Thirteen Reasons Why, episode one to three

So I read this book like a decade ago so I don’t remember it really well but I do recall the gist of the story.

Hannah Baker (Katherine Langford) killed herself and left audio cassette tapes behind in lieu of a note. She has her classmates mail them around but only 13 of them because they are the reasons.

Viewers get to go on the journey through the tapes with a kid named Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette). He worked with Hannah at the local movie theater and had an unrequited crush on her. He gets the tapes about a week after her death.

Each side of a tape is for a different person so you have to keep listening to all of them to hear the whole story and how you fit in.

The first tape is about a boy she liked named Justin Foley (Brandon Flynn). He made nice with her after his girlfriend and her best friend moved away. They flirted and then met up in a playground at night. They kissed, that’s it, but that’s not the story he told.

She gets a reputation for being a bit promiscuous. Clay sticks with her though he is pretty insensitive about it.

As Clay listens to the tapes, he gets easily distracted and clumsy. He panics about how he might fit in and hounds his friend Tony (Christian Navarro), the keeper of the tapes, about how he fits in. Tony tells him to just keep listening.

The second tape is about a girl named Jessica (Alisha Boe). She, like Hannah, was a new student. They became fast friends and were soon joined by a boy named Alex (Miles Heizer). Times change though and the three soon drift apart, or so she thought. Actually Alex and Jessica started dating behind her back. They abandon her and she’s upset.
Clay tries to talk to Tony, and now Justin and Jessica, about the tapes but the prevailing logic is to just listen to them for himself. He slowly does but not at the same binge rate as the other student.

Hannah’s mother (Kate Walsh) and father (Brian James D’Arcy) are also trying to cope with what happened. They are suing the school. As her mother goes through her things she finds a list rating the girls in the high school physically. She calls someone to explain it to her. That someone is Tony.

The third tape is about Alex. He wrote the list which resulted in Hannah being objectified for having the best ass amongst sophomores. She spends time being mocked and is confronted by Jessica, who thinks Hannah wrote it to break her and Alex up. It worked. He dumped her and Jessica slaps Hannah across the face.

Alex didn’t write the list to be complimentary, as Clay had thought. He wrote it to piss Jessica off because she wouldn’t sleep with him. Clay doesn’t understand. He goes to the local liquor store that Hannah mentions on the tape and runs into a classmate, Bryce (Justin Prentice).

Hannah had seen him there as well. He grabbed her ass after buying her a candy bar. He buys Clay a beer and then brings him outside to chug it while being cheered on by Bryce and his buddies, including Justin and Alex. Tony pulls up and when Clay finishes the beer he chases Tony, and finds him beating some guy up.

Justin and his friends are worried because Clay can cause trouble for them. He just doesn’t seem to know it yet. Clay gets home, drunk, and pukes all over the table while his mother grounds him. He’s in his room and decides to start the next tape. Hannah tells the listener to be careful because this tape involved doing something dangerous.

I like this show. It’s about high school kids but doesn’t feel like a high school show. The way it’s told is interesting too but that goes back to the book more than the show itself. I feel bad for Clay. Tony is kind of annoying. I want to know where Clay fits in but I’m scared to find out.


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