Shots Fired, episode two

Beck gets home from work. The father of the boy he killed confronts him. Pulls a gun on him. Beck talks him down

Ashe is on the phone with her lawyer. Javier is going for sole custody. He doesn’t want to drag it through the courts. He thinks this is best for the kid. She says she wants to countersue. He tells her to wait a day. She says no.

Preston calls Ashe and tells her that he is getting breakfast. He actually heads back to the Campbell’s neighborhood. He tries to talk to a graffiti artist but it doesn’t work.

As she leaves, Ashe is on the phone. Her other boss wants her to know that he can step in if Preston can’t handle it.

At the Beck household, he is packing his stuff to head out while his wife watches the news. It’s coverage of the white boys funeral. The governor is on hand. As are Ashe and Preston. He wants to figure out who leaked the video because they could know more about the potential of the incident being a hate crime. Ashe thinks that someone is making Back look guilty.

The service includes a sermon and a choir song. Both of the parents are moved to tears while others watch stoically. Mrs. Beck watches at home. She knows her husband will be “crucified.” Beck goes to work and one guy does talk to him but no one else and he is left out of roll call.

Eamons tells reporters it is a time for prayers not politics. She summons Preston. She wants this done right and quick. She also invites him, and his father, to an event the next night.

Pastor Janae speaks to reporters about how nice it is that Eamons came to the funeral but what about the other side of town. No motorcade for the

Preston goes to a neighborhood spot. He meets a Mr. Dabney (John Beasley) and they talk about the restaurant and then about the Campbell boy. Dabney is going to ask around about his enemies. It’ll stay between the two of them.

Breeland is coaching football. He calls for a field goal. He also tells a blocker to do his job life his life depends on it because his daughter is the kicker. She makes it and they win. On his way out of the stadium Ashe confronts him about the Beck video and about threatening Campbell’s mother. He says he was trying to scare her straight.

Beck is outside. Another officer named Brooks comes over to talk to him. He says they just need to worry about getting home to their families. An older officer confronts Beck about the tape though and they scuffle. Brooks breaks it up but the other guy gives Beck a not so thinly veiled threat.

Preston welcomes his father (Dennis Haysbert) to town but his brother shows up and whisks dear old dad away to a football game.

Breeland finds his daughter moping around his office. She wants to go to a party but her mother said no. She asks him why he brought race up when he yelled at the blocker at the game and he said that it wasn’t a racial thing. He then tells her to go to the party.

Ashe and Preston go to see Beck’s father. He knows who shot the video, his nephew Julian and he tells them where to find him. They track him down and he hits on Ashe. She twists his wrist and gets him to talk. The video was on his phone but his phone was confiscated when he was arrested a year earlier, for jaywalking. He never got it back.

They head to the station and check it out. The phone is still in a bag but everything has been deleted. Brooks was the arresting officer. He says it wasn’t him but implies that he was the one that deleted everything.

Back in her room, Ashe watches videos of herself and her daughter. Preston goes to the event with Eamons. A man named Arlen Cox (Richard Dreyfuss) gives a speech about his new project. A prison that will rehabilitate. Preston gets a call from his father. He won’t make it.

Afterward, Preston and Sarah Ellis are back at the hotel. He knows that he was only at the event to make the governor look good and she tells him that he can make or break her reelection campaign. He knows.

Meanwhile, Maceo shows up at Ashe’s room. He wants in but she’s not interested. He gets rude but she doesn’t back down.

Eamons watches a video of Pastor Janae talking about Joey Campbell. It is going viral. She brings it up to the other reverend but he has no respect for it. Janae speaks on the steps of the courthouse and Reverend Duprey crashes the party. They exchange words but make nice when the cameras can see.

Beck and Brooks ride out and confront Julian. He blames Brooks and then says he wished he had been the one to leak it. Preston goes back to talk to Dabney. He says he hasn’t heard anything about Campbell but mentions the kid that talked to Preston the first day. He’s missing.

Preston talks to the sheriff. He mentions the missing kid and the sheriff tells him to mind his own business.

Ashe visits with Mrs. Campbell. She asks about witnesses and finds out that the one woman that claims to have seen Joey getting taken moved out without talking to anybody. On her way to the car, Ashe calls her lawyer. Javier isn’t backing down. He’s going to make her seem like an unfit mother.

At the hotel restaurant, Preston finds his father. They argue about the path Preston has chosen to take with his life. His father is proud of him as a man but he should be playing ball. Scouts wanted him to play baseball but that wasn’t Preston’s plan.

As Preston and Ashe talk about the case, he thinks that maybe Beck’s worldview changed. Maybe he was joking at first but being the “Jackie Robinson” of the force wasn’t all he hoped it would be. They talk about trusting each other and decide they need to work both the Beck and Campbell cases.

They head out and start pounding pavement. They get a lead about Pastor Janae. She had Joey tuned up for dealing. The cops aren’t the only ones people are scared of. Janae is praying when someone interrupts her. Sarah Ellis is on the phone for her. Janae smiles.

Sheriff Platt has dinner at the Beck house. He tells Beck that the union is dropping him. They don’t condone his behavior on the video and won’t cover his legal fees.

Preston and Ashe visit the graffiti memorial to Campbell.

I’m very interested in seeing how all of this will be tied together. They have a lot of storylines going at once right now. I can’t decide if I like Eamons or not. I like Ashe a lot. She doesn’t take crap and I respect that. Same with Preston to a certain extent. He tries too hard. I liked Janae until all that stuff about her getting people beat up came out.

Shots Fired is new Wednesdays at 8 p.m.


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