Supergirl, episode eighteen

Supergirl is flying around National City. She heads to the DEO and is ready to help. Only, they don’t need any help. They have nothing doing. J’onn goes to do paperwork. Winn goes to fiddle with computers and Alex has.. knife training?

Kara is home honing her baking skills when Lena turns up. She got invited to a press conference, by her ex. They were together until recently and she wants backup because he’s her kryptonite. Enter good friend Kara Danvers.

The ex, Jack Spheer ( Rahul Kohli …. aka Seattle’s best ME Ravi) runs Spheerical Industries. He finally cracked the code on something they had researched together. It is a medical miracle called nanobots and they heal people. Kara gets into a bit of a reporter duel with Snapper while asking questions.

Afterward Spheer approachs Lena and Kara, the latter of whom quickly makes excuses to leave. She gets stopped on the way out by another conference attendee. He has some info on Sphere but can only trust her. Spheer asks Lena to dinner so they can catch up.

Guardian fights and restrains a bad guy. Sirens are heard in the distance so he heads to the van and finds Winn and Lyra making out in the back. James is not happy about that. Winn wants her to join the team but James is reluctant.

Kara meets with Joe Watkins. He used to work at Spheerical and wants her to know that the human tests were faked. The nanobots are dangerous. Just then, they swarm the car and blow it up. Kara survives but Joe doesn’t.

She needs some help so she goes to talk to James. She wants to file a FOIA and thinks that CatCo would get a response quicker. Snapper comes in and they argue before Kara leaves. She eavesdrops and finds out he is meeting a human test subject that night.

Lena has some company. Spheer stops by. He wants to take her out to dinner and she is not interested. He asks her if she has fun at L Corp but she dodges. He doesn’t like the way things ended between them. He just wants dinner. She agrees.

Robbery in progress. Guardian is handling it and Lyra interferes. They argue before she listens to him.

Snapper heads to the apartment of the test subject. He asks some questions. Supergirl lurks outside. The guy signed papers, nothing more. Enter the nanobots. Supergirl saves Snapper but the bots get the guy.

Kara gets home and rants to Mon-El. He’s a waste of space. Then they crash Lena’s dinner with Sphere. Kara plays reporter and asks about trials and how he cracked the code. He talks about birds and queen bees and migration. Kara tries for another question but its no use. She and Mon-El leave and on the way out he snags Sphere’s security badge.
After dinner, Lena and Spheer head back to her place and talk about what could have been between them. He wants them to be together. They kiss.

Over at Spheerical Industries, Kara and Mon-El search the computers for records on human trials. They find out that there weren’t any. Spheer knew it was dangerous. Also, he’s like made of nanobots so he’s not human.

Spheer senses a disturbance in the force and flees from Lena’s. Mon-El hears something and Kara knows its the bots. She knows that Spheer is the killer. They make a run for it.
The next morning, Kara brings the video to Lena. She wants to confront him but Kara asks her not to, for her own safety. Cause Kara worries about Lena’s safety. Lena agrees to not go see him but sends Kara on her way.

Winn meets with Lyra at the bar. He’s trying really hard and she notices. He wants to kick her off team Guardian. She blames James and goes kind of berzerk.

Back at CatCo, Kara brings her research to Snapper. She wants the story out more than she wants her name on it. She also apologizes about the blog. They compare notes and he brings up the CFO, Beth (Claudia Doumit aka Jiya from Timeless). Kara heads out.

Lena goes to see Spheer. She confronts him. He legitimately has no idea what she is talking about. Enter Beth. She’s the one pulling the strings. She zaps Spheer and he has no awareness. He killed those people and has no idea. They argue. Lena assumes she is about to get killed but no Beth wants to turn her into a bot too. They fight. Or rather, Lena kicks her ass. The bots get the upper hand on Supergirl and Lena is forced to override the system, killing Spheer.

Kara goes to offer support to Lena. They talk about how Lena is scared of what she might become. Kara says that she will always be there for her and always protect her. They cuddle.

It’s a slow night for Guardian. James apologizes to Winn for the way he handles the Lyra situation. He hasn’t been close to anyone in a long time and doing this makes him happy. Winn says that Lyra makes him happy. That’s why James brought Lyra back.

Snapper is at CatCo. There is a lot about him Kara doesn’t know. The story on Spheerical is published and he gave her a byline. He gives her her job back.

Lena gets a late night visitor with a business proposition. Queen Rhea of Daxam.

I’m glad there was a lot of Lena and that we got something of a backstory about her that doesn’t directly relate to her adoption. I also liked Kara stepping up as a reporter. BUT WHERE WERE ALEX AND MAGGIE AND J’ONN? I missed them (mostly the first two) so much. The police could have helped with something or they could have just been in the background. I don’t know. Maggie was in the preview. It was bull.

Supergirl is new Mondays at 8 p.m.


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