iZombie, episode two

Clive is upset about Wally’s family and the officer handling that case wants to talk to him about it. He describes the first time they met and then the head to the morgue. The new guy is not very considerate and keeps trying to brainstorm. He talks about arresting Wally’s father for domestic violence.

A father and daughter are arguing in a car at an intersection when they get blindsided. The car flips and there is no sign of movement. It’s their crime scene and they have no leads. Clive also gets to see firsthand look on how Liv gets food.

Major turns up for lunch. He’s also got a lead on Natalie. He then eats teenage girl brain so he gets really dramatic when talking to Ravi about his Peyton problems. He then starts singing Katy Perry. Clive and Liv get back from the father’s office. No luck.

Time for mercenary training. Major is still being emotional and the other zombies tell him about brain packets that control the mood swings and the visions. Then he has a vision. Something happened and the father wanted to take it to the authorities.

Back at the morgue they discuss the vision and the brain mush packet. Clive and Liv talk to Vivian. Nothing doing there and they start talking to Vivian’s employees about Wally and his family.

The other cop still finds Clive’s involvement suspicious. Liv has someone listen to the shock jock radio show while Clive brings in one of the daughter’s friends for questioning. They were on the outs at the time of the murder. The daughter was the judgemental sort. Liv has a vision. The photo the father wanted to bring to the authorities was the friend in bed with a much older man. The same man that she says is her stepfather when he comes to pick her up.

Clive tries to find a judge to get a warrant. They go talk to the stepfather at work and he’s not bad before the mother and daughter turn up. The mother is bossy and tries to get rid of them though. Clive tells her they have a warrant for the kid’s phone. She doesn’t want to turn it over and stepdad seems worried.

Ravi gets advice about his Peyton situation from Liv. He goes back to listening to the radio shows as Clive turns up. He has more evidence that the friend is at fault. Clive makes some calls but can’t get through to anyone. He remembers his time with Wally and his mother.

He is brought back to the present by the friend and her mother, telling him the stepfather killed the father and daughter. They talk him through the affair and the crime before IT interrupts. He has the last text messages exchanged between the kids. Someone knew that the stepfather knew. Turns out it was the mother.

The kid will now stay with an aunt and there is a search for the stepfather. Ravi has something from the radio shows. A guy called in about brains in packets. He lived next to Wally. They head over and talk to talk to the guy. He has an alibi but points out that hundreds of people knew because of a message board. People are hunting zombies.

Clive gets a call. The stepfather used his credit card. Clive tracks him down. Back at the station he talks to the other cop again. He describes his last contact with the family.

I felt really bad for Clive here. He obviously cared about this family and they got murdered and there is nothing he can do about it. I’m not sure I’m all that invested in the humans vs. zombies storyline. I just don’t know. Peyton was missed. Blaine was not. I’m a fan of Major and Liv as friends bantering and playing off each other.

iZombie is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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