Chicago PD, episode eighteen

Burgess is straightening up things in the district. Ruzek comes in and asks what’s up. Her sister is coming to visit and he says that he will talk her up because her sister likes him. They get a case so they’ve gotta go. Oh, and the sister hates him now.

The case is a crime scene videographer. They don’t know if he was working or not though. There were three shootings near the scene the night before so it is possible. Voight tells them to follow up. Atwater says that the man’s daughter found him and wants to talk to the person in charge.

Voight talks to the girl. She’d been working for her father and knew something was wrong. The server was down.

Ruzek and Olinsky go to the victim’s house and it’s been ransacked. All of his tech is gone. They do find something though. A video file hidden in the wall. It could be what got him killed.

Erin starts going over the case on the board. It is rough one and there are a lot of people that might consider him an enemy. They are going to have to work backward. The daughter comes by the district and talks to Erin and Jay. She says they only reconnected about six months prior. She didn’t really know him.

Platt is working the desk when Nicole Silver (Jules Willcox) walks up. She’s Burgess’ sister. She thanks Platt for helping Burgess. She goes upstairs and has an awkward encounter with Ruzek before leaving to get coffee with her sister.

Atwater has a hit on one of the hate mail letters the victim got. The guy that sent it is currently shopping on Michigan Avenue so he and Ruzek head out. Atwater tries to talk to the guy but he takes off. They chase him and eventually catch him on the roof.

They question the guy but he says the beef is old news. He works for the victim now. Halstead knocks. They got facial recognition on one of the people in the hidden video. She is the daughter of a very powerful Chicago rich guy.

Voight and Olinsky head to the rich guy’s house. He says that his daughter doesn’t live there. She’s an addict and they couldn’t help her so they cut her off cold turkey the year before. He wants to know if his daughter is in trouble. Voight says he doesn’t know but the son says that she is.

Erin is back at the board. They don’t know how to connect the rich daughter to the victim. Burgess can’t find any tech trace of the girl but Atwater finds some phone records. Halstead and Lindsay head out to look into that. Atwater brings another set of videos to Voight’s attention. The victim was recording a little girl talking about her mother being shot and her father being in prison and how rough the neighborhood was.

They find the rich daughter at a narcotics anonymous meeting. She would chat with the victim at meetings but that was all. She’s surprised to find out that he might have been stalking her. The man in the video was her ex. She was going through the NA steps, trying to make amends. She asks if they have talked to her family. Halstead tells her they miss her.

Burgess gets pizza with her sister and niece. She also finds out her sister is getting divorced and they are moving to Chicago.

Back to the board. They are looking into the ex and the victim’s financial Ruzek and Halstead head to a forensics place. Erin hangs back. Halstead lingers at her desk before leaving and Voight notices.

Forensics goes over the footage on the file they found. It’s the rich dad. The daughter lied. Now she’s in the wind and they have to figure out why and how to connect the dots. Voight tells them to tread carefully.

Atwater and Voight go out and talk to the little girl the victim had been recording. She tells them that he was sad because he had his heart broken. They thank her and head out to follow a lead on the rich daughter.

Ruzek tracked the daughter to a penthouse suite at a swanky hotel. They pick her up and bring her in. Lindsay and Halstead confront her about lying and why she said she was in the video with an ex when it was her father. They can hold her for 48 hours so she might as well get comfortable.

Burgess is going over the rich family with Olinsky when the get called to the the ME. She found something the victim swallowed. Turns out it’s the audio to match the video. They listen to it. She wasn’t making amends. She was confronting her father for raping her when she was a kid.

Erin talks to her but can’t crack the family loyalty. The unit is trying to connect the victim’s financials to the rich dad. They can’t yet. Voight pulls Halstead aside and tells him to fix the situation at home or he is out of the unit.

Rich dad comes in with a lawyer to talk about the victim. He says he paid and would;ve kept paying but he didn’t kill the victim.

The unit goes over the case with the ASA. There is a statute of limitations on the rape so they have to get him for the murder. Call comes in that the lawyer for the daughter, hired by the father is downstairs. Erin tries to get the daughter to waive that right. She talks about her own life with Bunny. The daughter thinks she is getting her family back but Erin asks if she ever really had them.

Voight takes the father on a little walk. They go to the observation room and listen to the daughter name her father as the murderer. Voight arrests him.

Halstead talks to Erin in the break room. He doesn’t want to tip toe around her but he has to figure some things out. She leaves to help the daughter get into rehab.

Atwater is watching the video of the little girl talking about playing piano.

Burgess hangs out with her niece after convincing her sister to go out and have fun.
Voight meets a van in an alley. Its a corrections van. He got the little girl’s father out of prison to watch her piano rehearsal.

I have no use for the Halstead/Lindsay relationship drama. If they want to be together fine, if not fine. I am more interested in Olinsky coping with the death of his daughter and with the cases. And Platt. Where has she been? We need someone on patrol so we get more Platt.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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