Shots Fired, episode four

A phone is ringing. It wakes Preston up. He heads out and meets Ashe where she is holed up with Cory and his uncle. Cory tells the story of the night Joey died. He was riding home on his bike when he saw a police van corner Jesse, who started yelling for his mom. Two white old man cops got out and started roughing him up before shooting him. It sounded like he was crying by the end.

Ashe asks if he would be able to pick the cops out if he saw them again. He says yes. They head out but they have to be patient and keep digging. Preston reaches out to his boss who isn’t as interested as they want him to be.

One of the Beck kids wakes up. He sees a shadow out his window and goes to investigate. It sets the alarm off on the house. Beck jumps into action grabbing his gun and going outside and though there is no one there, someone tagged the house with the words “killer cop.” Platt comes to tell him there will be a car in front from now on because they take of their own. Beck tells him it doesn’t feel like it.

Preston tells Ashe that she can say “I told you so” and she does. She rants at him for having an ego and comes up with a game plan. It’s about more than the murder now. It’s the whole sheriff’s department.

She heads to the college looking for the weed connection. She finds the big name dealer and asks about a connection to the hood but he says there is none.

He goes to the sheriff’s office and requests arrest records, hard copies, for the last 90 days. Platt tries to put him in his place and Preston tells him to respect the office.
Beck talks to his father about legal fees and being guilty.

Platt takes Preston out for a ride. He pulls over a truck of good ole boys and makes Preston pat them down. It’s a lesson on how his deputies feel every day. Policing people that hate them and might hurt them. Preston tells him this isn’t a game and Platt basically tells him to know his place.

Eamons holds a speech at a school. She talks about closures and new initiatives to get kids more opportunities. She thanks Pastor Janae and says that a young man will speak later. That young man is Shawn Campbell. The new initiative will bus kids from the rough neighborhood to a much more privileged high school. The moderator brings up the cost and she says that it will be privately funded by Arlen Cox.

Ashe and Preston try to piece together what happened the night Beck killed Jesse. They find a link between both murders. First on the scene in both cases was Breeland. They have to get him to talk.

Time for the audience question part of the Eamons talk. Some of the white parents get super racist about not wanting to let the blacks in the school. Eamons tells them to stand down and that everyone just wants what’s best for their kids. They tell her to put up or shut up and send her kid to the school in the rough part of town.

Preston and Ashe bring an older black woman into the station to talk. She says that Breeland killed her husband. He harassed them for months until her husband died from the stress.

A guy moves in on the hotel room that Cory was hiding out in. He goes in and shoots first. Then turns on the lights. The room is empty. Cut to Ashe escorting Cory and his family to a safe house.

They had back to the station and start talking to Brooks. He doesn’t think Breeland is dirty and on the whole has no interest in talking to them.

Eamons meets with Cox. They are getting the contract settled with the school initiative. He tries to make some last minute changes and she is not interested in playing ball.
The investigators have their much anticipated showdown with Breeland. He has an answer for everything and believes that there is no good guys or bad guys. He tells them to go back to DC and leave Gate Station to them.

Sarah Ellis talks to Eamons about the initiative. Eamons wants an opinion and she gives her one. Go with the Cox plan. She does.

Shawn Campbell doesn’t want to go to the white school but his mother tells him it is not up for discussion. He doesn’t want to go where everyone will hate him but she says that this will give him a chance to not end up like his brother.

Discussion of the talk is held at the Eamons house as well. Her daughter wants to go to the rough neighborhood school but Eamons and her husband tell her that that’s not an option.

Campbell takes the bus to the new school with a few other kids. He gets off the bus and maybe makes a friend.

Ashe and Preston know Breeland is the connection. They just have to find out how. She says to follow the weed. They check the tox. It’s the same strain of weed found at both murders which is evidence of foul play.

Preston and Ashe go to his boss again. They get permission to open a case on Joey Campbell and to keep him posted. They are ecstatic and want to go celebrate. They go out and drink and have a talk about why she’s working this case before dancing together, after a confrontation from another guy dancing of course. They share a moment before going separate ways.

Pastor Janae holds a service. Some new parishioners, white ones, come in.

Breeland is looking into Ashe.

Platt is the bad guy right? He’s pulling the puppet strings on this. I still like Eamons but I don’t trust Cox. I was really worried for Shawn going to the new school but I’m glad it worked out for him. I’m interested in seeing how it all connects.

Shots Fired is new Wednesdays at 8 p.m.


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