Designated Survivor, episode fourteen

Aaron follows Langdon into a church. Hannah and her team move in to get Langdon but
Seth and Emily meet with Kirkman about his schedule. He’s meeting with the former president the following day. They are interrupted by Mike.

Hannah talks to Aaron in interrogation. He says he didn’t know Langdon was alive and then relays their conversation.

Kirkman meets with Hannah and Forstell to discuss Langdon. Hannah thinks he is running scared. Kirkman says to bring him in.

Emily is in her office when Seth comes in. He wants to give her a ceremonial kevlar vest. She gets a call and then rushes to Kirkman’s office to talk about serious issues.

Aaron meets with Langdon on a foggy country road. Langdon gets in a car with Hannah and goes in for questioning. He says it all started with a woman four years earlier. He says he would have stopped it if he could. It was little things at first but she eventually started asking about the Capitol renovations. Hannah asks how she’s supposed to believe this woman exists. Langdon has a picture. It’s same woman that threatened Atwood.

Kirkman meets with Emily and a few other people about the possibly genocide. He wants to go to the UN but they don’t want to oppose Russia. They leave as former President Moss (Geoff Pierson) comes in. They talk about Kirkman’s presidency. He’s reacting not leading. He gives Kirkman a list of names and then seems to settle in.

Forstell is talking to Aaron about pulling the blueprints. Aaron realizes he’s a suspect and gets a lot more cautious.

Alex has returned to the White House. He gets an update on the kids and then tells her about the meeting with Moss. She mentions her mother being Russian. Mike interrupts. It’s time for Kirkman to talk to Langdon. They go over the day of the State of the Union and Langdon tells Kirkman he was being blackmailed. He had one last thing to do. Make Kirkman designated survivor.

Langdon tried not to do it. Tried to go talk to someone but his car was overrode. He was hacked into an accident and by the time he escaped, the bombing was in progress.

Hannah verified it. Kirkman wants the room. Langdon says he told him everything he knows. He figures it was because Kirkman was least qualified.

Seth is getting notes together when someone comes in asking for a second. The guy heard rumor that the FBI had Aaron. Seth denies it. Aaron is on leave.

Kirkman goes to a meeting about Naroba. He is contemplating military action.

Hannah lets Aaron go. He’s upset that Kirkman and Emily think he is capable of treason. Hannah tells him it’s nothing personal.

Moss and Alex are getting along talking about food. Kirkman brings up cabinet positions. Moss tells him to take pleasure where he can.

Emily and Seth are eating. They talk about Aaron. She gets a call and has to leave but Seth doesn’t need to know yet.

Kirkman and Moss have moved the conversation to the balcony and Naroba. It calls down to people. Commander-in-Chief is a responsibility and now he’s in charge of who lives and who dies. Emily comes out. There’s a development. Americans have been taken hostage in Naroba. Going through with a drone strike wouldn’t just kill rebels. It would kill Americans.

There’s another meeting with the joint chiefs. Kirkman doesn’t know what to do. Moss tells him to get the Americans back then deal with the rebels.

Aaron turns up at the White House. Seth asks what’s up and Aaron tells him nothing. He asks about Emily and then gives Seth something to look over.

Moss talks Kirkman through the politics of handling the Naroba deal.

The next morning, Aaron goes to see Kirkman. He tells him that he’s not coming back. Perception has shifted and he is now a liability. Seth is distributing his statement to the press. There isn’t anything he can say.

Emily comes in to tell him the exchange is about to begin. They head to command to watch a feed. The 15 Americans are free. The deal was to not attack forces, no mention of infrastructure. Kirkman calls for drone strikes on bridges. He asks Moss to talk to Russia, as Secretary of State.

On his way out, Aaron sees Emily. She asks what’s next but he says he doesn’t know.
Kirkman meets with Hannah. He wants her to continue the pursuit. No one is to know what she is doing. She is authorized to do whatever is necessary to figure out the conspiracy. She won’t let him down.

Wait so is Aaron a bad guy or not? I think Alex is on the bad guy team. Seth is my favorite part of this show and I’m glad that Kirkman was able to figure out some of that stuff on his own. Emily is going to run into trouble too. She seems to well adjusted.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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