in and Herrmann and Kidd welcome them with open arms. Cut to later that day, Molly’s is packed.

Severide talks to Anna at Med about the family from the accident. The kid got some stitches and the mom is in the ICU. They go to see the kid and he’s happy to talk to Severide but then he starts coughing and runs into trouble. He crashes and they have to intubate. Later, he is hooked up to all kinds of machines. He was drowning in his own blood.

At home, Casey is going over the zoning ordinances. The construction was never approved. Casey is going to get it shut down and Dawson likes the sound of that. She tells him that the city needs more cops on accident investigation. She has an idea.

At Med, Severide brings Anna coffee. She’s feeling homesick and he tells her that she has him. She knows that but she can’t rely on him for everything.

Dawson goes to the motorcycle shop that the man had a patch on his jacket from. She’s able to get an ID and an address and goes to see the cop to give him the information. He tells her he will check it out. She tells him she is going with and they head to the address.
They knock on the door but no one answers. A neighbor walks out and ignores the cop’s questions. They leave but the cop tells Dawson he’ll keep her in the loop. The man is up the street though, hiding between parked cars, watching Dawson leave.

Herrmann is walking through the house and finds Otis eating alone. He asks what’s the matter and Otis tells him that he is hurt because his ideas are never considered but Kidd’s are right away. Herrmann tells him his ideas are terrible and Otis walks away. The alarm goes off.

Everyone heads out but there is no sign of an accident as 61 approaches the location. There is an overpass though. And as they get close something gets thrown off the top. Dawson yells for Brett to look out. The rocks comes through the windshield but they are okay. Truck manages to block the highway ramp and they catch the guy. Mouch has to hold Dawson back.

Cruz talks to Severide about a nurse he met at Med. He wants Anna to do some recon and then they talk about showing Chicago off to her.

Casey is back at Schlotman’s house. He’s going through the political channels to shut construction down but it takes time. Schlotman just wants the portapotty away from his window so Casey pays off the foreman to move it. Mission accomplished.

Severide brings Anna to Molly’s. As she tries to decide what to drink Otis walks in and Herrmann cuts the lights. He turns on a disco ball. He’s taking one of Otis’ ideas. Severide and Anna head downtown to go ice skating. He shows her the skyline. She’s happy.

Dawson gets a call from Maggie at Med. The boy will be released from the hospital and mom is improving. She saved a family and Casey moved a toilet. All in a day’s work. Dawson can’t stop thinking about families since seeing that baby. She asks Matt if they are ever going to be a family. He tells her that they already are.

I feel like I’ve seen this hero complex syndrome on another show. It was really obvious that it was that guy too. I’m glad that they are reminding us that Casey is an alderman. Dawson’s crusade was a little much though. I’m glad they caught the guy but she was overstepping a bit. And I felt bad for Otis. Also, since Anna works at Med, why isn’t she on Med?

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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