Designated Survivor, episode seventeen

In a war ravaged country, Abe Leonard is being driven around with a hood on. He’s taken to see the head of a terrorist organization. He asks about the bombing and the attempt on Kirkman’s life.

Hannah and Atwood head out of the bunker and talk to Forstell and Mike about what they’ve found. They can’t move on what they’ve found yet but they need to work fast.
Emily tells Kirkman that Hookstraten came through. The gun bill should pass in the House soon. She asks about VP and he says no decisions have been made yet so he turns to Supreme Court. Four from each party and the ninth a legitimate independent.

Leonard is at the White House. He’s back from his journey to the Middle East and wants a comment from Seth about what he’s learned. He has until the end of the day because the story runs in the morning. Seth tracks down Emily to find out what’s what. She says that she will talk to Kirkman.

It’s time for a meeting with leadership. Senator Harris and the Democrats are on board but Bowman is not. The impartial justice is not impartial enough for his liking. They intend to hold up the process. Kirkman goes off but Bowman doesn’t back down. Another republican stands up to ask for an alternate for the ninth spot. Kirkman agrees but tells Emily they have to come up with someone good.

Atwood and Hannah are surprised by all the out of state plates in the middle of nowhere. They park and talk to a couple from New York. If it’s a test, they fail.

Kirkman knows that he has to stop Bowman. They have to come up with an option that he has no choice but to pass. They can’t let the “darling of the far right” win.

Hannah and Atwood head into a local bar and talk to the owner about the out of state plates. They meet a few times a year at the old air force base and light bonfires and such. The locals hope that the air force will come back. They still hear choppers and trucks out that way at night on occasion.

Aaron and Hookstraten are talking about VP and his meeting with Emily when Leonard shows up. He thinks her gun legislation move was smart and wants to talk about the appointment of Peter MacLeish. Leonard knows she tried to delay the vote. He wants to know why. He pushes for details about Hannah and she tells him that she can’t comment on an ongoing investigation. He leaves and Aaron points that he’s dangerous.

Hookstraten says that that’s why she keeps him close. Aaron walks out and tries to call Hannah.

Forstell meets with Aaron. He had been trying to talk to Hannah but Forstell intervenes and pushes for what he might know. Then Forstell goes to Kirkman about arresting Leonard basically for knowing too much. That doesn’t fly with Kirkman. He says they have to Leonard do what he is constitutionally allowed to do, the price of living in a free society.

Emily and Aaron meet. He pushes the VP agenda but she holds by that they didn’t make any promises. He gets frustrated but she keeps playing hardball.

Leonard is in the office. His story won’t run until he gets better, more reliable sources. As it stands it is all conjecture.

Out in the Dakotas, Hannah tries to get a random guy to talk but he is cagey. She pickpockets a book from him. The American. The same one that was on the dashboard of the New York car.

Trying find a connect, Leonard starts googling things. He gets a conspiracy site about the Kirkman shooting and finds video of Hannah.

In the Oval, Kirkman is talks to Julia Rombauer (Linda Puri) when Emily pops in. Bowman shot down another nominee. So time for plan B. Kirkman asks Julia to do it.
Atwood and Hannah are watching the site. She is reading the book. It’s a manifesto for a new world order.

Julia comes by to tell Kirkman she can’t be the ninth judge because she has early onset dementia. He is upset.

Atwood and Hannah try to drive onto the base but there is a militia blocking the road.

Whatever they are doing out in the woods, they are willing to kill for.

Idea time at the White House. Don’t cater to Bowman. Go around him.

Leonard is walking around scoping out buildings. Takes some selfies to prove he’s being followed.

Hannah checks in with Forstell and tells him that they will keep looking for information. He tells her backup is assembled but she tells him to wait on it.

Leadership is called together again. Julia lays out her plan. Move forward with the eight nominees and leave the potential for a ninth to be determined later.

Seth holds his usual presser and Leonard tracks him down after. He’s being followed by the FBI but he won’t be intimidated. Seth tells him to talk to someone.

Kirkman and Julia toast to the new court before she has to head out. She tells him to remember her like this.

After talking to Seth, Leonard gets to his car and finds a package on the windshield. It’s a cell phone and it rings. A friend that is also interested in what he is doing left it. He sets up a meeting.

Atwood and Hannah spy on the wilderness. There are about 35 or 40 people at the base. And they don’t light bonfires. They mark a landing zone. A chopper arrives. It’s Lozano aka Catalan.

I’m rooting for Abe Leonard big time on this one. I want him to break the story and everyone to have to deal with the repercussions. I think Seth is the snitch. He’s my favorite so I don’t want him to be but he seems like the least obvious. Unless Alex counts. Does she count? If she does, it’s totally her. Emily is too self-important. She annoyed me a lot in this one.

Designated Survivor is new Wednesdays at 10 p.m.


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