iZombie, episode four

Ravi gives Blaine a check-up. The serum didn’t do anything. Liv turns up and gives him a recap of the night before.

An office gossip makes the rounds, chatting with everyone. A fire alarm goes off. And when the employees come back in, she dies.

Clive talks it out with Liv and Ravi. He thinks that someone messed with her food during the fire alarm.

Major and Ravi are hanging out when Major starts having a coughing fit. It’s time for him to consider the serum even if it will wipe his memory. They call over Liv, who is already hopped up on busy body brain.

Blaine needs someone to make sure he doesn’t have an averse reaction to the serum. He asks Peyton.

Liv is talking to Clive about the case. He can’t figure out why she is acting weird. They start talking to the victims co-workers and find out about her gossipping habit. Clive gets it now.

Ravi is grumpy. Peyton defended Blaine to Major convinces him to go on a stakeout looking for Natalie.

There are a lot of coworkers that would have issue with the victim and the story of the fire alarm is kind of confusing.

Peyton has given Blaine the couch till Saturday. Liv is agreeable. They drink old fashioneds.

The stakeout is still on but now a car is on the move so they are rolling out. They get caught and they get a warning. Major attacks the guy but its just a feint to plant a tracker.
They still don’t know what’s what on the case. They have a few leads so they bring people back through for interviews. Clive doesn’t know what to do but Liv has an idea after seeing a vision.

Blaine is worried about having his memories back but Peyton thinks that he could still be a good person even after he knows why he was a bad person. They are making dinner when Liv turns up. Blaine leaves the room and Liv makes a comment about Peyton losing sight of the big picture.

Ravi has found a lead after watching a ton of porn. One of the office workers has a history in the industry and she might have played a part in the murder. Clive needs blueprints. That’s the only way to put things together.

Clive puts it all together. There were several people in cahoots. They all confirm the story. They wanted to give the gossip a taste of her own medicine but she still wins.

Major sees Natalie on the balcony of a hotel room. He sneaks in past security and knocks on her door. He tells her he is there to save her but she isn’t about to leave. She tells him to run and save himself. She says that she will figure a way out someday but he isn’t leaving. He gives her the cure and tells her about the memory loss.

Peyton and Blaine are talking. She wants Liv and Major to be human but she doesn’t want him to change. She doesn’t know what she will do if he goes back to the old Blaine. She knows she doesn’t want to waste her last night with this Blaine though and she kisses him. After a few moments he stops her.

The unit rolls out for a mission. Major takes a hit from his inhaler beforehand.

Liv has a lead on the anti zombie message board. They might know who killed the kid and his family.

Blaine wakes up. Still no memories. Peyton is upset for her friends but takes him to bed.
Clive and Liv go out and see the man that posted on the forums. His brother died at the Max Rager massacre and he will put zombies down because “you can’t kill what’s already dead.”

I was kind of hoping Blaine would get his memory back. Good guy Blaine isn’t as interesting. I feel a little bad for Ravi but he brought it on himself. I do feel bad for Major though. Homie is just always getting shafted. He can’t win and now he’s a zombie and he’s still getting sick. What is that.

iZombie is new Tuesdays at 9 p.m.


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