iZombie, episode one

Major, Liv, Clive and Vivian are going over their stories. It’s a zombie outbreak but cop lady has a plan. They blow it up.

Ravi, Blaine and Peyton are being questioned on the other side of town. There was a shooting.

Liv is back in her apartment with Ravi, Peyton, Clive and Major. She recaps where everyone is at with this. Blaine has amnesia. Peyton slept with him once. Liv tells them that Vivian is a zombie and that they want to make Seattle the zombie homeland. They need to figure out what to do.

Blaine gets back to the funeral home. Donny is yelling at him that he is faking the memory loss. He thinks that it has something to do with the cure. Blaine gets mad because he was doing grunt work when he owned the place. Donny quits. He goes downstairs and starts messing with the bodies.

Major and Ravi go home. The place is trashed.

Liv and Major are at Vivian’s company waiting for Clive. He turns up and they meet with Vivian to talk about the day that humans learn about zombies. They don’t plan to go gently into the night.

She tells them about the plan to self-segregate. They are making a zombie island but its still more than year off. She tells them the story of her husband being infected. He didn’t want her to zombify but when he was asleep, she did it to herself. He has since been murdered.

The employees of her company were all infected with a biological weapon. She turned them into zombies to save them. They see the zombie school and Clive knows a zombie kid. Vivian tells them that the humans will attack when they realize there are zombies.
Clive wants to talk. Super Max army weaponized zombies. This isn’t good. Major thinks the zombies are being smart.

Ravi and Liv are in the morgue. She needs to stay calculating so she likes the army brain. Ravi is upset about the idea of Peyton and Blaine. And that he sat in the car.

Peyton goes to see Blaine at work. Mr. Boss is in Montenegro and she’s jumpy. She wants to thank him for saving her life. He tells her that that is not necessary. She was in a bind because of him. He asks if they were a couple.

Major goes for coffee. It doesn’t work out for him. People think he is the chaos killer.
Clive and Ravi are trying modify the zombie cure. They have some cure samples. Ravi explains what has been done so far and how the retrograde amnesia is potentially curable. Liv comes in. She tells them that a witness to the zombie massacre is about to be on the radio.

Liv and Clive rush to the studio to stop it. The interview is on. The witness tells the host about witnessing a zombie apocalypse. It’s a lunatic fringe show though. Clive tells Liv not to worry about it. Her soldier brains are wearing off though. She killed her boyfriend and she’s said.

Peyton is on the phone. She gets some surprising news about Twitter. Clive brings Liv to the morgue. She’s drunk. That’s how he helped her cope. She sleeps on the couch in Ravi’s office. Someone is sending Peyton nasty tweets. She calls Ravi but he ignores it. He’s still upset with her. Major gets to the morgue. He’s in good spirits because he got a job. Peyton calls Blaine.

Donny is thawing bodies he found in the freezer. He’s got a plan. Him and the dead are gonna open their own brain business.

Liv needs a new brain and some aspirin but before they get any further with the conversation someone comes in. Catty, Ravi’s old boss. She starts asking a lot of questions but Ravi and Liv are saved by the bell.

They get called out to a murder. There is very little blood for three gunshot victims. One is the boy Clive knew at the school. It’s an anti-zombie message. Zombies need protection. They are in danger.

Vivian finds out and tells the other kids. Liv visits the school and talks to Vivian. She sees Major running with the other army zombies.

This episode was a ton of exposition to recap last year and get the ball rolling. It was good but the soldier brains were kind of boring. I’m glad Clive and Peyton are in the know. Ravi should stop being so temperamental and just talk to Peyton. She should be with him, not Blaine. Major was also in this episode.

iZombie is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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