Chicago Med, episode twenty

Charles gets to work and is about to get in the elevator. The door opens on Robin and Rhodes fighting. They’ve had two exterminators check. No sign of rats but she knows that she heard them.

Manning asks Maggie to remind her of a video call date with her son. She hasn’t had a chance to spend much time with him at all lately.

Choi gets a patient. A 17-year old kid that got beat up at school. He’s got a busted nose and some other injuries. April comments that she hopes they caught the kids that did this but the kid says he deserved it. He then asks them to castrate him.

Halstead is on the phone in the break room asking some medical questions. It’s his brother. Their dad has a condition that he keeps putting off treatment for. He has to head there and is taking the train. Rhodes offers his car and Halstead asks him to come with instead.

Charles is talk to the kid. He says that he thinks about sex all the time and that sex is only for procreation. He was spying on some girls in the shower when his classmates found him. He wants to be chemically castrated. Charles talks to Choi and tells him that he wouldn’t rule it out.

Maggie gives Manning and Jeff a little boy that has been sick for a few weeks. They don’t know what it is so they look him over and schedule some tests.

Reese has to teach a high school class about parent responsibilities so she is going them computer babies. She says that it is awful because she has no maternal instinct and doesn’t want kids. Noah comments that he doesn’t want any either.

Robin is staring at the vending machine when Charles approaches. He tries to make small talk but she just walks away.

Rhodes and Halstead get to his father’s place. It’s a far cry from where Rhodes grew up. Mr. Halstead (Louis Herthum) is defensive and not interested in what they have to say. Jay is there but has to head back to the district. Rhodes listens to his heart. Dude is literally drowning in his own blood. They drive him to Med since he refuses an ambulance.

They bring him in and set up some tests so that they can figure out a game plan. As Rhodes wheels him away, Halstead looks on and Manning asks what’s wrong. He tells her as Maggie comes over to give her a new patient. Jeff updates her on the little boy. No obvious issues. Could be lead poisoning or maybe abuse. She doesn’t want to consider that yet.

The parents of the castration kid show up and Choi tells them about his condition. When they start to question their son about what happened, he avoids answering.

Time to teach some kids. Reese explains the dolls and what they do. Noah comes in to check on her.

Choi and Charles talk to the castration kids parents. The mother is shocked and saddened but the father is livid. He has no interest in what they have to say.

Rhodes comes through and finds Halstead waiting in his father’s room. His father ignored protocol and went to the bathroom. When he gets back, Rhodes lays out the options. Open heart surgery or a less invasive and less helpful procedure. He picks the latter. Halstead storms out and Rhodes confronts him. Halstead tells him its no use arguing. He’s a disappointment to his father.

Still no sign of what could be wrong with Manning’s little kid. He throws a small fit when he is given white milk instead of chocolate milk and when Manning talks to the mother about his eating habits, and various babysitters, she comes up with another idea.

It’s time for castration kid to have eye surgery. Choi tells him that they tried to talk to his parents and that Charles will come up with another plan.

The brothers Halstead are in with their dad after his procedure. He feels great and thinks that all his problems are solved. He also takes a few jabs at Will before basically dismissing them.

There is a knock on Charles’ door. It’s Rhodes. He is worried about Robin. She hasn’t been acting like herself. He lays out the facts but Charles has no interest in it. He gets rid of him as quickly as he can. Once alone, Charles seems very concerned.

The results are in. The little kid has scurvy because he is so malnourished. Manning rips into her and then leaves Jeff to explain the course of action.

Goodwin goes to introduce herself to Mr. Halstead but he’s in trouble again. The procedure didn’t take and now there is no option but surgery. As they wheel him away, he asks them not to tell Will.

Robin can’t find her wallet in her purse in the cafeteria. Charles pays for her snack while she rants about having to cancel her cards and all the hassle. He finds the wallet with a quick glance and then tries to chat with her. She tells him that she is not a head case and leaves.

The students give the dolls back to Reese. One student had an amazing score. Reese confronts her and she admits that she hacked the doll.

Rhodes has Mr. Halstead in surgery prep and they have a heart to heart about Will before he starts the surgery.

Choi takes the castration kid back to his room after his eye surgery. That was a success.
Manning talks to Maggie about going off on that mom and feeling inadequate as a mother herself.

Goodwin talks to the Halstead brothers and then Rhodes comes out to say the surgery was a success. He also tells Will that he admires the relationship he has with his father because it is better than his own.

When he goes to check on castration kid, Choi finds an empty room. He goes looking for him and finds him creeping in a room with a young blond patient asleep. They have a standoff before the kid runs into the bathroom and looks the door. He screams. Choi breaks down the door. The kid cut off his penis. Choi and Charles have another conversation with his parents.

Halstead is waiting by the elevator to go up and see his father. Nina approaches. She is happy his dad is okay but wants to know why she had to hear about it from Manning. He offers to introduce her but she says no.

Charles goes to see Robin. She says that she has proof of the mice, their droppings but when she opens the bag there is nothing there. He tells her that, as a dad, he would feel better if someone took a look. He agrees.

Reese and Noah are having coffee and talking about the hacker girl and wanting kids. He thinks she would be great mom and basically admits that he has a crush on her.

Manning talks to the little kid and his mom about nutrition and apologizes for her behavior.

Halstead has a moment with his dad while Rhodes looks on. As he leaves the breakroom, Manning is facetiming her son.

So Reese and Noah are going to get together right? I liked that it was a lot about the family relationships of the characters but I like Maggie and April and they were severely lacking in this episode. That poor castration kid. I felt bad for him. His dad is nuts. And jealous Nina needs to take a hike. Seriously.

Chicago Med is new Thursdays at 9 p.m.


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