Chicago Fire, episode eighteen

Severide is hanging out with Anna. They are talking about indoor camping. He suggests a trip to a cabin. His phone rings. Benny got in a fight, Platt tells him. He picks Benny up at 21.

Dawson is telling Casey that she has a trainee for the day. They goof around as they ride to the house. They pass what appears to be a crackhouse.

Boden brings the trainee in to meet Dawson and Brett. He seems eager. Severide brings Benny with him. He settles in for a nap on the couch as they respond to a call.

Guys been locked in a walk in freezer. His fingers are caught in the door. Thanks to a clever idea by Cruz, they save the man and his fingers. Ambo rushes him off to Med while Casey brings truck past the new neighbors. They see a car with a kid in it. Casey pops the window but the owner runs out and drives off.

Kidd gets the license plate and when they get back, Casey tells Boden about it. He says he will call PD.

Herrmann’s wife shows up. Their son is being suspended. He took a knee during the pledge of allegiance. Herrmann tells her to drop him off at the house.

Dawson and Brett impart wisdom on the trainee before they get another call. It’s a restaurant and there are sick teenage customers. No sign of any employees though. Trainee checks and finds the cook. He figures out that it is cyanide poisoning and then starts compressions even though he was only supposed to observe. He cracks a rib and Dawson yells at him.

When they get back to the house, Dawson admits to Brett she would have done the same thing.

Olinsky comes in and talks to Casey about the crackhouse. He’s gotta go but he will look into it for him.

Herrmann gets a chance to yell at his kid. He should value his country instead of being a whiny twerp complaining about vending machines.

Severide and Benny talk about his marriage and Springfield and Anna. Benny wants to meet her.

Casey and Dawson are in his room. They talk about the lady at the crackhouse. Boden comes in. He has an address for the lady. It’s in Bucktown. Also, there is a chief waiting to talk to Dawson about her last call. He wants to dismiss the trainee from the program but Dawson takes the fall for him. Now she has to write out an incident report.

Shifts up. Dawson and Brett tell the trainee not to worry about the fallout. They are there to save lives first. Herrmann tells Mouch and Boden he has a meeting with his son’s vice principal. Boden suggests letting the vp talk.

He and his wife get to the school. They are gracious but the vp basically blames them. So Herrmann goes off that his son had the right to protest.

Severide and Anna are out. He tells her that Benny wants to take them to dinner. She is all for it. She wants to know all about Kelly Severide but she might be a bit late.

Casey follows up on the lady from the crackhouse. He talks to her neighbor and finds out that the cops have been at the house three times in the last year. It’s a nice house in a nice neighborhood though. He knocks on the door and the husband answers. The lady comes up behind him and asks if “she” is dead. Casey is confused.

The man and his wife tell Casey that their daughter is in the house doing drugs, probably. They went to the police the year before but it didn’t work. They don’t know what to do. They had to try something. Their daughter is the victim. The guy, Rojo, won’t let them see her and told the wife he would kill her if she came back. Casey says that he will see what he can do.

At the start of next shift, Herrmann tells everyone that his son is a smart kid. Olinsky comes by to talk to Casey. Narcotics knows about the house. They are prepping for a raid. The trainee comes by. He’s not allowed to train with Dawson and Brett but he thanks them for helping him out.

Dawson runs into Casey. He tells her about the girl in the crack house. He’s got an idea. He talks to Boden. Benny got him thinking. 81 rolls up to the house as though there’s a fire. They go in like it’s a raid. Casey tells the people inside to clear out but Rojo has a machete and he’s yelling at Casey. The girl staggers into the room and ht puts the machete to her neck.

They start spraying the extinguishers and Matt takes out the guy. They fight and he runs. Casey tries to talk to the girl but she won’t listen. He brings in her parents and she yells at them. Kidd comes in and tries to talk some sense into her. Her mom tells her she loves her. She cries and the family hugs.

It’s high fives all around as they head back into the house. Boden comes in with the paramedic boss. Dawson and Brett need to go to retraining. Herrmann needs a favor. He brings his son, Boden and Mouch to a VFW pancake breakfast. They meet some vets and then say the pledge.

Kidd and Casey go to get an update on the girl at Med. Reese says she is physically fine but it’ll be a long road to recovery. They head out together, texting Dawson and the rest on the way.

Severide is at dinner with Benny and some girl. Anna shows up but she’s upset. She leaves quickly and Severide follows. He apologizes for Benny. She breaks up with him.

That kind of came out of nowhere didn’t it? Like I wasn’t exactly invested in the relationship so I don’t care but it seems so random. I liked the trainee and I’m amused that they have to go back to training even though we won’t see it. Getting some more information about Kidd was interesting too. The Herrmann stuff seemed forced and his kid is a tool.
Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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