The Americans, episode six

Elizabeth tells Gabriel about what is actually happening with the wheat. He wants the wheat to not have to buy it from the west. He also wants to know how Philip is handling things. She seems reluctant to continue in Kansas. She wants to know if there is something wrong with her. He says no.

Philip tries to talk to Henry about his new math class. Henry blows him off. Elizabeth tells Philip about her meeting with Gabriel and mentions his concern about how he is coping. She also tells him she has a new mission when she gets back from Kansas.

Misha is back overseas.

In bed, Philip talks about how different things are now in the States compared to growing up in the Soviet Union.

Stan and his partner approach a woman at a playground. They want to recruit her. They will protect her and help her son have more opportunities.

Elizabeth is in Kansas in bed with her mark. He tells her that he feels that there is a whole side of her he doesn’t know. Then he starts rambling about Chinese medicine and doing tai chi. She does it with him and seems to get something out of it.

Gabriel and Granny meet and talk about Misha and Philip. He doesn’t seem happy. Gabriel lied to them for the first time. He goes to the Lincoln Memorial alone.

Oleg is still trying to figure out all that’s wrong with the food industry. People are being paid off.

Philip is running a recon mission on the defector’s wife. They want to find out her patterns and her students.

Paige is home. She calls Elizabeth to the door and they have a Mary Kay saleswoman there. Elizabeth is abrupt and gets rid of her as quickly as possible. Paige questions it but Elizabeth just says it would be a waste of time.

Oleg sits in a park alone.

Elizabeth and Philip meet with Gabriel. He updates on the recon mission and then she asks about the greenhouse. Nothing yet. As they go to leave, he stops them. He has to tell them something. He is going home. He also tells them that the Center is concerned about Philip and now that they’ve started, they will never stop. They’ve seen and done too much.

No one turns up to meet with Oleg.

Time for Elizabeth’s new mission. She breaks into an office and sits in a waiting room. It’s a psychiatrist. She talks about being mugged and he tells her to talk about her trauma. Mostly she just assesses the office. Its full of filing cabinets.

She goes back to the travel agency and tells Philip about it. She can’t believe Gabriel is leaving. He thinks that there is something she knows that he doesn’t. She says no. He talks about his childhood again. She suggests talking to Gabriel.

Henry and Stan share a meal and talk about school and girls.

Philip goes to see Gabriel. He asks about when he’s leaving and then about his father. He tells Gabriel what he remembers and then asks what he knows. His father was a guard at a penal camp. Philip asks if that’s why they came for him. Gabriel says no, they were looking for talent. That was just a bonus. Gabriel says he was a nobody. They were all nobodies.

Elizabeth remembers her Korean friend. She’s at the house they used to live in. She’s contemplative.

Paige is at home reading the book Pastor Tim gave her. They talk about religion. Elizabeth says that she read the book when she was growing up. They talk about Russia and then Elizabeth offers to get Paige more similiar books.

Philip gets home. Elizabeth asks him if he’s okay and he talks about his visit with Gabriel and his family.

Oleg visits a prison. He then goes home and after much consideration gets something and leaves. He stands on a rooftop and lights the tapes on fire.

Elizabeth and Philip take Paige to see Gabriel. She’s nervous. He’s happy.

Philip is spiraling. I love it but he will probably end up dead because of it and that’s bothersome. He’s my favorite. He’s always been my favorite. He will try to defect and end up dead. Actually. He might not get that far before he gets killed but it’s only a matter of time. And Paige? Elizabeth must be ecstatic.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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