Saturday Night Live, episode eighteen

Jimmy Fallon is one of my favorite SNL players of all time. He’s spectacular and I actually think the best part is when he breaks, which he does often.

Cold open: That was great. Everything about it was. That probably really is how he picks advisors.

Monologue: He’s excited it’s live but otherwise? Sort of lackluster.

Family Feud: I loved it. McKinnon as Kristen Stewart was spectacular but Jimmy Fallon and Kenan stole the show. And Harry Styles was pretty funny too.

Middle school musical: They did deserve a Tony.

Date night: She can’t win. The singing was a bit much but Cecily was great.

White House Easter: Melissa McCarthy is so great as Spicer. I want to watch that every week.
First song: He sounded fine.

Weekend Update: They are just great. Always. The two of them are great. Usually I don’t like the bar mitzvah boy but that bit was pretty good this time.

Civil War: This was way funnier than it should’ve been.

Turtle shirt: This was strange but I wouldn’t call it bad. Poor monkey lady.

Harvard: YESSSS! This was amazing. I love when former cast members bring back old characters. And Rachel Dratch. Amazing.

Second song: Is this on the radio? I liked the song. Never heard it before though.

Film set: He was in The Basketball Diaries. Come on man.

I mean there have definitely been better episodes but I did laugh at this quite a bit. Jimmy is funny and I was surprised that Harry Styles was in it as much as he was, and he did well.

Chris Pine hosts May 1 with musical guest LCD Soundsystem.


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