Chicago Fire, episode nineteen

Brett and Dawson go to retraining. Dawson wants to sit in the back but Brett suggests the front just as an attractive mail instructor enters the room. They sit. Then he leaves and a grouchy woman comes in reading the riot act.

Connie comes back from vacation to find that the temp is staying on longer. Boden breaks the news and Otis giggles in the background.

Severide is trying to get through to Anna. She’s not answering. He mentions it to Kidd. The alarm goes off.

There is car accident in front of Med. The squad truck breaks down as they pull in. The walk to the car and as they talk to the driver, it lights on fire. They have to cut some cables and save the guy. As they wait for help with the truck, Severide heads into the hospital.

Otis wants to help the temp. There is a new truck brought in and one of the guys on it grew up with Casey.

Dawson is doodling and Brett is listening attentively. The instructor calls Dawson out. It doesn’t go well.

They try to warn the temp. She doesn’t think it’s necessary.

Truck gets a call. A man has been evicted but won’t leave. They go inside and find him sitting in wet cement in the bathtub. Thanks to some first aid skills by Kidd, they get him out and ready for transport.

Back at the house, they start to settle in and chat with the other squad when Severide and company roll back in. He tells Kidd about what happened. She thinks there must be more to it.

Brett and Dawson are in retraining taking a test. Dawson breezes through it while Brett doesn’t finish before time runs out.

Casey and his neighborhood buddy meet at Molly’s for drinks. They talk about how far they’ve come.

Severide goes to Anna’s parent’s house to talk to her. Her cancer is back and its in her bones. He wants her to fight. She just wants him to go. Back at the house, Anna’s father tracks Severide down. He tells him that Anna is strong but that doesn’t mean she’s right. He doesn’t want Severide to give up on her.

Dawson and Brett get back to the house and Brett is still worrying about the test. She’s asking Dawson about her answers but Dawson admits she just winged it. They get their results. Brett, who studied hard got a 98. She’s happy. Dawson is hesitant to tell Brett but she got a 100 even though she hardly tried.

At breakfast, tensions rise between the temp and Connie. Casey gets truck out of the house for vehicle maintenance. They take bets on how long the temp will last before hearing a call right near where they are. They report to assist another squad. The call turns into a mayday when there is a gas explosion underground. Casey heads in after calling it in.

Topside they are scurrying to get things ready for a rescue but the explosive levels are still climbing. Casey comes across one of the squad guys pulling another toward the exit. He takes the victim while the other guy runs. Casey sends that guy up and then heads back in. They rescue another victim before going up to ventilate.

The two victims are receiving treatment, one CPR while Dawson intubates the other. Herrmann sets up to ventilate the tunnel. When all is said and done, three are dead, one is critical and only one firefighter walked away. They all head to the hospital and get an update. Herrmann says they will hold a fundraiser at Molly’s for the families.

Severide heads into the wing Anna was working in. He asks one of the nurses for a favor.
Casey goes into the hospital chapel and finds the surviving firefighter. He says that it is his fault his squad died. He hasn’t been watching the gas readings and deliberately broke protocol.

Boden and Casey go back to the scene. They walk through what happened, using the report as a guideline. It doesn’t add up.

The favor was a chance to talk to one of the patient’s Anna worked with. Severide brings a picture the little girl drew to Anna. He tells her they love her. She tells him she is scared.

At the fundraiser at Molly’s, the guys talk about the shifts they are picking up to help the other house. The injured firefighter made it through surgery. Connie and the temp have made peace.

Back at Med, Severide helps Anna inside. She tells him the odds aren’t good and he tells her that he isn’t thinking about odds. They are both there now and that’s what matters.

Casey goes to see the surviving firefighter. He tells him that he thinks the other firefighters knew the levels were up but went in anyway. Now he is protecting their memory. The guy says no but Casey pushes until the guy snaps at him and tells him to stop. He wants Casey to leave well enough alone, even if it means he’s never on another rig again.

The whole Anna and Severide thing seems forced. I don’t mind them together but it’s just drama for the sake of it and you know he is going to end up with Kidd anyway. I liked Brett and Dawson at school but Gabby is a pro so obviously she was going to ace the test. I liked Connie with the new girl too.

Chicago Fire is new Tuesdays at 10 p.m.


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