The Americans, episode seven

Elizabeth, Philip and Paige talk about Gabriel on their way back to the car. Paige realizes that he is their family.

In the basement they talk about the lab and what angles they can use to find out more about the wheat. Elizabeth mentions that Paige is doing well.

Stan is at work. They got a call back from one of the guys that blew them off. They will hold a meet.

Elizabeth makes her way into her shrink’s office and snoops around the files. She finds one about the Committee on Human Rights and takes it.

Philip is in Topeka. His mark calls him needy and says that if he moves to Kansas she will break up with him. Then they have sex.

Oleg tells his mother that they are in the clear with the blackmail thing.

The meet in the park is between Stan and his partner and the woman from the playground. She wants safety for her son but Stan tells her they can’t make any promises.
Paige and Elizabeth talk about Gabriel and why he is stepping down. Philip comes in and Paige starts asking about the grain issue. She thinks that they should go to the press but no one would believe them.

Later, Philip and Elizabeth talk about Kansas. Paige meets with Pastor Tim and he talks about Jesus and being a part of something bigger.

Stan finds out that the CIA is backing off of Oleg. They also want him out counter-intelligence.

Philip and Elizabeth are driving through some fields. They are following her mark. He leads them to the better produce. and they plan to circle back to it later. They will keep following him for now.

At the Beeman house, Matthew is angsty and Paige tells him they have to talk. She tells him that he doesn’t know her and he just wants to fix whatever he did. She tells him that she has a lot going on and he’s still an angsty teen. She breaks up with him and turns to leave. He grabs her hand and she gives him a solid shove before leaving in tears.

Elizabeth and Philip are walking the streets of Membphis following the mark. He meets with and kisses another woman. Elizabeth knows nothing about this. She does seem a little upset. They head back to the field. She’s surprised the mark was like that. Philip tells her its okay to care but she says not for her. They dig up a plant from the middle of the field.

Back home, Elizabeth delivers the plant to Gabriel. He has to tend to it like a baby. He tells her that they’ve done well with Paige and that she can handle what Elizabeth is doing to her. She asks again why he’s leaving. He tells her that it adds up. He’s leaving that night and tells her to send Philip to say goodbye.

She gets home and finds Paige laying on the couch. She tells her about the break up. Elizabeth awkwardly tries to relate emotionally.

Stan is watching a movie with his girlfriend. She keeps talking to him but he’s not really listening. She asks what’s going on but he says nothing. A few minutes he does tell her about his work situation, in very vague terms.

Philip gets home and Elizabeth tells him about Paige and Gabriel. He goes to talk to Paige. They have a chat and she tells him to say goodbye to Gabriel for her.

Oleg is at some government building looking up files on some lady. He’s trying to figure something out.

Gabriel and Philip say their goodbyes. Philip asks about what Elizabeth was doing at the psychiatrist’s office. He tells him that it was information about an opposition party back in Russia. Philip asks about the time before. Gabriel tells him that it was bad and that he did what he had to do. He also tells Philip he’s losing it when conversation turns to Stan’s girlfriend being one of them. He leaves just after telling him that
Paige can’t handle the spy life.

Serious question. Is Gabriel Philip’s father? Also, what’s he playing at pitting them against each other with Paige? This isn’t going to end well. Where was Henry? And Stan’s girlfriend is absolutely a spy. Team Philip.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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