Quantico, episode eighteen

Alex is training Owen. Clay is trying to figure out the bigger plan. Neither is going all that great. Owen is too much in his own head. She says that he has to act on instinct.

Shelby pulled some strings and got the log of Nimah’s first day in custody. She hasn’t slept yet. Raina says she won’t break but Shelby points out that they won’t stop until she does.
Ryan wakes up at the reporters place. She is watching the news. He gets a text to head to the bunker and they banter as they get dressed. He plants a bug and the moment he leaves she is up to something else.

At the bunker, they have five pings. There could be a riot in any one of those places but there is nothing they can do about it. They can only wait for the collaborates to tip the scales, according to Clay. Alex is not so sure. She thinks they can go big and take out a collaborator.

Everyone is on board. They are working to see what city is most likely. Owen is looking at Detroit while Shelby researches Fargo. Ryan also checks his bug. The reporter is FSB and she is going to meet a contact to talk about him.

Apparently Alex is in charge. She tells them to disconnect and look at it in a less logical way. What is the best storyline? Cleveland. It’s got guns and violence and a bizarre court case that involves a family with kids. The city is on edge and they will get the verdict at 6 p.m. Shelby, Alex and Raina, as Nimah, will head there.

Clay is going to the White House. He is going to get the team disbanded and jump ship while he has a chance. Shelby tells him not to run but its too late.

Ryan goes to the pub to see who the reporter is meeting. She knew about the bug. The meet was to set him up. She wants to move on and have him trust her.

At the White House, Clay goes to talk to his mother and Caleb is there. They squabble before Clay makes his pitch to end the team. Caleb tells him that fighting with fire makes no sense. Their mother agrees with Caleb. He wants to run the team and Claire is considering it. Clay tells them thats nuts and storms out, calling Felix for a sit down with the speaker.

The others arrive in Cleveland and get wind of who is running the show. It’s Miranda. She tells them that they have to play by the rules. They don’t respond and Alex and Shelby find out that Nimah is in jail and Raina is with them.

They set up shop at some computers to access the jury records for the court case. They send the names back to the bunker to see who is being paid off by the collaborators. They get some information and start talking to jurors. No luck at first but Alex gets a lead. The judge.

It’s time for Clay’s meeting with the speaker. The conversation starts with a bit of snark but the speaker quickly starts preaching about what’s wrong with American society. The country is no better off than it was 200 years ago. The Constitution is merely a blueprint and people should let the elected officials actually lead.

Ryan and Owen are on the phone talking about the collaborators. Ryan notices something is amiss. He hangs up and checks his phone. There’s a bug. Alex and Owen talk about getting to the judge but when she goes with Shelby and Raina to follow up, Miranda intervenes. She wants to put them in holding.

Someone is lurking in the shadows back at the bunker. Owen has no idea. Or does he? He takes down the masked man and finds that it is Sebastian.

The trio in Cleveland plead their case to Miranda and she relents. They push for the truth and the judge finally admits it. It’s too late though. The jury reached a verdict.

Owen and Ryan interrogate Sebastian. He tells them they don”t know what they are up against and mentions Doyle. He tells him that he let Doyle run because he was trying to figure out who his wife was working for before she died. He’s also figured out the collaborators. They agree to part with a truce.

The reporter calls one of the collaborators and fishes a bit. He is chatty at first but backs off when it gets too personal. He ends the call with a vaguely threatening remark.

The verdict is back. It’s guilty. Moreover the Speaker is in Cleveland to talk. Shelby calls Clay in a panic but he has a trick up his sleeve. The Speaker approaches and they turn to head to the courthouse steps. There is another person there to give a speech. The president herself. Clay is pretty tricky.

Her speech is a hit and back in the bunker the team is ecstatic because they have identified all the collaborators. Progress.

Shelby comes into the kitchen to find Clay cooking. They talk about the speech and his respect for America and his dream. Caleb walks in. He escorts Shelby out and threatens her to back off his brother along the way.

Alex and Owen talk at the bar about trusting each other. It’s borderline flirty.
Raina and Shelby hang out in the kitchen.

The Speaker and Feliz are talking in his office. He’s made about Clay and threatens Felix with deportation if he doesn’t find out what Clay is up to.

The reporter is on her way out when Ryan gets there. He confronts her about the bug on his phone and she tells him she has a lead and will be back shortly. They kiss and head to their cars. He gets in his. Hers blows up.

This weird flirty relationship between Owen and Alex bothers me. I want them to not do that. I also want Doyle back. Sebastian was really obvious but the President in Cleveland surprised me. Also, Clay and Caleb do actually look related. What happens to the judge though? He admitted to the bribe. Wouldn’t that be a big thing too?

Quantico is new Mondays at 10 p.m.


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