Chicago Justice, episode nine

Two women are running around a basement. They get to a locked door and are freaking out. Someone opens the hatch in the door. It’s their friend. The whole thing is a game and when they talk about rounding up their friends when they hear a scream. They rush over and find one of their friends dead.

Antonio and Nagel turn up to investigate. Turns out it was a homemade escape room game. The dead girl is from a prominent family and her game partner was basically Amanda Knox, found not guilty of killing her boyfriend while studying abroad. The players get questioned but the partner ran away.

Peter and Anna explain the case to Mark and he is willing to arrest the partner, Abigail Chapman (Cathryn Dylan). Anna does not agree. They head over to talk to her mother and find out Abigail may have had something of a secret admirer. They track him down and it seems like he might be hiding her.

Nagel and Antonio follow him and find Abigail. They also find a bounty hunter pointing a gun at her. They take her into custody.During questioning she seems agitated and defensive. She argues and then attacks Antonio. Anna calls for a medic.

Mark and Peter are talking about the case when Anna comes up. Spain is trying for extradition to retry her and the state department is willing to let it happen. The judge is willing to give Peter 48 hours to charge her.

They find out the kid that ran the escape room took pictures and sold one to a tabloid. Nagel and Antonio go to see the others and find one of Abigail that is timestamped for after the murder. It might prove she’s innocent. They go to talk to her during the psych hold and ask about the other participants.

Afterward they head to the place that the escape room was help and find the gun. That makes Abigail a material witness. She is staying in Chicago. They run the gun and anna tells Peter the information. It can be traced back to the victim.

Peter and Anna talk to the victim’s father. He gave her the gun for her protection. She was by the book with it. She had conservative views and protested for them on campus. It got her into some trouble with one of her professors. Antonio and Nagel go talk to him. He’s a jerk but doesn’t seem guilty. He does know a few details though so they look for links and find one with another escapee, Bethany Pierson (Anna Friedman). They get her prints and run them. It’s a match for on the gun. They arrest her.

At the trial, the defense sets up a self defense storyline. The father is on the stand and the defense rips into him and his dead daughter. Later, the defense attorney and Peter talk about the second amendment in a bar.

The professor is on the stand ranting about guns and gun owners. Then comes Bethany. She acts like a scared little girl that tried to save herself, until she quotes the professor’s classroom rant about shootings.

Anna, Nagel and Antonio talk about the case at Molly’s. They connect some dots and realize Bethany might be full of it. They need Abigail’s help. She is hesitant to go back into a courtroom but eventually agrees.

On the stand she talks about Bethany being her friend and actually knowing the victim. The defense is brutal with her.

Peter and Anna realize that Bethany quoted the professor and its time for the cross. Peter gets her good. She is found guilty. Afterward, Peter goes to bat and keeps Abigail in the states.

This show is too preachy sometimes. If they had stuck with the Amanda Knox type thing it would have been interesting but the gun control stuff was annoying. And it needed more Anna.

Chicago Justice is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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