Thirteen Reasons Why, episodes eleven to thirteen

Clay’s turn. It’s the day of Jessica’s party and Hannah wants to go to hang out with him. She ends up doing just that even after she said she wasn’t going to. He shows up early and helps set up and gets a pep talk from Jeff. When Hannah turns up they talk and end up in Jessica’s room making out. She freaks out and yells at him and tells him to go. He does. That’s when Justin and Jessica come in and things spiral from there.

She tells Clay that he isn’t like the rest and doesn’t belong on the list but that this is part of the bigger story so he had to be included. He rides around with Tony while listening to the tape and does meltdown, threatening suicide himself. Tony talks him down.

Justin fights with his mother and seeks refuge with Alex of all people. No one else is answering him. They are all partying at Bryce’s house. Eventually Justin and Alex head over and Justin tries to get Jessica to leave. When he tries to use force and she fights back he admits that Bryce raped her.

The lawsuit between the Bakers and the school is moving forward, putting Mr. Porter (Derek Luke) and Mrs. Bradley (Keiko Agena) on edge. Also on edge is Mrs. Baker as she goes through Hannah’s things. She finds a note that seems to be the blueprint for the tapes.

The next tape is Hannah’s worst day ever. She tries to convince her parents to use her college fund to keep their story afloat. Then she has an awkward chat with Clay before losing her parent’s bank deposit. She checks out. She goes for a walk and ends up at Bryce’s where a party is going on. The usual suspects are in the hot tub and she hangs out with them. Everyone leaves and Bryce rapes Hannah. Afterward she goes home and starts to plot the tapes as a way to tell her side of the story.

The kids are getting subpoenas. They are freaking out. Justin tries to talk to Jessica but she doesn’t want to hear it. Bryce doesn’t know why Justin is upset. The rest of them decide to get their story straight. Hannah was a liar and they tried to be her friend. Alex isn’t on board and they fight. He wants the truth to come out.

Sheri doesn’t get subpoenaed. She calls the police though. And Clay has a plan. He gets a tape recorder from Tony. Speaking of, Tony has a confrontation with Mrs. Baker. Clay’s big plan is to buy weed from Bryce? He talks about parties. He accuses Bryce of raping Hannah and promptly gets his ass kicked. Then they have a drink and Bryce admits it.
The episode ends with everyone in a disarray. Clay never went home and someone shot themself in the head and is in an ambulance.

Okay. Time for the final tape. Hannah is giving life one last shot and the kids are giving depositions. Hannah records all the tapes except the last one. Her parents are still fighting. She has one person to talk to about getting help with her life and he must have failed because the tapes are making the rounds and she is dead.

Tony turns up at Clay’s house. Clay plays him Bryce’s confession and says that they have to turn it in. Sheri went to the police. It’s all going to come out in the depositions anyway. He goes to Jessica about destroying the tapes or going after Bryce. She isn’t ready yet. Justin is going nuts and Bryce is being himself.

Hannah goes to Porter for help. She tells him she feels empty and doesn’t care about anything. She tells him she doesn’t want to live and brings up the idea of suicide.
Clay confronts Porter about Hannah and what they might have met about the day she died. He talks Porter through what he knows happened and then brings up the rape. Porter tries to defend himself but Clay shows him the tapes.

The depositions continue. Tyler, after shuffling around in a chest full of guns and ammo back at home, admits that the school has bullying problems and mentions the tapes. Jessica denies knowledge of the tapes but at home tells her father that “something” happened to her. Justin basically tells Bryce that he knows he is a rapist. Tony gives the Bakers a flashdrive with the audio from the tapes. Alex shot himself in the head. He’s in critical condition. Clay tries to befriend Skye. He and Skye and Tony and his boyfriend ride off into the sunset.

I mean I get that the whole point was that little things add up and it weighs on people but seriously this stuff isn’t all on the same level at all. Clay doesn’t fit and neither does Ryan really. And Jessica is just as much a victim in this situation. There will be another season and I will watch it but that’s more to tie up loose ends than anything else.


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