Big Little Lies, episode seven

Celeste is on the floor in the bathroom. She seems to pretty broken up. She’s inconsolable. One of the twins approaches but Perry cuts him off. He sends the kid downstairs and then lays down with Celeste on the floor.

Madeline taking Chloe to school and Ed is Facebook stalking Abigail. She hasn’t launched her virginity auction yet. There’s a car lurking near her house. She confronts Joe. It’s his wife. She tries to talk to him but he freaks out.

Therapy time for Celeste. She is ready. The apartment is ready. He is leaving in the morning. She just has to get through the school party tonight and then they will move into the apartment. The therapist tells her that she is sick too and she heads out.

Jane is at home with Ziggy. He stayed home from school sick but he isn’t sick. They talk about the bullying at school and Ziggy admits that he knows who the bully is. She tells him that she has to help Renata’s daughter. Ziggy accuses one of the twins. She talks to Madeline about it who suggests going right to Celeste.

Renata’s husband confronts Jane at Tom’s cafe. He tells her that he will take out a restraining order if necessary. Tom kicks him out. He tells Jane he wanted to impress her. She’s surprised that he is straight.

At school pickup, Madeline and Bonnie argue about parenting. As usual, everything gets twisted. They head their separate ways on peaceful, at least for them, terms. They will see each other that night at trivia night.

Celeste is setting up the apartment and flashing back to the most recent beating from Perry. She is still visibly in pain. She gets a call and meets with Jane, who tells her about her son being a bully. Jane says that it’s human nature and that he will grow out of it. Celeste tells her that sometimes they don’t. She goes home and talks to her son.

Madeline is getting ready to go out while talking to Abigail about Joe. The conversation shifts to Abigail’s project. She’s not going through with the auction. It might’ve been a publicity stunt.

Renata and her husband are getting ready to go. She knows that she is the bad guy in this picture. He wants to just blow it off but she thinks that will make them look worse.
Perry is lurking while Celeste is in the shower. He wants at least a kiss so she kisses him with a smile.

Jane is all dressed up and ready to go. Her date for the evening turns up. It’s Tom.

At the school, things ar go big or go home. Everyone is dressed like Audrey Hepburn or Elvis. Madeline has an awkward run-in with Joe and his wife. Celeste and Perry are on their way out when they find out that one of the kids has a loose tooth. Perry mentions a message on Celeste’s phone, from her property manager, about the apartment. She looks scared.

The party is in full swing. The drinks are strong, as the parents tell the police. Celeste and Madeline aren’t there though. He doesn’t stop at the school valet. He asks about the apartment and promises he will change. She’s not listening though.

Madeline and Ed watch the parents sing. Nathan was right. Bonnie is very good. Jane and Tom arrive. They make small talk and Ed heads off to get his turn at the mic.

Perry and Celeste are still fighting in the car. She says that this is something she has to do. She should’ve done it a long time ago. He is read to retort but there is a knock on the window. Renata and her husband. Celeste escapes.

It’s Ed’s turn to sing. It moves Madeline to tears and when Bonnie comes over to talk, she takes off running. Jane chases her and when they are alone she admits that she cheated. Jane tries to comfort her.

Celeste has finally made it to the party. She runs in looking for Madeline but there is no sign of her. Ed finishes singing but there is no sign of his wife. He starts looking for her. Perry follows. Celeste tells Renata just as Perry catches up. He wants Celeste to go back to the car.

Nathan and Ed have a bit of a confrontation stage left because Nathan takes some jabs about Madeline. Then Nathan goes to sing. Celeste calls the babysitter and tells her to take the boys to the apartment. Renata finds Jane and apologizes for the way she’s acted. Madeline starts drunkenly rambling. Celeste approaches.

Perry follows and wants to talk to Celeste. She tells him she isn’t coming home with him. HE keeps arguing but Jane recognizes him. He is the man that raped her, Ziggy’s father. He knows her too and charges.

Cut to the aftermath. Police are trying to determine what happened. Celeste is shaken up and Perry is dead on the stairs. Everyone is brought in for questioning. The lead detective doesn’t believe any of them. They all are talking the same. It’s a rehearsed story. If it was self defense, why lie?

Everyone attends the funeral. Celeste and Jane hug. Celeste, Madeline, Jane, Bonnie and Renata take the kids to the beach.

At trivia night, Perry tries to grab Celeste, but they all fought back. He started swinging and lashing out. He knocked Celeste down and started beating on her. Bonnie to the rescue. She came charging down and shoved him down the stairs.

Madeline and Bonnie made amends. They reunited with their respective husbands. Jane cried to Tom as Renata hugged her husband.

They left out a lot from the book. I liked the way this was done, especially with the ending but the whole part of how Jane found out it was Perry was different. The cast for this was spectacular and it was done really well. I just wish that they had made it maybe ten episodes instead. Either way this was really impressive. Kudos.


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