Designated Survivor, episode fifteen

Kirkman heads out to address the press. He wants to reset the clock and start his first hundred days now. Everyone is watching. He’s holding a town hall that week and will announce various initiatives.

Hannah is at Chuck’s place. He seems to have a crush on her. They are trying to track a lead and she gets an idea. Fingerprints on the wine glass in a photo of the mystery woman.

Seth and Emily are meeting with the White House staff. They have a lot to do but people are really interested. Kirkman stops by to say keep up the good work.

Aaron is running. He gets a call. Someone wants to meet him right away. He heads home and a woman comes to his door. He speaks to her in Spanish. Lo and behold, it’s his cousin.

Alex is at an event in the capacity of First Lady. It’s a women’s group and after her speech they want to ask her a few questions. One is about gun violence. She answers and the event is recorded. That won’t come back to bite her I’m sure.

Atwood is at the gym. Hannah turns up. She knows who killed his son. A woman that’s been in the wind for five years. Grew up an army brat before her father was dishonorably discharged. Hannah is going after her, off the grid. She wants his help.

Sure enough, Alex’s comments are on the news. A new senator from Montana comes back at the family. They need to do something about it though. Kirkman needs to talk to Alex about walking it back. She agrees to do it.

Aaron got his cousin an interview with a new congresswoman. She wants to know why he resigned. He’s not talking though.

Hannah and Atwood are headed out to follow a lead. There is a near accident and he flips out. She tells him that she can’t deal with him being a loose cannon and he walks away.

While waiting for his cousin, Aaron chats with Hookstraten. She respects him and knows he will land on his feet.

After searching the building, Hannah calls Chuck to tell him it was empty. While she’s on the phone, the mystery woman watches her on survelliance.

Someone is keeping an eye on Chuck.

Alex is prepping for a morning interview. She doesn’t like being the submissive wife but Kirkman tells her that that’s not what she’s doing. She goes on tv and clears up her comments on gun violence.

The cousin and Aaron go for a walk. She tells him that he can’t leave DC. He inspired everyone in their small town that they can make a change. She makes a case for him to stick around.

Hannah is at Chuck’s place going over the building. They have more stuff to follow up on now but she smells something. He mentions a gas leak from earlier but it doesn’t add up. They make a run for it as the building starts to explode. They might have the upperhand now though because the bad guys think they are dead.

Kirkman is practicing for his town hall. He’s putting them to sleep though. Later that night, he is doing a great job when someone brings up gun control and Alex’s comments. He knocks it out of the park.

Aaron meets with Hookstraten about trying to get a lobbyist job. She has another idea. She offers him a job.

Several leaders are in the Oval to meet with Kirkman about moving his agenda forward. Hookstraten and the Montana man are on hand. Afterward she just is vague but he steps out and talks to the media about bipartisanship and working together and plays up his own agenda.

Hannah has a new site to investigate. She gets there and knows someone is following her. It’s Atwood but now he is ready to help. They head inside. They creep around and Hannah finds were the mystery woman was watching her. Then the mystery woman shows up and they fight. Mystery woman gets the upper hand but Atwood saves the day. Then she goads him and pulls a gun. He kills her.

Emily runs into Aaron. He tells her about his new job for Hookstraten and she tells him she will see him around.

Kirkman surprises Alex and the kids with pizza at Camp David.

Hannah finds blue prints for all sorts of crazy things on the mystery woman’s computer.

I didn’t expect this show to turn into a what it is. I like it. I’m happy with it but the idea of them having arguments about bills and politicking surprised me. I thought that the MacLeish stuff would drag out and then it would be like 24. I want there to be more Seth. And maybe more Chuck too. I like him.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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