iZombie, episode three

Major is at training. He messes up and then has to eat processed brain goop. He hangs out with Ravi and Liv afterward and whines about the brain goop.

Peyton is at a bar watching Blaine sing. He talks about his father’s will and she provides some legal advice.

A yogi is meditating. He gets murdered. Clive talks to the woman that found the body. Then he chats with a homeless man that was in the alley behind the studio as the killer fled. He says the killer ditched a trashbag and they find it in a dumpster out back.

Liv and Ravi are in the morgue talking about him talking to Peyton when Katty turns up. She’s looking into the supermax incident and thinks Seattle is ground zero for something big. She’s in town for the long haul.

Ravi goes to talk to Peyton. It doesn’t work out quite like he wanted. She’s still talking to Blaine and is headed to his office for a legal meeting. Turns out there is a problem with his father’s will because his father is not dead. Once Blaine realizes his father is right there, he thinks they can catch up. His father hates him though.

Clive and Liv talk about the case. There is a guy recently out on bail that had business connections to the victim.

Major is still crap at training. He gets a pep talk from a fellow mercenary. Then he goes to talk to Blaine about a lead on where Natalie is. He gets an address.

Blaine’s father is trying to get his new brain business off the ground.

Ravi is checking Major’s health. He’s got a few weeks before he has to take a cure and wipe his memory. There may be an antidote but they need a guinea pig. Blaine.

Liv can’t set that up though because she has to go talk to the ex-con. He’s a no go but there is a third business partner. He meets the description and has the right size feet. It was also his shoes found in the dumpster.

At the morgue, Ravi is working on the cure. No luck though. Katty has a girl from a plane crash that had been at the party that Liv was turned at.

Clive and Liv are on a stakeout. Patrol comes by because someone complained about them being parked there. She’s been watching them all night. They go talk to her and it turns out the homeless man might actually be murderer.

Major does great at training and makes a friend. He brings the guy home to play video games and then Liv comes over and they are dancing and having a great time but Major keeps coughing.

The homeless man was the ex-con in disguise! They have physical evidence and a motive. Dude won’t talk without a lawyer though.

Blaine comes by the morgue. The gang assembles to talk about the memory serum. He doesn’t want to remember his old life. They have to find a new guinea pig. Ravi tries to guilty him into it and then goes off. Peyton tries to stop him but he yells at her too. They fight and he admits he loves her. Blaine agrees to be the test subject.

The club owned by Blaine’s father is ready to rock. He tells Blaine’s lackey to make zombies so they have customers.

Ravi and Peyton talk about their relationship. The one thing stopping them is him. He kisses her. They hear something in the kitchen. It’s Katty in Ravi’s shirt. Peyton flees.

RAVI WHY?!?!?! I was so rooting for him and Peyton. This is no good. I want them to be together. I like Major and Liv being so chummy. All that drama with them was annoying in earlier seasons. Clive is just along for the ride I think.

iZombie is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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