Thirteen Reasons Why, episodes four to six

Hannah had a stalker. Now Clay is en route to said stalker’s house as per the tape’s instructions. He runs into a kid named Marcus (Steven Silver) outside the house. Marcus was also on the tapes. He didn’t listen though. He found out who was next and passed them on.

The tape is about a kid named Tyler Down (Devin Druid). He stalked Hannah. Legitimately creeping outside of her window stalked her. She caught him while drunkenly making out with Courtney (Michele Selene Ang) in her room. He snapped a quick picture of that and then released it to the school the following day.

Clay has some words with Tyler. It’s no use though. He also has a very awkward interaction with Mrs. Baker in their house. Bryce invites him over for a party, says to bring the tapes and Clay is going to go but Tony is at his house so he can’t. He does creep on Tyler though and gives him a taste of his own medicine.

The next tape is Courtney’s story. After the picture circulated the school, she panicked. Nobody knew it was them so Hannah played it cool but Courtney was avoiding her. She eventually relented and they went to the winter formal together as part of a group. At the dance Hannah has a moment with Clay but it is ruined when Courtney starts a nasty rumor after a few boys figure out it’s them in the picture.

Clay talks to Courtney, tells her he needs a friend and asks to go for a drive. He leads her to Hannah’s gravesite and yells at her. Says that she is too ashamed of being gay to worry about other people and it got Hannah killed. Justin and his cronies want to take care of Clay so they basically kidnap him and then scare him. Clay’s mom (Amy Hargreaves) is brought in by the school as a litigator for the lawsuit.

The next tape is Marcus’. There was a cheerleader fundraiser that set people up for Valentine’s Day. Hannah wanted Clay but didn’t end up getting him. She ended up with Marcus instead. She tries to say no and talks to Clay but when he doesn’t see that she wants him to ask her out she agrees to go out with Marcus. She waits at the diner for him even though he’s an hour late but when he tries to get physical she shoves him off. He calls her easy.

Clay watches as a guy named Montgomery (Timothy Granaderos) beats the crap out of Alex in the parking lot. The fight is brought before the school honor board of students, where Marcus and Clay are both members. The proceedings get out of hand but Montgomery is suspended and Alex isn’t when all is said and done.

A girl named Sheri (Ajiona Alexus) talks to Clay about homework. She needs help and he agrees to do it. They go to a coffee shop but Tony turns up. Clay confronts him about following him. Tony denies it. Clay and Sheri go back to his house to work on the project. After a while, they start making out but he eventually backs off. She says that its because of Hannah but he denies it. She tells him she is on the tapes before leaving.

Clay’s mom wants to talk to him about whatever is bothering him. Is it bullying? Is it school? He tells her that it’s a conflict of interest but she says she will quit the case if he talks to her. He doesn’t.

I still want to know what happened to Hannah and where Clay fits in to all of this but the present day drama is annoying. Clay can’t yell at Courtney for not coming out. That’s messed up. I truly just feel bad for the Bakers at this point.


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