Chicago Justice, episode ten

A man is getting ready to leave. He picks up a gun. Considers it. Then takes it with him. He’s sitting at the bus stop and a cop stares him down. Another man thanks him for his military service. He goes to church and Antonio and nagel are there for a gun buy back. He’s turning the gun in and it has blood spatter. They take him into custody.

They are questioning him at their desks about the gun. He says it isn’t his. They where him down and he admits that he found it under his nephews bed. His nephew, Andre is just a kid. They talk to the kid at school but he knows nothing about it.

Forensics IDs the blood and says the gun has been bouncing around for a while. The blood belongs to a gang member that wasn’t cooperating with a case Anna and Peter are handling.

Anna and Peter talk to the parents of a little girl that was murdered in a drive by. Anna knows the public defender. Peter gives opening statements and while the defense does the same Antonio and Nagel come by to tell them that they found the gun.

Peter updates Mark and then files for a continuance. Judge grants it and the defendant gets to go home. As they drop him off, there’s another drive by. They don’t get anything off that though. Peter and Anna visit Andre’s uncle to find out what’s what. He points out another nephew that was up to no good the day of the murder.

Antonio Peter and Atwood head over and talk to that nephew. He’s an arrogant jerk but they don’t bring him in.

Peter wants to take the kid down if he did it. Anna tells him about the fact that they are fueling the gang war on social media. They take it to a judge and get a hearing to shut the phones down on 39 gang members.

Mark doesn’t like it but he’s going to let it happen. He and will throw Peter under the bus. They make a good case and the judge grants it. The appeal is prompt but they will drag their feet.

Andre and his uncle stop by. The other nephew is back demanding his gun. Peter is going to arrest the other nephew but he needs them to testify. They can’t though. The streets are too dangerous.

Peter talks to Mark about the case and about risks. Mark knows that he will find a way. He comes up with a plan. A shadow case. They keep the case going as is and bring the real prep in as a witness hoping they can get him to confess on the stand.

Antonio and Nagel go pick him up and bring him to court. On the stand Peter talks to him about the day of the murder. They get him. Peter apologizes to the little girls parents. Antonio tries to get the defendant on the straight and narrow.

Mark is getting calls from all over the country about shutting social media down. It’s crazy but it’s been working. Anna gets a call and is visibly distraught. They head to a new crime scene. It’s the uncle with the clarinet he bought Andre.

I just wanted to punch the kid that did it. He’s such a jerk. I don’t understand the uncle. Why is Andre more important than the murderer nephew? Maybe he could have helped him. I feel like Anna needs to be used better. She’s there for exposition and for when the other characters have to talk themselves through a problem. She should be more developed.

Chicago Justice is new Sundays at 9 p.m.


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