Designated Survivor, episode sixteen

Hannah updates Mike on what they’ve found from the mystery woman, Brooke Matheson. She had blueprints of Golden Gate Bridge, Hoover Dam and Statue of Liberty. Could mean more attacks. Mike goes back to Kirkman with the new information and they set up covert sweeps.

Then it’s time for Kirkman to talk the press. The gun control bill is headed to the House and Kirkman is committed to working with everyone for America’s safety. Hookstraten is watching and is miffed that she wasn’t consulted. Aaron tells her that that’s what this is.

After the press questions, Kirkman talks to Emily and Seth about what it will take to get the bill passed. Emily knows that they have a tough road ahead of them. Seth goes to meet Alex for her roundtable about the gun violence. She’s happy to do something that matters to people.

Hookstraten and Aaron talk about the senator introducing the bill, Bowman (Mark Deklin). She doesn’t want to go against him because he is in her party but Aaron thinks she should push back before it is too late.

Kirkman has a meeting with the new minority leader. She is willing to get the democrats to fall in line as long as he doesn’t touch things like health care or provide tax cuts to the rich. He agrees to those terms.

Forstell and Hannah go over Matheson’s file. She knows there is another property in play in North Dakota. She plans to head out and he tells her to bring backup. She tells him she is bringing Atwood. He’s not pleased.

Moss is back from negotiating with the Russians. Things went well and now he offers a reality check about dealing with Congress. Take the bill you’ve got and make it work.
Bowman and Hookstraten meet. They talk about the bill and making Kirkman look bad. She tells him that there are bigger issues and that he isn’t helping with his stunt. He doesn’t back down. He says that she is the last of the old guard and it’s time for her to learn that.

Emily, Moss and Kirkman meet about swing votes. Alex starts her roundtable with a few comments for the press pool before talking to

Hannah recruits Atwood for a road trip to North Dakota.

Kirkman and company are having no luck with the republicans. Alex comes in and tells Kirkman how important the bill is. Emily meets with Aaron. He says that Hookstraten may be able to help and Emily wants to know what would be in it for her. She figures it out though. Vice President.

Time to work on swings. Kirkman meets with a guy he knew in college. He won’t cross party lines though. Bowman is on television talking about the bill. Hookstraten comes in to talk to Kirkman. She’s willing to comment publicly about amending the bill and basically supporting him. He thanks her and offers help down the line.

On the ground in North Dakota, Atwood and Hannah talk about strategy and taking people down. She seems uncomfortable.

Kirkman gets a call from his old college friend. Turns out he had a chat with Hookstraten and now he’s willing to help.

Alex goes to talk to the minority leader, following up on a promise she made during the round table. On her way out she seems Bowman and they talk about the importance of the bill.

Emily is going over who they can possibly swing voters. They all have people to try and work. Then she gets a call. A democrat dropped because Kirkman teamed up with Hookstraten.

Hannah and Atwood are wandering around the wilderness. They come across an open field where the facility should be. They don’t know what’s what.

They all head out to try and get the votes. It will be tight but they might make it. Hookstraten will not go with Kirkman if he starts to sink.

Seth comes in to talk to Emily. He just found out about Alex’s visit. They need to reconfirm votes.

Forstell talks to Hannah on the phone. Turns out there was a missile silo underground. They will head back out at first light.

The vote is on. It all comes down to a woman from Alaska. She votes no. They will lose. But wait! A woman from Tennessee voted yes. Someone nobody expected. They passed the bill.

Atwood and Hannah are searching the woods. They find a tunnel and obviously head inside.

Aaron calls Emily and they congratulate each other.

The Tennessee senator comes to the Oval to talk about the vote. She thinks that country over party is important and they shouldn’t give in.

Hannah and Atwood find what’s basically a Cold War time capsule underground complete with tons of bombs just like what was used at the Capitol.

The fact that this is getting more and more about politics is great. I know it will eventually take some drastic turn because of what happened with Hannah and Atwood but until then I’m going to enjoy it. Hookstraten is my favorite.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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