Chicago Justice, episode seven

Antonio and Nagel are executing a search and seizure. They are going through a warehouse when the find a body. A woman. Not only was she killed but the ME points out that the woman was pregnant and the baby is missing. It was cut out.

They keep the case instead of handing it off to PD. They can’t get an ID but they can track her transit card. It was through her work and they find out her name. Julia Keys. Nothing much comes from there but they can track her yoga studio.

That calls for a visit to the yoga studio.Julia was a friendly person so everyone in her class has something to say. They all point fingers at her ex-boyfriend.

From there it’s on to the ex-boyfriend. He hasn’t seen her or talked to her in months. His current girlfriend provides snarky commentary throughout the exchange.

Anna goes to see Peter in his office. There is DNA back from Julia’s murder. Hers, obviously, and a guy named David Zacharia. He was put away for life eight years prior. Peter pulls the files and explains the earlier case. Peter let him plead down on one case so as to find the bodies of his other victims. He was a serial killer and rapist.

Peter goes to see Zacharia in prison and asks about his brother. Turns out as far as he knows, his brother is dead.

Nagel and Antonio head back to the ex-boyfriend’s place. He lied. He talked to her the day she died. As they try to take him out his girlfriend says that that’s not what happened. Julia called them and she met up with her. She told Julia that they don’t owe her child support.

The ex didn’t know she was pregnant but more importantly they find out that they day of her death she was with another pregnant woman. A much larger one. They figure out it was “large marge” from her yoga class.

They head to her house and find her with a baby. A dead baby.

Peter tells Mark about the case. He tells him to wrap it up. Peter is in his office when the ex, and baby daddy comes in. He wants answers, or anything, he’s been thrown in the deep end so to speak.

Anna gets a call. Turns out “large marge,” or Dawn, is Zacharia’s daughter. She’s going for an insanity plea. Which means she gets a chance to chat with Dr. Charles. She reflects on her teenage years and her inability to conceive children.

On his way into the courtroom, Dawn’s mother comes to talk to Peter. She tells him that Zacharia raped her and that Dawn is the result.

Antonio is on the stand. He answers the questions. Next up is a criminologist. She is an expert in genetic behavior. Peter thinks that this is inappropriate. Zacharia is brought out next and both lawyers try to focus on how connected or unconnected he is with his family.

Nagel and Peter head to Molly’s after court and talk about her father and genetics. Peter is adamant about choices.

Dawn is on the stand next. She describes her mental state at the time and leading up to Julia’s death. On the cross, Peter gets her to admit to murdering the woman that her father took the plea deal for.

Peter and Anna meet with Mark to make a plan for moving forward. It seems apparent that father and daughter didn’t know each other prior to this case.

Testimony resumes the next day. Peter has evidence that Dawn studied c-sections. He gets under her skin and she rants. The jury deliberates and finds her guilty. After the trail, Peter gets a message. Zacharia is appealing because Dawn confessed to the murder he was convicted of. Peter proves the plea deal is null and void. Not only can they put him on trial for the other murders but they can do it in Indiana, which has the death penalty.

Nagel meets with a social worker to try and get a motion through to grant her joint custody. It is denied.

I thought this was an interesting episode. A lot more Nagel which wasn’t all bad. Anna wasn’t all that involved and Antonio was there but it was nothing memorable. I must admit that the how passes pretty crazy though.

Chicago Justice is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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