Quantico, episode seventeen

A woman attaches C-4 to some boiler room pipes and then walks out making sure that the security camera sees her in a hijab.

Clay is playing raquetball with an old friend named Felix (Jon Kortajarena). They start talking shop, Felix works for the Speaker of the House. Clay thinks he should jump ship and work with the Democrats.

Alex and Shelby talk about going back into the real world. There is nothing doing so they go back to their cover lives. Ryan is going skiing with the reporter. Alex heads to the pub and talks to Owen about his meeting with Lydia. He can’t ask what he really wants to know. He asks if she is ready to go back to her real life and mentions that this is all he has. She offers to stay but he says no.

She is at the pub to meet with Nimah and after Owen leaves she finds her. Just as they start to talk, Alex’s phone rings. It’s Nimah. Alex steps away and takes the call. Nimah is at Raina’s apartment and it looks anti-American. She’s worried and doesn’t know where her sister is. Alex does though. She walks back over and acknowledges it.

Ryan picks up the reporter. They banter about skiing and getting to know one another. Before he can get in the car though, his phone gets an alert. Everyone elses does as well.

Alex is still with Raina. She admits that she thinks she is being framed. Breaking news on the TV. Terror in Ohio. Police will identify a suspect soon but it was a woman wearing a hijab. Alex knows it’s time to move with Raina.

The team is in the bunker watching the news. Owen suggests it really is just a terror attack but Clay says no. He had some information on this but thought it was an abandoned plot. Sadly, that’s not the case. Now they need to figure out the why. Shelby mentions chaos but Clay has an answer for that too. Politics. Congress will vote that night on a “muslim registry” and this will certainly give it a push. They can’t let that happen.

This is big. Clay is asking CIA and FBI agents to abandon the democratic process and Ryan isn’t having it. Owen tries to talk him down. They have to play politics to block the bill. Alex brings up also protecting Raina and seeing what is going on from that angle. Clay tells her to take point on that.

They have to figure out who will vote how and who they can swing. Fear goes across party lines so it could be either party. Clay has files on all the

Alex and Raina are going over possible attackers. Raina IDs one of them and then admits that she was searching for the full story about the G-20. Leon was doing the same. Nimah comes in and wants to talk to Raina alone. They talk about why she trusts Alex but not her sister. Alex and Ryan have an awkward encounter about skiing before Alex’s phone rings. It’s Baltimore PD calling about Leon.

Clay is going over the possible swing votes. They have to focus on these people to get others to fall in line. He says that he has a contact in the Speaker’s office if they need it and Ryan says that he will bring his reporter friend into the fold. Alex and Owen are going to clear Raina’s name. As they prep, she tells him about the collaborators getting to Leon.

Before everyone heads out, Clay tells them that they have six hours to determine the fate of the 3.5 million Muslims living in America.

Nimah, Clay, Shelby and Ryan are on Capitol Hill. They have to secure the swings. First stop a chat with Felix.

Owen and Alex follow up a lead. Someone that knows all the names of the collaborates and he is going to talk for them whether he wants to or not.

They meet with Felix and appeal to his humanity. He puts them on the right track.

At a farmhouse, Owen and Alex get the guy and taze him. They kidnap him.

Ryan talks to the reporter. She crosses a name off the list and they talk about her just being an asset. He says that’s not the case.

Clay can’t fathom anyone actually supporting a Muslim registry. Shelby says that most people she knows would. She knows they are entitled to their opinions. Nimah sums it up best. “Two blonde people arguing about my freedom instead of letting me have it.”

They spread out to talk to congressmen. They aren’t having any luck. Nimah finds out that the reporter is red flagged as a Russian spy. Security comes to escort them out. There was a complaint. Felix set them up.

Alex and Owen are questioning the man that set up Raina. He brings up Central Park. Then whomever he is working for starts firing on the farmhouse. The man gets shot and Owen freezes. Alex comes up with a plan.

At the Capitol, Ryan confronts the reporter. She says that it’s not what he thinks. Shelby and Nimah are in Felix’s office. He is still talking like it’s just politics. Nimah is fed up. The reporter tells Ryan she talked to some people to keep her family safe back in Russia.

Felix’s sister died in the 2004 attack on Madrid. His hate comes from there. He argues that he has seen terror firsthand but Nimah says that she has too and she knows it can tear families apart. The vote passes. It’s on to the president now. Shelby starts to put something together when her phone chimes. They’ve identified the bomber.

Owen and Alex are heading back. He’s having an identity crisis.

Clay figured it out. Whatever happens next will be perceived as the president, his mother’s, fault. They are playing chess while the team can’t even find the board.

Raina is freaking out. She feels trapped and blames Nimah. Nimah says that she will pretend to be Raina and go sit in custody. Ryan is heading out and Alex tells him that he can’t because the reporter is compromised. He tells her that he is not her soldier, or her asset, or her fiance so thanks for the heads up but he is making his own decision.

Shelby goes to talk to Clay in the bunker. There is no VP and the Speaker, a collaborator, is next in line for the presidency. He talks about a next attack and they know it is not just rhetoric.
Alex talks to Owen in the pub. He wants her to help him get back into fighting form.

Ryan goes to see the reporter. He tells her he is trusting her until she gives him a reason not to.

Shelby calls Caleb and tells him that his family needs him.

Felix calls Clay. He says it’s nothing personal. He then says that he knows his boss is up to something and he will give Clay something to work with when he can.

Ryan had sex with the reporter. Then she fell asleep and he copied the files from her laptop.

Alex and Owen leave the pub together. Sebastian looks on.

Nimah was the best part of this episode. Well no, the very thinly veiled jab at Trump was but Nimah was a close second. I don’t care about Ryan and I want Alex to go save Doyle. They better not be setting up some weird romantic thing between her and Owen. That would be awful. I’m happy with Shelby in this one too.

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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