Shots Fired, episode three

Another night out in the neighborhood. Ashe and Preston are trying to track down the missing kid Cory. They are talking to his father when they hear gunshots. Breeland and Deputy Brooks respond but don’t rush in until the shots end. A young black man is dead in the street when Ashe and Preston get there. Ashe and Breeland exchange words.
Preston has trouble seeing the body. It’s the first time he’s seen a dead victim and Ashe tells him it never gets easier.

At the bar, Breeland and Brooks are playing pool when a drunk retired cop starts running his mouth about Beck. He wants to start a petition to keep Beck out but Brooks tells him off. The cop mocks Breeland, who lays him out with one punch.

Kerry Beck (Clare-Hope Ashitey) is loading the kids up to go to school. She says that their father is going to take them but Beck comes out and asks her to do it. He’s going for a run instead. She asks if he is going to see a psychologist but he’s not.

Ashe is on the phone with her lawyer. She has permission to call her daughter. Then she and Preston head in to talk to Pastor Janae. They ask about the Jesse Campbell and then about Cory. She plays dumb even though they mention her reputation for keeping the neighborhood scared straight.

Alicia Carr is at home when someone comes to the door. It’s a guy running for governor. He wants to use her son’s memory as a political platform and she has no use for him and tells him to leave.

The toxicology is back on Jesse Carr. He was driving drunk. Preston and Ashe talk to his parents but his mother sees it as an attack on her son and she leaves.

Pastor Janae and Eamons are eating at Dabney’s restaurant. They talk about “serving” the lower class. There is quite a bit of press outside.

After her chat with the investigators, Alicia is on board with Penn Moder (R. Keith Harris) to talk about her son. She has the campaign in her house setting up to record something when Ashe comes by with papers for her to get her son’s car back. She tells Ashe she doesn’t trust her anymore.

Back in the neighborhood, Janae greets Eamons who is there to see Shameeka Campbell. They talk about Joey and then the governor starts to leave. Shameeka asks if there is anything she can do about keeping the middle school her other son goes to open because the one he’d have to switch to is much more dangerous. She says that she will see what she can do.

Ashe and Preston are at Jesse’s college talking to his ex-girlfriend and his RA. His drinking was an out of character thing. He had been drunk once on campus and got rowdy with some frat guys, got in the RAs face. The RA had to beat him down in front of everyone.

They had back to the board and start talking about what could’ve happened. Preston brings up race. Says it could have been in Jesse’s head after his altercation with his black RA who openly referred to him as “white boy wasted.” Ashe gets a call about the other Campbell witness, Kiana Ward. She’s got a new place is in a ritzy neighborhood. It is a far cry from the neighborhood when Ashe turns up. She snarks with Ward (Antonique Smith) before warning her to be careful otherwise she might end up like Cory. Someone is in a car outside listening to the whole thing.

Preston heads to Jesse’s frat to ask some questions. They don’t tell him anything but one pledge watches the whole exchange.

Breeland goes to the Campbell household. The governor told him to leave no stone unturned and that’s why he is there asking a few more questions. She tells him that she’s got nothing. He tells her not to be scared, that he’s a good guy and though she doesn’t say anything, she doesn’t seem to believe him either.

At the frat house, Preston is drinking with the pledge. Then they start talking about hazing and then about how rough it was for Joey. They sent him to the hood for barbeque as punishment for getting his ass kicked by a black guy. Preston turns off the music and stares down the head of the frat before leaving.

Beck gets home to find Kerry trying to fix the sink. It’s not working so well. He tries and cuts his hand. The plumber was too busy cause of who they are. They talk about how the world is hating on them and they have to stick together.

Ashe is at the station trying to find out how to get Joey’s car back for Alicia. The deputy on duty is no help. She sees Cory’s father finally filing a missing persons report. Later, Ashe has a call with her daughter that had been pushed back from earlier. She finds out that the call was pushed back because she went shoe shopping with her father. Ashe yells and Kai cries. Javier hangs up the phone.

Preston goes to the batting cage with Sarah Ellis. He’s upset about what happened with Cory. They talk about Ashe. He trusts her.

Alicia gets the car back. She sits in it and cries.

The Beck’s take a shower together.

Ashe spies on Cory’s uncle. First at a convenience store. She follows him though and finds Cory hiding out.

Who was spying on Kiana Ward? The police right? Breeland had to have been involved with that somehow. Those frat guys were terrible. I’m glad Cory isn’t dead but I feel like I missed something huge with that. I trust Eamons more than Janae but that isn’t saying much and I don’t know why but I don’t trust Sarah Ellis at all.

Shots Fired is new Wednesdays at 8 p.m.


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