Quantico, episode sixteen

The masked team that killed Leon downloads some files before hurrying out.

Clay is in bed with his fiance. He’s headed out and Maxine (Krysta Rodriguez) has a lot of questions. He doesn’t give her answers and she is upset.

Ryan is packing up to go to the gym. Owen gets some mail. Shelby welcomes Doyle. Ryan gets to the bunker and finds that Nimah didn’t go to bed. She needs his help. He settles in to help her.

Alex is in the pub saying goodbye to an old friend that she knew way back when. Owen comments about their conversation and Alex says that all that connects them now is their past.

Time for work. Nimah found a lead before an incident this time. It’s a New York City socialite and they can catch her before she acts. Doyle thinks this is absurd. She’s a socialite, not a terrorist mastermind. Owen has an idea to get her to talk. She plans parties, sometimes even weddings. Enter the bait. Clay.

He’s opposed. He doesn’t mix work with his relationship. Too bad. Everyone else has their lives intertwined. He’s stuck now too. Owen delegates tasks while they plan to infiltrate.

They are heading out but Clay tells Doyle he isn’t coming. Doyle throws a temper tantrum. They roll out.

Alex is acting as “private security” asking some questions and working out logistics. Ryan goes to talk to his journalist friend about helping with government friends.

The socialite, Rebecca (Donna Murphy), catches on to Alex pretty quickly.
Clay and Max argue while he hacks her system. She stands guard for a bit. Ryan’s journalist friend calls as a diversion as well.

Max gets fed up and storms out as Rebecca rushes upstairs to find out what’s going on. She finds Clay at her computer and realizes what’s going on. Alex is still FBI. She’s happy. They can help her.

Rebecca is being blackmailed and they are going to give her safe passage in exchange for names. She has a meet with one of the syndicate members. On the way there, she and Alex talk about Alex’s place in history. The world needs her.

They are rolling. Alex is in the van with Clay when Doyle turns up. He admits that he has nothing and wants back in. Clay gives him a job to do. Rebecca meets with Thomas Roth (Gary Hilborn) in Central Park.

She tells him that their operation has been made and she was approached by someone. Suddenly the comms go out. There’s feedback and then a gunshot! Roth is down and people are ducking or running. The team is hiding. Rebecca gets shot too.

No one knows where the shooter is. They split up to search. Alex sees that Rebecca is still alive. She wants to go out and help but Clay stops her. She talks to her as Rebecca dies. After she’s dead, Owen grabs her comm and the team heads back to the van as NYPD rolls in.

Doyle doesn’t though. He sees someone walking with an instrument case that looks out of place. That’s the shooter. He follows. The rest of the team is in the van and Clay wants to leave. Alex is worried about Doyle being in danger but Ryan points out that he’s a trained assassin. “He is the danger.” Doyle catches up with the guy with instrument case. It’s Sebastian.

The team is trying to regroup back at the bunker. Clay is upset. Two people are dead and Max isn’t speaking to him. He feels they screwed up and they are back at square one. Shelby tells Clay to reach out to Max first. He says that she will never trust him again.
Alex and Owen talk about what happens to them and what kind of people they are. He has a choice to make about Lydia. She tells him not to cut her out of her life.

Nimah confronts Ryan about leaking to the reporter. They fight about having connections. All he has is Alex and all she has is Raina, and neither of those options are good at the moment.

She tries calling her sister again. Raina looks at the phone. We see that she is in the room that the masked murders were early. She’s looking at blueprints when masked people come in and grab her.

Shelby goes to see Max. She says that Clay is the one they got right. It’s tearing him up to not tell her anything.

Ryan is in the journalist’s office. She talks about why she left Russia. She wanted to fight the government but couldn’t do that there. The only way to do that would be with the truth which wasn’t an option.

At the bunker Alex finds Nimah and Shelby. She tells them to reach out to people they care about.

Clay goes back to Max. Shelby reaches out to her “sister.” Ryan and the reporter kiss. Nimah packs up and Alex gets a call. Doyle is jumping ship. She understands. She just thought he would want to be part of something with her. He thought so too. Camera pans. Sebastian is holding a gun to his head.

Doyle! He’s the best part of this show. Him and his friendship with Alex. They need to save him. Shelby is too whiny. A small part of my thought Nimah was going to make a move on Ryan. I’m not sure how I feel about that. Side note. I loved the music in this episode. Andrew McMahon is spectacular.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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