Chicago PD, episode nineteen

Burgess wakes up to her alarm. No sign of her sister. Her niece is is concerned. She tells her not to worry and takes her to school. She leaves messages. On her way into the unit, she tells Ruzek. He says that she probably got lucky. Nicole calls and says she is in trouble before the call is dropped.

Voight and Atwater hear the call and ask what’s up. She tells them and Voight says to go look for her so Burgess and Ruzek head out. They use her phone log to find her in a train station. She was raped and has lost a lot of blood. Burgess holds her while Ruzek calls an ambulance.

Nicole gets taken to Med and Manning handles the case. Her injuries are consistent with a vicious assault. The unit is going to handle it. They are going over the case. Burgess comes back. Her sister is still sedated. She was sodomized. Voight tells everyone to talk to the women that she went out with. Burgess thanks him for taking the case. He tells her it’s family.

Olinsky and Burgess head to one of the woman’s offices. They were out celebrating her birthday. There was wine and food and fun. One creepy guy was at the bar, giving her the eye but overall no problems. The other ladies continued the party at another bar afterward but the birthday girl went home.

Atwater and Ruzek head to where they ate. They talk to the bouncer and see some security footage. After Nicole complained that an older guy was following her, the bouncer tried to throw him out. Instead the old guy threw a punch. They run his image and find out he has a history of violent crimes. The birthday girl and the bouncer both ID him. They get a warrant and go to his place.

As they move in, he comes out swinging, literally. He hits Ruzek and Atwater with a bat before they pin him. Halstead and Olinsky finds tons of pictures of Nicole in his place. He was stalking her and is brought in for questioning.

He claims to work for her estranged husband. He’s trying to help the divorce proceedings. Halstead looks at the pictures from the night before and notices something. The other woman they couldn’t reach was the last one with Nicole. They head to her place. She’s still missing but sent a video message early that morning about a party in Wicker Park. There are now two victims.

The unit goes over what they have. It’s not much. Just a car. And the stalker’s alibi checks out. They finally get a hit on the other woman’s phone and they head out to find her. Atwater and Ruzek are in an alley looking. They call the phone and hear it ringing. The phone is in a dumpster. No sign of the woman though.

Burgess talks to her sister and tries to piece together her memories. They were generic looking guys. They were invited to a party. She doesn’t remember much more. She knows she couldn’t move and heard her friend screaming as she tried to get away. Nicole tells Burgess to talk to her friend and Burgess tells her the friend is missing. She calls herself stupid but Burgess is adamant. She was not stupid. She was drugged and raped.

Back at the district, she updates the unit. They are looking for witnesses. Lindsay finds a potential match based on the car. He’s a “pickup guru” that has been accused of rape before with the same MO. He’s holding a seminar.

Voight heads to the seminar and hears the guy telling his paying audience that no doesn’t mean no. He talks to the guy afterward and lets him be smarmy about things. Voight heads out.

Lindsay asks Burgess how her sister is. She couldn’t pick the smarmy guy out of a lineup but she doesn’t remember any faces so that isn’t surprising. Halstead found some footage of what appears to be the other woman running near some warehouses. They head out and look around the area. They eventually find her dead.

Halstead updates. The other woman was not raped. She was drugged and must have passed out and froze to death. Cause of death was hypothermia. Although his alibi checks out, Lindsay is convinced the smarmy guy is at fault. She thinks it is someone that attended one of his seminars.

Platt comes in to tell Burgess that her sister’s husband is there. She goes down to see him and gets a bit rough. Yelling about the private investigator. Estranged husband is completely insensitive and basically says Nicole brought the rape on herself. Burgess kicks him out and heads back upstairs.

Ruzek goes through the online forum for guys that attend the seminars. There is one that is bragging about taking a woman’s anal virginity the night prior. They track him down and Halstead and Lindsay go to talk to him at work. He tries to blow them off but they don’t let him. He admits that he was just blustering online but that he had been at the bar with “field coaches” and gives up their info.

Back at the board, Lindsay gives the rundown of the other two guys. Voight brings in Anna to make sure they can get the legal side of things handled. Olinsky points out that the guys don’t know about the dead girl. Voight decides undercover is the right move. Lindsay and Burgess are headed to the bar.

They are on the scene hanging out. Atwater is acting as a bouncer and let’s them know when the two guys show up. They make contact. The guys follow the same pattern and the rest of unit follows. In their apartment they take the phones and offer drugged shots.
Burgess takes one and then heads out of the room. She brings her bag, complete with camera and sure enough, dude follows. He attacks her but she fights back. The unit rolls in and finds her beating the crap out of the guy. She heads to Med and the guys are brought to the district.

The one that went after Burgess runs his mouth and then lawyers up. The other one is much more nervous. He tries to play it off like they just had fun. Lindsay goes after him.

At Med, Burgess talks to Nicole. She tells her that they got guys that hurt her. They won’t hurt anyone else and she will help her get better.

Voight talks to the smarmy guy again. He tells him that they eliminate predators and that if he teaches another seminar in Chicago Voight will track him down. Then he meets with Burgess and asks her what she was thinking. She tells him, what she had to do. He compliments her and she tells him that she’s gonna need to take some time to help her sister. He tells her to take all the time she needs.

I wish there was a way to charge the smarmy dude too. I don’t blame Voight for going after him. He was awful. The other two, especially the one Burgess pounded on were just as bad. I loved undercover bouncer Atwater. He cracked me up. Platt has been missing for a few weeks so I was glad to see her and there was no relationship drama with Lindsay and Halstead for once, thankfully. All in all a solid episode.

Chicago PD is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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