The Americans, episode eight

Philip gets home from his visit with Gabriel. He talks to Elizabeth about what they talked about and specifically about what he said about Paige. She doesn’t seem to believe him.

Henry has friends over. They are playing video games. Elizabeth, Philip and Stan are in the kitchen. They talk about Paige and Matthew.

Oleg is asking questions about food. Some government types want to take a look around his house.

Elizabeth is at the defector’s house. She asks about the kid and the husband. Then she moves on to the job and asks about teaching Russian and the progress of her class.

The government guys come take a walk through Oleg’s family’s house. They don’t find anything.

Guess who’s back! Granny. She’s the new handler. They debrief and are ready to roll out. She wants to talk to them but they don’t have any use for her or her mind games. They basically say that and then leave.

At the travel agency, Philip and Elizabeth talk about what to do about Kansas. She wants to keep with her mark so he tells her that he will cancel on his. She tells him that he doesn’t have to. He says that he knows.

Stan and his partner make contact with their new informant. They tell her about the money side of things and teach her how to create a cover story. She needs help with a dentist and Stan says that he will handle it. She’s pleases.

Elizabeth calls her mark to cancel. He seems upset. Philip cancels on his and she breaks up with him.

Paige and Elizabeth practice hand to hand fighting in the garage. Paige just wants to be able to defend herself. Elizabeth understands how hard it is. She tells her that she was scared for a long time. Elizabeth tells her that she was raped and that’s what she used as motivation when training. It worked.

Oleg is trying to sort things out in the USSR.

Elizabeth is doing tai chi when Philip tells her he got dumped. She tells him that he needs to do better next time and dedicate himself to the cause. She updates him on Paige.

They follow the defector to the homes of her Russian students. She goes to one home that is not a student. Stan tracks his new informant’s usual patterns.

Granny and Elizabeth talk about missions and family. Philip calls his mark and tells her he’s married. She’s a lot more interested now.

Philip and Elizabeth meet with their Vietnamese son. He updates on the defector family. He can make the kid’s life rough. Elizabeth thinks that would help. Philip is indifferent.

Paige is hanging out on the couch. Elizabeth asks her to go on a walk. They talk about the rape and her dedication to the mission. Paige asks what she would want to be if she wasn’t a spy and Elizabeth doesn’t know. She thinks about it. Maybe a doctor, in the third world so bedside manner is less important.

If Elizabeth honestly told Paige about the rape just as a way to prove she can overcome things, I’d be on board but it seems more self serving than that and that’s annoying. Henry has friends. That’s always good to see. I just feel so bad for Philip though. He’s not going to handle Granny being back well.

The Americans is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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