Chicago Med, episode nineteen

Halstead has a patient. She fell walking to her car after skydiving.

Goodwin and Maggie are having some technical problems with the tablets. While they work on that, Bert walks up. Goodwin panics but he’s not there for her. His lady friend is Halstead’s patient.

Rhodes and Latham are in surgery. The monitors get wonky and then a message shows up on the screens. Maggie has the same problem with the tablet. She shows Goodwin. It’s a ransom note. They’ve been hacked.

Staff meeting. All imaging and monitors and records are down. They will have to do it the old fashioned way. Rhodes wants to pay the ransom but as Halstead puts it he’s the one with the trust fund. Until IT can get it up and running, they are flying blind.

Robin Charles is freaking out. She’s have a rough week and needs to check into a hotel because there are rats in the vents at her place. Rhodes isn’t having it. She will stay with him.

Manning has a little kid patient. His lymph nodes are swollen. There is some hesitation from the parents when the conversation turns to vaccines. Manning has April set up some tests and get steroids.

Halstead goes back to his patient. She knows now that she’s the other woman and that makes her uncomfortable. He tells her the system is down and confirms her history.

Reese and Charles talk about what to do with the psych patients. He doesn’t want to let them know about what’s happening because it might set them off. He mentions that the ED is having trouble filling Wheeler’s spot. Reese is intrigued.

Choi gets a patient. Gunshot victim. His friend shot him by accident. The bullet is lodged inside and they have no tech to track it down.

Nina is looking for Halstead but he’s with a patient. She talks to Manning instead. She wants to make sure Halstead gets his Blackhawks jersey since he is going to watch the game with his brother. She had it because she slept in it and she makes sure to mention that to Manning. It’s not awkward at all.

Halstead is talking to his patient. She is having a bit of a reaction and it turns out she left something out of her history. She’s on insomnia medication and it might be messing with the other stuff they gave her. He wants to rerun her labs and Maggie gets mad at him. They argue and she gives him paperwork.

Down in the lab, Reese is talking to Joey about what Charles said about the ED spot. She thinks that he was hinting that she is crap at psych. Joey doesn’t see the issue because she wanted the ED job anyway.

Manning talks to Rhodes about her kid patient. Without a computer to run scans, they have to pull tissue with a needle. The mom panics while watching but they get enough to run the tests.

Choi is trying to track the bullet in his patient. It might be in his heart, or just behind it. They have to run more “dark ages” tests to know for sure.

Goodwin asks Bert if the kids know. They don’t. He walks away muttering and Maggie gives him a piece of her mind. Goodwin finds out that IT can’t fix the hack and the lawyers say it might be time to pay the hackers. Goodwin says no. She puts the hospital on diversion.

Manning still hasn’t heard back from pathology. Robin Charles brings the labs up because she was called in. Its valley fever which is a fungal infection, but at least it’s not cancer. The illness is found in the Southwest but the kid hasn’t been there. Robin wants to get a detailed history from the parents to help figure out what happened.

Halstead is talking to Sam in neuro about the lady friend patient. No way of knowing if it was just a reaction of if she has brain damage without a CT.

Charles is freaking out about his lack of files while Reese tries to prove her worth.

Choi finds out the gunshot has the bullet in his heart. He convinces Rhodes to do the surgery without any other tests.

Robin is freaking out because there might be an epidemic and no one cares and she needs her files. She yells at Goodwin to pay the ransom but Goodwin steps right back to her. Rhodes gets Robin to take a walk.

Goodwin is hiding out trying to think when she sees the monitors switching back. Her and Maggie are pleased and they thank IT but he says he didn’t do it. Someone must have paid the ransom but they don’t know who.

Rhodes is in surgery as the system goes back up. He does a direct ultrasound on the heart and finds the bullet. Goodwin confronts him afterward about the ransom. He says it wasn’t him. Same thing with Sam. Goodwin just wants to know who did it. Even after Charles tries to calm her down.

Manning’s patient is doing well. Turns out the dad tested positive as well. And the other kid that had it rode in the dad’s car a few weeks back as part of a ride share program. Robin wants to look at the car.

Halstead talks to the other woman. He wants to do a CT now that its back up. She agrees. She sends Bert to walk her dog and then tells Halstead she knows what the CT will show. She has some sort of palsy disease and she has to tell Bert. She wants to talk to Goodwin about what to do. She has only a few years left and doesn’t want to spend them alone.

The ride share guy bought his car from someone in Fresno. The CDC will have to impound the car in case there are fungus spores in the filters.

Maggie asks Choi about his girlfriend. She got deployed, and is no longer his girlfriend.

Reese talks to Charles about the ED job and firing her. He says he wasn’t going to fire her.

Bert waits for his girlfriend to get stitches. He talks to Goodwin. Wants to apologize.

Manning and Halstead have a moment.

Goodwin doesn’t care who paid the ransom as she heads out for drinks with Charles.

Latham admits he paid the ransom.

Rhodes wakes up in the night alone in bed. He goes looking for Robin and finds her in the living room, convinced she hears rats in the walls.

Robin has got something going on and it seems like her father is a bit distracted as well. Are Choi and April going to end up together? They are bother single now. Nina annoyed me with the whole make Manning jealous thing. This was an interesting episode in theory but kind of boring and anticlimactic to watch.


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