Chicago Med, episode eighteen

Maggie meets a patient at the door. Gunshot wound. She calls Choi. Then she gives a new nurse a tour. It’s a nursing student.

She meets the rest of the staff. Maggie gives Manning a new patient. Alzheimer’s. No next of kin. It’s Manning’s call. She and April head to the room and when Manning sees the name she tells April to page Halstead. The patient was his mentor.

He comes in and checks her out. She talks to him but she isn’t lucid. Goodwin knows the patient too. She’s been sick for days and now they are playing catch-up. It’s going to be trouble.

Rhodes and the younger Dr. Charles are talking about his sister. She wants to meet Dr. Charles but she isn’t sure. Rhodes tells her that it will be fine but she’s still hesitant. They are interrupted by Rhodes’ surgery assistant. It’s time to go talk to a patient. It’s a 13-year-old kid that needs heart surgery. The kid’s dad doesn’t seem to get him.

Reese is standing on the roof where Wheeler jumped. Charles comes out to see why she didn’t answer a page. She starts talking about Wheeler and suicide. He agrees that it’s been rough but they have work to do.

They go in and meet with Choi about a patient. It’s a former Navy fighter pilot turned private pilot. He passed out at work and was brought in by a co-pilot. He needs a psych evaluation before he can go back.

Maggie and the student go over how to treat a coding infant. It’s going well until she forgets to yell “clear” before shocking the baby. They take it from the top.

Charles and Reese talk to the pilot. He says that he is healthy and ready to go back. Reese jumps right to suicide and afterward Charles calls her on it. Choi asks what’s what and Charles tells him to run a tox screen. He’s not ruling out depression though.

Halstead and Manning go over the charts for his mentor. She’s having organ failure and he wants to intubate. Manning doesn’t think it’s a good idea. Goodwin interrupts. Someone from the nursing home is there asking for an update. Halstead goes out and yells at the guy. He’s getting emotional.

In the break room, Halstead is watching a speech by his mentor online. Nina comes in and tries to compare it to when her grandmother was dying. Halstead says it isn’t like that though because this time the patient will get better.

Maggie is showing the student the computer side of things. A woman approaches looking for her husband. He’s the pilot.

Rhodes is done with the kid’s surgery. It was a success. As they walk away the dad asks about getting him up and running around playing. Rhodes answers but he doesn’t seem to like the dad, or at least his plans very much.

In the pilot’s room, Charles is going over the tox screen. He is anemic. Choi wants to admit him but he adamantly rejects the idea. He’s willing to sign out against doctor’s orders. Choi, Charles and Reese agree that something isn’t right with him but they don’t know if it is physical or mental.

The student is learning more about procedures and medication for infants. She miscalculates by a lot. Maggie seems exasperated.

The kid has lost feeling in his right arm. Rhodes rushes in and starts to check. The surgery doesn’t seem to have worked. They might need to do it again, or something more complicated.

Halstead’s mentor crashes. He wants to help her but Manning isn’t sure that’s a good idea. She hesitates and he shoves her out of the way. He does compressions and shocks her. It works.

Goodwin and Maggie talk about Halstead’s treatment plan. Then Goodwin tells Maggie about the mentor as her teacher. She was great.

The pilot is walking through the waiting room when he starts coughing up blood and passes out. Choi gets him and brings him back to a room.

Halstead’s patient is doing worse. He wants to start dialysis. Manning comments but Halstead won’t let her die.

Rhodes talks to the boy’s father. They are going to do a surgery that will cause him to lose his arm. As he’s walking away, the other surgeon asks why he didn’t mention the other option. He says it’s too big of a risk. The kid might die. Younger Charles overhears and tells Rhodes that that decision isn’t his. He tells her that he knows the father’s type. He would pick the other option and risk his son’s life to turn him into something he’s not. Rhodes won’t risk the boy’s life.

Choi updates Charles and Reese on the pilot. He had an ulcer and that’s under control but he also has something on his scans that suggests ingesting chemicals. Reese thinks suicide. Choi says he might have been poisoned but Charles thinks it might by something else altogether.

On the roof, Goodwin and Halstead talk about treating the mentor. She brings up quality of life.

The father is talking to his son about a one armed pitcher. They will figure it out together. It’s important that he’s alive. Rhodes comes in and tells him that there might be another option.

Maggie is teaching the student about drilling.

Rhodes is scrubbing up to do the surgery. The father picked the more dangerous option. The other surgeon starts sucking up again and he tells her to back off.

Charles talks to the pilot about dangerous habits and urges. Compulsions. He might know it’s bad for him but he does it anyway. The pilot admits that he is tired. Reese asks if he’s ingesting something harmful and he admits that he drinks gasoline.

Reese, Charles and Rhodes tell the wife about the pilot’s condition. He can get better though. They can help.

Halstead is watching the video online again. He closes the laptop and goes to see her. He knows that they shouldn’t proceed. He’s going to extubate her. He and Goodwin stay with her.

In surgery, Rhodes is doing the tricky part and the boy starts to crash. He finishes the surgery though and saves the boy and his arm.

On their way out of the hospital, Charles and Reese are confronted by the pilot’s wife. Charles reported it to the FAA and now the man will never fly again. She’s angry.
Rhodes and the younger Charles talk about the surgery and then being scared. He was worried about the surgery. She gets scared of relationships. She’s going to meet his sister though.

Halstead is at his locker getting ready to leave. Manning comes in and hugs him. He is crying. Nina sees them and awkwardly walks away.

I understand why Manning would let Halstead know but why was he involved in the case? He was too attached obviously. That’s why family can’t treat family. It’s basically the same thing. Sometimes Reese is my favorite and sometimes she is way to pushy. I didn’t really care about the pilot and I’m glad the little boy got to keep his arm but the father needs to chill. Also, can Manning and Halstead just get together already. Seriously.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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