Thirteen Reasons Why, episodes seven to ten

So the next tape belongs to Zach Dempsey (Ross Butler) because he was a jerk and tried hit on Hannah when she wasn’t interested. He messed with paper bag note project in class and was just an all around jerk.

Clay is having a rough time. He’s like hallucinating during the day and has visions. He goes to the basketball game and ends up keying Zach’s car. Their parents find out and his mom talks to the Jensen’s. Clay also freaks out to Tony.

The next tape up belongs to Ryan (Tommy Dorfman). He publishes the school zine and doesn’t really run in the same circle as the others. He and Hannah starts to chat after being the only youngsters at a local poetry club. He writes well and inspires Hannah to do the same, emotional, personal writing. He then steals the poem and publishes it, albeit anonymously, but everyone knows it’s Hannah and mocks her for it.

Clay is going to quit the tapes. He gave them back to Tony. He doesn’t care. Tony scares him by making him climb a cliff face. Then he tells Clay about the night Hannah killed herself. He saw her leave the tapes on his porch but never went out to talk to her. Once he listened, he rushed to her house but it was too late.

Justin then has the privilege of a second tape. This time it’s for being a shitty boyfriend and letting Bryce rape Jessica. She had a back to school party and got really drunk. Justin mentioned it to Bryce who then went in and took advantage of her. Hannah was hiding in the room and saw the whole thing.

Clay talks to his mom about theoretically prosecuting that sort of case. He then confronts Justin, who says he was doing all of this to protect Jessica. It’s not working. She’s a mess, drunk at school and aimless. She knows. Marcus, Zach and Justin also plant weed on Clay to get him suspended in hopes of scaring him into keeping his mouth shut. He talks to Tony and agrees to finish the tapes before taking action.

The next tape belongs to Sheri. It’s also related to Jessica’s party. She was driving a drunken, sloppy Hannah home and hit a stop sign. She knocked it over and then fled the scene when Hannah wanted to call the police. Hannah eventually found a phone and did but it was too late.

There was already an accident there. A fatal one and Jake, Clay’s baseball playing buddy was killed. Clay found him and ended up calling 911. He had been walking home from the same party. Everyone said that Jake was drunk and that that was the cause of the accident.

To get justice for the false drunk driving accusations about his friend, Clay confronts Sheri. She tells him that she is trying to make amends. She helps the other driver from the accident and his wife around the house. They are elderly. Clay wants her to tell Jake’s parents but she says she can’t yet. Someday though. Clay goes and tells them without naming names.

He also tells Tony that he is ready to finish the tapes. Tony tells him that’s good and then mentions that his tape is next. Clay freaks. He asks Tony if he killed Hannah and then after trying to dodge the question, Tony admits that yes he did.

RIP Jake. He was the best part of this show. Poor Clay. He lost his buddy. I’m curious to see how he fits in, especially since it must be something from the party. His parents are so oblivious and like… never actually punish him. It’s so bizarre. And Justin wants to kill him? That’s nuts too. Alex and Sheri seem to have the best handle on things. And Jessica is just spiraling.


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