Chicago Justice, episode eight

A jury member is in the judge’s chambers with all the lawyers. She wants to be excused. It is too much pressure. The defense is okay with her leaving but the judge and Peter are not. She stays. They call the defendant guilty and then she runs from the room.

Anna and Peter are in a bar talking about ASA traditions when he gets a call. The jury member that wanted out was found dead in the river. Naqgel and Antonio are on the scene. Her hands are taped together and her mouth is taped over.

Peter talks to Mark about the case. He also wants unmarked cars guarding the other jury members. Peter is running point and Antonio and Nagel head out to talk to the defendant’s family and friends. One guy knows nothing but the other flees. He says that he knows nothing but points a finger at another jury member.

They head over to his place and talk to him. He didn’t do it, he says. He consoled her when she was upset and when he finds out she is dead he panics. He was the foreman so he figures he is next. He wants protection, which is already there. He talks about her receiving a lot of intimidating texts.

Nagel talks to the phone company. She got a lot from the same guy. Telling her how to decide the case. They were threatening her kid. Antonio and Nagel head to the tech firm that the texting guy owns. Turns out he is her ex and father of her son. The texts were about custody. He didn’t know anything.

Antonio asks a few more things but is dismissed. They head to Jaxson Clark’s (Jordan Belfi) boat and talk to the guy at the docks. He can’t keep track of the women that come to the boat with Clark but they do find a hoodie with keys in the pocket. It opens the victim’s apartment.

They discover that she worked at Walmart and was being evicted. They talk to the building’s live-in manager and get pointed to her sister. The sister died three months prior from cancer and her wife talks to them.

She tells them that Clark was controlling and abusive. She mentions that the victim thought Clark was stalking her and that he noticed him watching her near the river once. They canvas the area and finding a running club that records their runs in the area. Antonio asks to see the footage and they find the victim, killing herself.

Anna and Peter talk about the case. He doesn’t understand how she could tape her own hands. He feels guilty because she admitted that she was under a lot of pressure and he did nothing. Anna says she will look through her domestic cases.

Back at the office they talk about Clark’s pattern. There are reports of the victim abusing her son. Antonio goes to talk to the kid while Nagel and Anna head to DCFS. Clark called a lot reporting even the most mundane things. There was never evidence of real abuse except one time the victim had a cast on her arm that seemed suspicious.

They roll out and head to Med to find out about the broken arm. Antonio talks to the son. He says his mom never hit him. Clark shows up and grabs him by the collar to leave. Antonio twists Clark’s arm for a few moments before letting him go.

At Med, they find out the victim had been in under the influence. She might’ve tried to kill herself before. Anna and Peter talk about the case. She wants to go after Clark for stalking and harassment. He doesn’t seem opposed.

Nagel and Antonio go to Clark’s office and arrest him. He and his lawyer call a meeting with Peter and Anna. Peter offers a deal. Clark tries to blackmail him with Antonio’s brutality but Anna goads him and he admits that he is happy the victim is dead and that he knew about the first attempt.

Peter talks to Mark about upping it to murder charges. Mark isn’t on board but Peter is going to do it anyway. He goes to trial and talks to a psychologist that focuses on abuse. Seems good for him but the defense does well on the cross.

The victim’s sister’s widow is called next. She does well for Peter but again defense twists the perception of the victim’s mental state.

Mark and Peter talk about the trial and what’s to come. The defense is calling the son to the stand. Peter doesn’t know how to question him. Mark says, gently. Peter does so. He establishes the abusive pattern.

The jury finds the defendant guilty but the judge tosses that verdict out because it was based on emotions, not the law. Mark and Peter can’t believe it. Peter wants to do something to change the law. He testifies to some senators.

Judges can do that?!?!?!? Dude was guilty. And now he can raise that little boy? How is that legal? I thought that this was open and shut so I was really surprised. Also, who was Antonio talking about? I don’t remember hearing about that on Fire or PD.

Chicago Justice is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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