The Americans, episode four

Gabriel gives Philip and Elizabeth an assignment in Topeka, Kansas. Philip is anxious about it. Elizabeth tells Gabriel that it’s a lot with all the other assignments they have but he tells them to work it out.

The next morning, life goes on as usual. Henry comes in and complains about food. Elizabeth asks why his math teacher is calling. He says that he doesn’t know and then throws out toast. Paige sees and yells at him for wasting.

Oleg is in a meeting with some other people and they talk about interrogation.

Philip heads to Kansas. While in town he goes to the gym. He makes small talk with a local that does logistics work. She isn’t interested.

At home, Oleg talks to his mother about being in trouble. He tells her about being a rat while he was in America and how it is coming back to bite him now. The Americans want him to do things that could land him in jail.

The young man is on the move from Yugoslavia. On the floor of a car.

Philip is back. Henry’s teacher wants to meet with them. He tells Elizabeth about the lady’s “passion for logistics.” She is heading out there the next day.

At the border, the patrol is distracted by a game on the radio. They make it out of Yugoslavia with no problems.

Oleg is investigating food at grocery stores. The owner won’t give him anything and the idea of jail is tossed around.

In Topeka, Elizabeth is acting ditzy to get a man’s attention. It works and again with small talk. This guy is much more interested than Philip’s mark. He introduces himself and they shake hands and smile.

Philip and the defector are having a beer. He talks about making Russian cola in his basement and then they chat about the kids. And then about work. He tells Philip about the Americans being interested in moving produce.

Elizabeth gets home and they talk about Paige and then about her mark. He’s full of himself and they are going hiking on the weekend.

Stan and his new girlfriend are out to eat with Philip and Elizabeth. She always wanted to be one of the boys as a kid and spent time in Pittsburgh, Philip’s hometown.

Update on the grocery stores. They aren’t going to do it the Afghan way.

Stakeout time. Stan’s partner tells him about blackmailing a source and how that might work for Oleg.

Paige is babysitting for Pastor Tim. She is getting the rundown from his wife who is a little nervous. Then she talks to Tim about her family and her mom trying to be involved. He gives her a book to read.

Philip calls his mark from the gym. He tries to make dinner plans but she isn’t interested. Elizabeth is meeting no such resistance, enjoying a nice hike with her mark.

Babysitting is apparently not interesting enough so Paige starts snooping around the house. Meanwhile, Elizabeth goes home with her mark after the hike. Paige finds a diary.

Elizabeth stops things before they get too intimate but makes plans for the following week.

Stan is at work. He’s got an idea about blackmail but it’s not Oleg. He’s going to blackmail the FBI into stopping with Oleg. He will confess to killing a captive in cold blood to the world.

Elizabeth is making lasagna. Paige gets home from school and they talk about Henry possibly having a girlfriend. Then the conversation turns to work. Paige points out that they have been traveling a lot. Elizabeth explains how a to develop a source. Paige tells her about the diary but immediately gets in trouble. It’s too risky. Paige disagrees. She was there and made the call.

Oleg’s mother tells him about being sent to a camp before he was born. She did what she had to do to survive and expects him to do the same now.

The young man isn’t in Austria. He’s in New York now.

Philip gets home and Elizabeth tells him about Paige. She knows that it’s wrong but if there had been something about Tim and a parishioner. It would would be interesting. Philip asks about the mark. She doesn’t want to talk about it. He thinks she likes him. She says that she has to sit there listening to him make jokes while he tries to starve a whole country.

Paige is getting too big for her britches. Making judgement calls while spying on her pastor? That’s a little much. And suddenly Henry is relevant. What’s up with that? I’m glad to see Stan taking a stand, even if it is for Oleg. Philip is gonna end up dead before this show is over. He just wants to quit and be an American.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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