The Americans, episode five

Elizabeth is teaching the defector’s wife how to cook. She chats. The wife is bored. She’s got a job interview. Language specialist for the department of agriculture.

Philip is in Kansas, having sex with his mark. He’s thinking about the lack of food when he was kid. She finishes and then talks logistics.

Stan is doing FBI work. His boss gives him a pat on the back even though they have nothing to show for what they’ve done. It’s keeping the KGB busy and irritated.

It’s time for the meeting at school. Henry is doing so well his teacher wants to move him up to algebra II. Both Philip and Elizabeth are shocked. She tells him on the ride home about the defector’s wife’s potential job.

They pull in the drive just as Stan and his girlfriend are driving by. They get invited to the movies but turn it down. The girlfriend wants to make other plans. They go inside and talk to Henry. They are super impressed and tell him as much. He understands, Paige is the smart one.

That night Stan and his girlfriend are in bed. They talk about their pasts. She notices he seems stressed and asks about it. He blames work and she asks about it. He can’t talk though. She presses, asks him to be vague. He is.

Philip notices the girlfriend is still at Stan’s house. He mentions a theory to Elizabeth. He thinks that the Russians have sent her. She calls that crazy. He just shrugs.

Oleg is still working on food inventory. Philip’s other son is officially in the States. He goes to a payphone and calls some woman. He gives a code and is told to call back the next day.

Elizabeth is in Kansas. She’s having dinner with her mark. He knows a lot about a lot of things.

The Vietnamese kid and Philip play football in the yard. Someone is keeping tabs on them.

Back in Kansas, Elizabeth is in bed with her mark. She is busy looking around the room.
Paige and Philip have dinner. They talk about Henry’s math class and her relationship with Matthew. She thought being with him would make her feel better. That’t not the case. She thinks she is meant to be alone. He doesn’t like the sound of that.

Gabriel and Granny talk about Misha making it to America. He wants to meet with Philip. They discuss letting it happen. Granny thinks they are both too unstable. Philip has notes in his file that do not look good for him. She won’t let it happen. He’s shaky.

Oleg gets home from work. His parents have lined up some potential suitors to have dinner with them. He’s not interested. He tells his father to stay out of his personal life.

While at the travel agency, Elizabeth calls Philip. She misses him. He tells her that he has been remembering his childhood. She asks if it is good things but he doesn’t know.

Misha calls in again. He gets a meeting this time.

Stan is out with his girlfriend and his partner. They make small talk. Stan heads to the bathroom and the other two chat. As they leave, Philip keeps an eye on them.

Matthew and Paige are in her room. He suggests some things they can do but she isn’t interested. He asks if she wants to break up with him. She tells him she’s scared. She doesn’t know how to have a boyfriend.

Philip continues his surviellance.

Elizabeth and her mark make s’mores in the fireplace. He talks about saving the world, creating crops that can stand up to anything. The are closing to creating a crop that would eliminate famine.

Time for another EST meeting for Philip.

Meanwhile, Gabriel meets with Misha. He won’t let him meet Philip. It is not safe for him. Gabriel tells him to forget this idea. He can’t see him here. Misha is distraught.

Finally at home together, Elizabeth tells Philip her mark wants to help people and that she believes him. So they killed that man in the lab for nothing. Philip has to leave.
Oleg goes to the meet-up. No one comes.

Philip meets with the Vietnamese son. The defector’s wife got the job. They should swing by on the weekend to keep up appearances. Elizabeth turns up and the kid goes upstairs. Philip tells her that they can’t have another screw up like in the lab. He says that it has been hard for him for a long time. She suggests trying by herself but he shoots her down.

Oh boy were they wrong. They were so wrong and the killed an innocent guy and Philip is on the brink of quitting. He’s eating McDonald’s for goodness sake. Philip is hanging on by a thread and its fascinating but I feel so bad for him. And Henry was relevant. That’s quite an accomplishment.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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