Saturday Night Live, episode seventeen

I have read some interviews with Louis C.K. and been amused but I don’t know that much about him otherwise.

Cold open: I almost feel bad because this is probably how people that voted for Trump and still actually like him are.

Monologue: I laughed at this a lot more than I expected. Also, he seems to yell a lot.

Courtroom: I have an issue with eyes. I don’t know know why but the fact that they kept zooming in on his face was making me way uncomfortable.

Thank you Scott: This was pretty funny.

Soda Shoppe: Cecily Strong hasn’t been the main part of that many sketches this season so I was happy to see her stepping it up.

Pepsi: This was great. Absolutely great.

First song: I don’t like them. I had no use for this.

Weekend Update: Jost and Che are on point and what’s not to love about McKinnon?

Bill O’Reilly: Baldwin is doing double duty and he seems to be enjoying this bit quite a lot.

Clown party: The clown saved Elsa’s life.

Sectional couches: What?

Second song: Still don’t like them.

Class trip: He broke a bit but wasn’t amused.

This was okay. When it was funny it was really funny but overall not that great.


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